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  1. There was an update and the search function has been degraded again, particularly in the download store. It seems fuzzy criteria have been introduced to store search results and now we get all sorts of irrelevant results that make it difficult to find what one is looking for. A step backward.
  2. Thank you very much for your reply. This has been an enlightening experience as I finally discovered why the sound quality of streaming services used to bother me and why I kept going back to my CDs and enjoying them much more: uncompressed WAV files sound much better than compressed FLAC files. I downloaded both WAV and FLAC versions of 7 classical and 1 rock high resolution albums that I bought on the Qobuz store, and compared them side by side using Audirvana. There is no question the WAV versions are superior in all of them. The clarity, immediacy, and consistency of the WAV fi
  3. I have a question: when you purchase a high resolution album from the Qobuz store and choose the WAV format, was the file you get converted from a FLAC file, or was it the original WAV file provided by the record company? In addition to ordering more CDs and LPs, I've taken to buying high resolution music instead of streaming it. I really want to have ownership of my music.
  4. That's why it is very important to keep supporting physical formats, which can't be restricted by region. I'm buying more CDs and LPs than ever.
  5. Please, are there any news on when the new pricing will be introduced in France? There are many classical releases missing from the U.S. catalogue. I'm thinking of changing my country account even if I have to pay around $13 more a month; knowing the change is in the works would motivate me to hasten my decision.
  6. Both are streaming services and the differences you cite have no bearing at all on the odious issue of geo-blocking.
  7. This is worrying. Will geo-blocking become more strict with Qobuz? Primephonic already offers its service worldwide. Up until now you could sign up for Qobuz in any region you wished using a VPN. Industries should adapt to the wishes of paying customers, not the other way around. We ought to be able to access any catalogue we wish regardless of where we live.
  8. 1. Thank you! Remember scroll position is extremely important to be able to browse search results and not lose your place on the list when you check out a release and then return to the search results. This is essential as discovery is the most enjoyable aspect of streaming. 2. I am afraid this is not in fact presently available. If you select a track and then attempt to select another one from a different grouping, the previously selected track gets unselected. 3. For albums with many tracks such as this one, you must go down the list and click on '+ SHOW MORE' many ti
  9. My wish list: ─remember scroll position when moving between pages ─allow to select tracks across groupings using the shift and control keys ─the ability to show all tracks in a release with a single click These would really improve usability and make a great service even better. This and more albums, of course.
  10. Personally I keep both buying─and playing─CDs. Arranging your collection, adding to it, handling the cases, looking at the artwork, and spinning the discs is much more fun than using some software - and a lot less work. Plus, they sound gorgeous on my Marantz CD player. I'll also keep my Qobuz subscription for the concert experience. Inputting a general search term such as Schumann and stumbling upon a previously unknown recording or work simulates attending a concert where the performance is an unknown. This is why proper searching, displaying, and browsing of results is so important! Also, y
  11. That is a great topic and something I debate with myself constantly. For me after decades of listening to classical music I wonder what is the use of assimilating obscure repertoire that I might lose access to overnight as recordings disappear from services on a whim. There is only so much music you can listen to profitably at any given time, so having a couple of new CDs per month might bring more satisfaction than having access to a mammoth resource that you won't be able to devote proper attention to. In any case, it seems people here are disinclined to discussion, so let's leav
  12. If it were a service I were personally providing I'd be extremely interested in learning users' frustrations with it. This is very valuable information that would help me correct details that I would not otherwise be aware of and which would incur high costs for me to identify on my own, thus being able to provide a better product and survive in the marketplace while profiting from it. Regarding CDs, for someone who loves music and is not just looking for 'convenience', they are an enduring treasure, and I continue to purchase as many as I can. I will likely still be listening to t
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