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  1. I subscribe to PS Audio’s mailing list and I got this in my inbox yesterday. What do you think about this integrated? ” For Immediate Release Contact: Bill Leebens, Director of Marketing (941) 807-7880 PS Audio Launches Sprout100! Next-generation Sprout doubles the power, adds features Boulder, CO: 5/6/2018--- PS Audio is proud to announce the availability of Sprout100,the next generation of the popular, award-winning Sprout integrated amplifier. Sprout100 preserves the styling and compact form-factor that endeared the original Sprout to critics and thousands of owners worldwide over the last four years, while improving the performance and functionality of every element of the original. Sprout's signature features remain: a built-in DAC, Bluetooth, phono preamp, headphone amp, power amp. Revised topologies improve the noise levels and dynamic capabilities of the phono pre and the headphone amp; the Sabre 9016 replaces the previous Wolfson DAC and improves linearity; and the latest, state-of-the-art ICEpower modules provide stunning sound quality and dynamic impact. In addition, Sprout100 features: An upgraded amp capable of 50 wpc into 8Ω and 100 wpc into 4Ω A fully asynchronous DAC that can handle 384/24 PCM or double rate DSD A dedicated subwoofer output An optional bass boost A remote control Analog RCA inputs and outputs TOSLINK optical input Continuing the PS Audio and Sprout tradition of high performance combined with extreme value, US MSRP is set at $599. Units will begin shipping in May; sales will be direct from the PS Audio factory as well as through Amazon and selected dealers. Review units are presently available. About PS Audio: Founded in 1973, PS Audio has a worldwide following and a reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative, high-value, leading-edge audio products. Our design and core manufacturing facilities are in Boulder, Colorado, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. While our engineering staff is second to none, PS is not constrained by NIH Syndrome: recent products have included design input from industry gurus Ted Smith and Bascom H. King. We invite you to sample CEO Paul McGowan's Daily Posts and Copper, the Magazine of Music, Audio, and the Good Stuff, published every two weeks. www.psaudio.com Paul’s Daily Posts PS Audio Community Copper Magazine ”
  2. Thanks @PeterG! Should I get one or two subs?
  3. @Ralf11 thanks! Could you recommend a couple subwoofer models ?
  4. I demo’ed the taller Magnepan 1.7 speakers (I had originally wanted to hear the 0.7’s but the 1.7’s were already hooked up), driven by a large Audio Research amp. I listened to Harry Connick Jr.’s Red Light, Blue Light Jazz song. It sounded very clean, with the right amount of bass for that type of music. But since I also like dance/Hip-hop and like to feel the deep bass with my body, the dealer added a top of the line REL subwoofer to the mix, and it’s at that point that the system sounded excellent.
  5. As @DancingSea mentioned, Paul McGowan has a post where he says good things about them for high-count-channel home theatre use: https://www.psaudio.com/pauls-posts/nice-rack/
  6. I’m going to demo some Magnepan 0.7 speakers at a dealer today. Would these be a good choice if I went with the Vidar?
  7. Wow, how interesting!!! thanks for letting us know @DancingSea! Emotiva’s BasX line - CES 2017:
  8. Interesting. I found this article : https://www.eetimes.com/document.asp?doc_id=1274731 I don’t understand everything in it, but the author talks about the ratio of smallest to the greatest reproducible signal. Are these graphs available for D amplifiers? If they where we could determine that this the class D amplifier is good while this one isn’t. The author is saying that class A/B amplifier are easier to judge because the test graphs apply to them, but not so much to class D.
  9. @zugisland Congratulations on your new setup!! Thank you for sharing that you experienced the M700’s rivalling the sound of the Pass Labs 100 (200W Class A). That says something about the M700’s sound quality.
  10. Hi @MikePM! Thanks! PS audio said they will give full retail price credit when upgrading from PS Audio to PS Audio equipment. That’s amazing! So an upgrade path may be: (Sprout 100) -> Stellar S300 -> M700 -> BHK. Stellar M700 Curves: https://www.stereophile.com/content/ps-audio-stellar-m700-monoblock-power-amplifier-measurements
  11. @newworld Hi Newworld, Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I appreciate very much! Wow, I’m discovering the choices and options in Hi-Fi are more numerous that I had ever imagined. They say in sales give people 4 choices, otherwise they get confused and don’t buy (I used to do photography at a professional level, and it was easy: only two choices: Canon or Nikon, and they are as good as the other). The Cambridge Audio CXA60 and CXA80 look nice and fit in my budget. PS Audio claims that the lesser version Elac UB6 speaker combined with the Sprout sound fantastic for the price. What makes the Elac’s are hard to drive?
  12. @psjug where would you recommend I look for used gear?
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