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  1. Sorry to hear that, the rear wall right behind is a pain.
  2. I move the chair/sofa half it's depth backwards, taking my listening spot into the middle of the sofa for measuring purposes, then measure around that and move it back for listening. Works for me. The only problem would be for those with a wall close behind the listening position - which I always avoid.
  3. Yes results from two projects (even in the same config) will vary very slightly, you can't really avoid it. They will of course sound extremely close and very different from no filter. But when listening critically there will be slight differences. When I did my original project, I measured three (same config - Sofa Narrow) and created a filter with each. They all sounded excellent, differences were very subtle. I ran with the one I preferred. They are very easy to compare in real time and at a consistent volume level. I will load my project later, create a new filter and co
  4. Did you re-measure the a new project? if so, I would have thought it is likely to sound different because even with the best efforts, putting the mic in precisely the same spots as a previous project would be impossible. Have you tried re-loading an existing project and creating a second filter with the new version for a like for like comparison?
  5. I will need to be sure of that as I have a filter I do not want to lose. Can anyone confirm that recent projects and filters work?
  6. Good question, I have always unchecked any filter before creating a new project. Even though I assumed it would not use it to create the new project.
  7. Well I've used the latest version beta for a while. Settled on a filter and been really enjoying the results. Now that the output level is retained on re-opening AV and I've found the filters in the Mac directory (for deletion if necessary) it all works fine and without incident. Great stuff, presumably it is now close to release. Are there any more recent betas within the last couple of weeks? This one shows just 15 days left.
  8. I have finally got all things working that I need, but it was a bit of a faff and it leaves me questioning a couple of things. Thanks to GE for putting me on the right track but this is what I found, some of which GE covered. Before installing the latest Betas I recommend deleting all previous versions of Dirac Live and DLProcessor - this is painful if you have been through a few versions because they have managed to dot all kinds of places with Dirac related files, some of which are not obviously related. Dirac Live now accepts the XTZ mic calibration file. While cre
  9. I've resolved enough to get the two filters loaded. I painfully located everything I could find to do with Dirac - deleted everything bar the prevous projects and re-installed the latest Processor and Live versions. This enabled me to load the two most recent projects and re-create a filter for each. I can't however, reload older projects which is annoying, because one of those was a reference for me. I will wait before I try to use a microphone again as I was having trouble getting the calibration file loaded.
  10. Thanks GE that's helpful, unfortunately on trying to load a previous project (even one created yesterday using this release) I get an error "The file <project name.liveproject> could not be loaded. This is usually caused by lacking write priviledges or by file system errors." So I can't create a new filter. It's really frustrating, all this worked fine until recently. Is there a way I can get AV to pick up the old screen with filters? It still opens to that screen if I open DiracLiveProcessor alone. So it must be there somewhere.
  11. Should you have to? If I open DLP on it's own, there is nothing wrong - see pics. Besides I created two of the filters yesterday with the new software. This looks more like a failure of Dirac to put the correct screen where AV takes it from. The one AV loads is just called "audio unit" and doesn't even look remotely like the correct screen even aside from the filter section.
  12. Unfortunately ever since installing the latest Dirac test versions my Audirvana just loads a blank DiracLiveProcessor screen, so I have no access to filters. Opening DiracLiveProcessor brings up the correct screen so it must be there somewhere. Does anyone know how to ensure Audirvana picks up the correct screen?
  13. Hmm shame. The artists section is all over the place and the album section is cramped and loses it’s A-Z scroll too often. Bit of a mess actually, I don’t recall there being much wrong with the previous version. Oh well.
  14. Is there any way to get back to the previous Audirvana Remote App?
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