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  1. I want to experiment with a Roon Ready endpoint MQA enabled network streamer to listen to MQA selections from Tidal with Roon. MQA has been so hotly debated I want to pick up some gear and listen for myself rather than read endless online debates. I'm not interested in portable DACs or music fed directly from a computer. So, I'm inclined to shy away from the Meridian Explorer 2, Dragonfly Red or iFi Nano BL. I suspect that using the iFi Micro BL on a desktop is a waste of much of what that device has to offer. But perhaps I'm thinking of this the wrong way. Since Ro
  2. Very interesting. Can you describe your listening environment? In my case, I'm listening at low volume and am very close to the speakers. I added the Genelec stands to get them closer to ear level -- which seemed to result in greater detail and a better soundstage. If I was listening at louder volumes or further away, my impressions would easily vary. I'm enjoying the Genelecs very much. To my ears they are crisp and precise and certainly more enjoyable than the A2+. It would have been nice to have heard the Audioengine HD3. The Focals are too large for my tight s
  3. The Genelec's have some tone controls that I believe are intended to help address concerns about placement relative to walls and cornerts. The manual suggests setting the bass attenuation level at -6 dB when near a corner and -4 dB when against a wall. Maybe that helps you @Ralf11
  4. Another note on the Vanatoo speakers. . . I live in Chicago and attended AXPONA yesterday. I will go back on Sunday. Vanatoo has a listening room. However, my all too brief visit wasn't particularly productive. They were intent on showing how much sound they could get from those little speakers and I wasn't familiar with (or fond of) the music they selected. There were others in the room and I didn't get a chance to try to push things around to get a near field experience or run through a different music selection. To listen to those speakers for a full room sound system afte
  5. I am very happy with the Genelec G One speakers. I live in the Chicago area and went to AXPONA yesterday (I will return on Sunday). I heard the Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers very briefly. I found their demo setup odd and not particularly useful. There was nothing I heard that gave me a moment of buyer's remorse about my choice. I don't like relying on volume control via Roon and without the Sys I have no volume control in the kit other than Roon. If the Modi included Gen 5 USB I would have purchased that instead. I use the Eitr (which includes Gen 5 USB) and ha
  6. Yes, I saw some things about those speakers -- but I've decided to leave well enough alone. If I could go to a local dealer and borrow them (or the Genelec's for that matter) I'd have demoed them in person. I read enough good things about Genelec to feel comfortable purchasing them knowing I could return. The Vanatoo's might surpass them -- but I'm not going to worry about that as I'm at a really good spot.
  7. I didn't have a chance to compare directly -- I need to go by remembered impressions, which is inherently suspect. The Genelec's are much more detailed, transparent. I'm hearing things in some performances that the A2+ didn't reveal. Mostly though, with the A2+ I kept thinking that the sound was ok but not great. I kept wondering what I might do to improve things. With the Genelec's though I just listen and forget about the speakers. They are also plenty powerful for my tight listening space.
  8. Thanks for that. I'm moving in the direction of the Allo USBridge with DietPi and Roon.
  9. Notwithstanding the title of this thread, and where I thought I'd end up. I've selected Genelec G One speakers and not the Audioengine A2+. I intend to feed them via Roon with an Allo USBridge network player into a Bifrost Multibit DAC and Schiit Sys passive control.
  10. After a day of listening to the Genelec G Ones in my office -- I agree. I don't have the A2+ on hand to compare side by side and recognize that therefore, my comments are inherently suspect. The words that come to mind are clean, crisp and precise. I had them on all day yesterday and simply enjoyed the music. I appreciate the tone controls and accompanying instructions regarding recommended settings depending on location relative to walls etc. I will likely pick up the stands made for these too. The speakers are small -- and appropriate for my space. I was concerned they'd be too small.
  11. Does anyone have any insight as to whether there will be something like the Mini to replace it or has Auralic just given up on an offering at that price point?
  12. It's my understanding that the artificial bass hump was addressed in the HD3's. And as to the rest, I hear you loud and clear.
  13. My son enjoyed his A2s for years, as did my brother and my nephew, but, as you note -- I'm looking for more. And sadly, it's space constraints that are killing me.
  14. Very new to CA and enjoying my entry into this community. Since Chicago is home, I will make it to AXPONA, likely Friday and Sunday. Would love to share a drink. -- Rich
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