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  1. I rather stubbornly chose to install the firmware without help from ifi. Ultimately, I installed VirtualBox and upgraded ifi's Pro iDSD firmware without spending money. But I hasten to add that it took no fewer than 14 attempts using a variety of very different methods before I achieved success. Along the way, over about two days, some of the approaches I chose had me fearing the worst. For instance, one attempt somehow downgraded the firmware to V1.38 and (perhaps) because I was moving the DAC closer to various devices even the final apprach had the ifi warning me of an external clock error
  2. I don't seem to be able to update my Pro iDSD with the new 2.01 firmware using either of my Mac computers (MBP 2017 or Mac Mini 2012). I was able to update to the prior firmware 2.0 using a friend's PC when that was released. Note, I have to use the Mac Mini when updating my Micro iDSD BL. I am using the supplied blue USB cable and have tried a couple of the Mac Mini and MBP ports.
  3. Jud are so right about different settings now I have the MQA upgrade on my ifi Pro iDSD. I have removed all voltage gain and on many classical tracks completely eliminated bass boost.


    I always appreciate the honest, well said voices, of those who care. When it comes to music, it makes for the best listening experience.

  4. You must be beta testing some future iPhone earbuds that I'm unaware of. Must admit, when I listen to non-MQA files using my ifi Micro iDSD BL DAC/Amp playing Tidal on my iPhone through my Denon AH-D7200 headphones they sound ok. But there have been no tears.
  5. I have played a cello since I was 5 years old, sometimes up to six hours per day. I gained a first class honours in music at 19 years old. How much live music have you listened to?
  6. I'm not sure how to best respond to your point? I can only offer you my view and my experiences. Those who have heard my system are bedazzled by it. The reaction is unlike any recorded music listening experience I have shared. But does it really surprise anyone that with the popularity of itunes and Spotify that when it comes to hires music the overwhelming majority is most likely to miss out?
  7. I must just be his doppelgänger. For those curious, Peter Veth has previously written -- in Stereophile, no doubt among other places, https://www.stereophile.com/content/meridians-mqa-one-listeners-impression?fbclid=IwAR2_VmJVGdGGhMpX2kwUzw0QxcZhbgZftxb0aen_AgCvyWRQ-m0-QO00Xjc#VsKJUxPLDiGwfxbg.97 -- "In Audio High's exceedingly dry listening room, we began with an 24/88.2k file of Hilary Hahn playing what I believe was a movement from J. S. Bach's Violin Concerto No.2 in E, BWV1042. As compelling as the untreated hi-res file sounded, I literally laughed at the difference when the MQA version b
  8. Well I guess if somebody told you, you must be right. For what it's worth, the Tidal track I provided is a live recording.
  9. I invited a couple of Polish friends over with similar musical tastes, both playing professionally. All I can say is one friend pointed at her arms and in somewhat broken English tried to express she had goosebumps. I doubt impressing 40 people would be a challenge. It's beautiful.
  10. Some might consider 4:20am a little unusual to provide feedback on the MQA firmware upgrade just released by ifi Audio. It was a combination of constraints, waiting for a friend with a PC to run the firmware (MAC firmware might be a little way off, so I'm told) and the All Blacks were playing England, winning in a thriller. As ifi explains in the firmware release, all good things take time. And having just watched a masterclass of leadership on the field let me tell you as a cellist that one song in to my new firmware with the ifi Pro iDSD, connected to my Pro iCAN to my Denon AVR-4520 and GS6
  11. There is no middle ground. I just listened to Hilary Hahn on Tidal MQA and now it sounds sublime. How I got here? I pretty much stopped googling Roon / HQPlayer setting suggestions and started using my ears. To me, this sounds awesome. But please share with me your thoughts. Please note, my DAC in this case, is an ifi Micro iDSD BL. It's connected to my ifi Pro iCAN amp (pic included) and is fully MQA capable. 1. Forget HQPlayer. Just use Roon and set the DSP and all the DSP settings to 'Off'. 2. On the Micro iDSD BL, set the Power Mode on the Micro iDSD to 'Normal
  12. My ifi Micro iDSD BL sounds beautiful playing Tidal MQA files and that is despite it still pending a GTO-filter firmware upgrade for MAC users. I believe my ifi Micro iDSD BL presently sounds better than my Pro iDSD, specifically for Tidal MQA files [assuming both devices are running through my Pro iCAN to either my headphones or home stereo]. The Micro is still awaiting the GTO filter, but it is fair to say the initial MQA firmware upgrade made to my Micro iDSD made for a significant difference so I'm expecting the Pro iDSD MQA firmware upgrade to 'restore order'. Eit
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