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  1. Absolutely. If something is missing from streaming services those who wish to listen to it won't sit there with their arms crossed, and in the process might become accustomed to obtaining their music by other means for free. Labels need to put an end to this BS of regionally restricted catalogues. Everything needs to be available to any listener regardless of where they are located. I hope this includes classical as presently there is an tremendous amount of recordings not available on Qobuz U.S..
  2. Anyone knows how the French, German and British catalogs compare or whether they are identical? I want to commit long-term to the best classical catalogue, in respect of which the U.S. version is lacking.
  3. The complete Haydn string quartets by the Festetics Quartet on Arcana─my favorite rendering of these masterpieces─is missing from Qobuz U.S. but available on both Tidal and Spotify U.S., and of course Qobuz France.
  4. There is a big bug with the way search results are being presented. Let's say I search for a term with many results like 'Mozart'. I scroll down a few pages, find something interesting, and click on it. I examine the recording and click back to return to the search results. I'm not taken to where I left though but to the top of the search results. Thus I must scroll down again and try to find the place where I left off. Needless to say, this greatly hampers the ability to examine search results. It is very important that this be corrected.
  5. Any news yet on whether the new pricing will apply in Europe? The European classical catalogue is significantly better.
  6. I'd be greatly interested in knowing this. I'd much rather use a French account.
  7. This is amazing! My congratulations to Qobuz. This will force the entire industry into CD quality at least. Hopefully Spotify will give up lossy and Tidal MQA (which of course is lossy as well). At this price none should choose Amazon's crappy service over Qobuz. Anyone knows if this offer will come to Europe? I'd really much rather have access to the French classical catalogue.
  8. Primephonic has recently made its service available worldwide. I wonder how long it will be before the major providers including Qobuz are able to do the same and offer every title to every listener no matter where they are located.
  9. I just checked and the labels Arion and Sterling are indeed available on Tidal and Spotify U.S., but not on Qobuz U.S.. The rest isn't available on any of the three services in the U.S.. This command very useful to keep in mind when creating playlists as the program doesn't automatically update them.
  10. I don't know about the U.S., but probably yes. They are all available on Qobuz France and Tidal Latin America.
  11. Amazon doesn't offer exclusive mode so you're not getting high resolution audio from them. Not even standard resolution. Everything gets processed by the operating system mixer downgrading its quality.
  12. Thanks for your suggestion. I could never get that to work though. Guess I'll have to stick with Audirvana. It isn't cheap nor is the interface more useful than Qobuz or Tidal's own software, however unlike them it plays flawlessly. Qobuz and Tidal aren't hardware. It doesn't seem logical to me that they should be in the hardware section, specially considering there is another section expressly named as 'Music > Music Downloads & Streaming'. There is a tremendous amount of recordings not available on Qobuz U.S.. Random examples: ─almost all releases by the Sterling label ─all releases by the Arion label ─releases from the ASV label ─Das Vermächtnis releases of recordings by Furtwängler (they exist though are not labelled as such on Qobuz France) ─Bach: The Complete Keyboard Works by Zuzana Ruzickova And many others.
  13. What I don't understand is why this thread is on the Equipment section of the forum. Shouldn't it be in Music > Music Downloads & Streaming?
  14. Besides Audirvana and Roon what other software is able to play Qobuz?
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