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  1. In my modest opinion the engine is not at all polished (another example is the deplorable remote control for which for 3 months has not been updated and works like the ass) In fact the issue of the buffer is the first thing I tried and working on a mac mini with 16gb although you increase to more than 3 times the maximum advised by them (1024) still giving problems. To what extent the upgrade to Amarra Luxe offers an extra value in 60usd? Offer upsampling ... do not even think of enabled because then the sound artifacts are going to be continuous ... Access to Tidal, that is a resource for children: ask for permission from the gentlemen of Tidal (who will give it to you because it increases its potential client portfolio) and implement the link in the software, more simply impossible.
  2. I have requested a refund of my upgrade to Amarra 4 Luxe. For me, clicks and noise artefacts are unacceptable when I finish one song and start another. It is Amarra the culprit, with Audirvana does not happen and I have reviewed all connections and even reinstalled the operating system! (OS High Sierra) I am within 30 days of the privacy policy. Do you know how long it takes to make the refund effective?
  3. Question, does someone happen to randomly hear a click when finishing a song and start another? It only happens with Amarra, I've tried the same reproduction with Audirvana and it never happens ...
  4. When you select upsampling in Amarra 4 luxe to where you can upload files from 16-44 on a Mac (with Audirvana you can select up to 192 and do the conversion, if your DAC accepts 192 Mounts 4 luxe, it will also go up to 192, with Amarra I see that it does not you can select the upsampling bitrate...)
  5. I think I did not express myself well, I do not want to use the volume of the dac, the route would be mac mini + RME by USB + integrated amplifier Rega Elicit-R connected to the RME by unbalanced RCA and use the volume control of the Rega amplifier (this is what I do now with my Bel Canto with fixed output) The instructions of Bel Canto: "Pressing the Fixed / Variable Output switch on the rear panel to the input position sets the DAC1.5 to a fixed output operating mode. This mode is used when driving an analog preamplifier or an integrated amplifier input. The volume control function is provided by the associated preamplifier or integrated amplifier. To use the fixed Ouput mode, set the output level to 100.0 for a maximum level of 2 Vrms of the RCA outputs or to the 4 Vrms level for the balanced XLR outputs If you want the outputs to be set to a lower level, adjust the volume control to a lower level, for example, at approximately 2 Vrms from the balanced outputs, set the volume control to 94.0.This represents an output level of approximately 2 Vrms on the balanced outputs When the level is set, press the Fixed / Variable Output button on the rear panel The front panel display now Selected entry. Turning the knob will move to the different inputs and Volume and Mute functions on the remote control will not work."
  6. That is, if I understand it well there is no variable or fixed output like Bel Canto (variable is for use with active monitors as pre with digital volume of the Dac, and fixed is for use as only Dac) I understand that the RME I connect it by the output rca to the rca input of the stereo amplifier with 0db and I control the volume from the amplifier ... Is that so? Thanks!
  7. I'm about to shoot, but I have a fundamental doubt. My idea is to connect it as my DAC Bel Canto, that is: Bel Canto unbalanced RCA output is connected to the Rega Elicit-R stereo amplifier integrated by one of its analog RCA inputs and I control the volume from my amplifier. The Bel Canto I have to have it in fixed output mode and with its volume at 100 (the maximum) How should I configure the RME?
  8. Thank you for your recommendations Gridlock74 can tell me with what equipment he has it connected and, above all, what are his sincere opinions regarding his personality. Mainly I want it to be a ventilated and musical DAC with an analytical touch and a good separation of instruments without being too quirurgical, that is to say that it allows long auditions without fatigue (wow, I want it all!) Hahaha) You have it with Mac, can you up upsample directly it to 192Kbps for example? Thanks in advance (Esldude I live in Europe, It's not possible in my country to try it before buying it, although I think you can return it in Thomann if you buy it and you do not like it...)
  9. Hello friends! It has gone through many dacs connected to a CD transport (in my case, a Cyrus CDT). When the Cyrus showed signs of starting to fail I decided to park and venture to the direct connection to my Mac Mini through the USB port. It's been a long time since I stopped testing with dacs and I acquired and I have my reference DAC, a Bel Canto DAC 1.5 (for me, its natural sound capacity is another world) My team is the following: Mac Mini end of 2012 (16Gb RAM) Playback software (upsampling enabled) Amarra 4 luxe (24/88) and Audirvana + (24/96) Transparent USB Cable Audio Performance Dac Bel Canto 1.5 JPS Labs interconnect cables Amplifier Rega Elicit-R Floor Standing monitors Audiovector SR3 super Listen to Classical Music and Jazz I will expose my doubts ... I want to take advantage of the possibility of uploading the sample up to 192 Kbps of my players (Amarra and Audirvana) since I understand that there is a gain in hearing and I think I have two options: 1) Acquire a USB / SPDIF interface to take advantage of the entry SPDIF Bel Canto that accepts 192 Kbps (it would be the cheapest option, here I need a good interface, maybe Wyred 4 ulink sound + audioquest audio cable) but that represents around of 400 -500 USD spending, between the interface and cable and more things on the desktop ... 2) Buy a new DAC! I am among the 2 options that are within my reach: Chord 2Qute in 1000 USD but old ... and the new RME ADI-2 DAC in 1000 USD too. After all this roll that I just told, my big question comes: Do you think I would get a real improvement with the change of Dac? Which of the 2 seems more views indicated my preferences? I lean towards the RME because the AK chip that I've always liked a lot when I've listened to it implemented in mini dacs for Iems, versatility (I can connect my audio JH Iems Rosie and Michelle) but I do not know if it's comparable in terms of naturalness and musicality to the signature of Bel Canto. I know you may tell me, buy a new Bel Canto, but I'm going to budget ... I want to spend 1000 USD maximum to improve and renew, no more or stay as I am if the improvement will not be noticed!
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