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  1. I haven't considered mono amps, but that's a lot of equipment, cables & space to drive one single earspeaker. That McIntosh is the only integrated I see rated at 150watts, but it costs $15,000. I remember seeing a few others with even more tubes & at even higher prices, but those are't something anyone can realistically buy.
  2. Would anyone consider a 150watt tube amp? The MingDa MC368-B150 sells on china-hifi-audio.com for $2,300 plus shipping. This is the only KT150 tube amplifier that I found that advertises 150 watts. Every other KT150 based tube amp I seen is either 100watts or under. The KT150 is, I think, the most powerful tube on the market for pure wattage.
  3. I'm surprised you are getting enough volume with the VT80, I remember seeing a few people say the 75 watts was not enough to drive it. When you do finalize the settings for HQplayer, could you share all of the setting so others can test it as well?
  4. Is that a remote to control the volume for the DAC? Is that a new feature?
  5. Anyone know anything about this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32963971686.html Basically two boxes, XLR inputs/outputs on one side & ethernet slot on the other. You connect your source via XLR to one box & then a Cat4 cable connects to the 2nd box, & then XLR to your amp? It's only $56 too.
  6. So the options for input & output Backend need to be the same? I set Output Backend to ASIO & input Backend to none. Is this right? Digital Output Mode is set to SOURCE, instead of PCM or SDM . I won't get a performance boost switching to PCM or DSD specifically?? Then there are two columns; PCM & SDM & with their respective options/filters. Are they both active? How would I know which of them is active or how would I know if I am upsampling PCM or DSD? My DAC can play 512 externally & has an option for NOS mode & I only play FLAC files. Would I have to enable NOS mode to get the the benefits of upsampling & would I need to manually select Digital Output Mode to SDM to have the SDM filter column be active?
  7. Finally got HQplayer started & yikes, is there a lot of options to choose. Has there been anyone who tested all the options to give them simple descriptions of what they sound like & what they do/how much power they need? The combinations to try is in the millions.
  8. The jitter numbers look incredibly good. How much was it?
  9. I ordered a DigiOne Signature with Volumio pre-installed & I'm reading the Installation guide, but immediately I'm confused. The .pdf instructions from Allo.com says to "Connect the sbc to a monitor and find the ip address using ifconfig". SBC? They don't tell us what SBC stands for. Do they mean the DigiOne? Connect it to a monitor as in, my LCD panel or do they mean connect the DigiOne via USB to my PC? Also ifconfig? Is that a typo? Shouldn't it be ipconfig? All I'm trying to do is to connect my DAC via coax to the DigiOne & it to my computer, so I can play music off a MicroSD card I have. Instructions seem pretty straightforward afterwords, with just typing in http://volumio.local in any web browser on my PC & setting everything up.
  10. Looking at the picture of the board, it has 4 screw holes at the corners & one ribbon style pin connector, where you just plug it one of the cables inside the Terminator to it. Looks about as easy as you can get. Just a little over $200 is also a steal for such a big upgrade!
  11. Was hoping to connect a DAC with a i2s cable to the Allo DigiOne Signature, would that work? Also it has a aes/ebu output? Where?
  12. This might be a stupid question, but can I use a i2s cable on the DigiOne Signature instead of a coax cable? Will I still get the isolation & clean power supply benefit if used with a i2s cable on the Signature?
  13. I hope I'm not asking a question that has been asked before, but would the JS-2 powering a device directly be superior to a LPS 1.2 powering a device directly, but with the JS-2 powering the LPS 1.2 itself?
  14. Didn't know the plumbing situation was so bad in Scotland. Usually calling a plumbing company & getting a plumber over, takes anywhere from a few hours to maybe a few days.
  15. Tell me the comma is a typo & it should be placed after the 7? $150k for a plain old NOS DAC with cheap off the shelf DAC chips. The only thing worth of value from that DAC would be the silver transformers, but even then, 150,000 USD.🤣
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