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  1. I guess HQP integration is not affected. I am not sure if this means that when you engage the upsampling and DSP engines integration is turned off, I doubt it. If you're enough to upsample in Roon HQ ,I suppose you can check yourself again.
  2. The great DAC in the world. who gonna to beat it? nobody wins it.
  3. I got disappointed the DMS-500 with few problems. It seems a lot to convenience but Sound Quality is just as much as the NODE2 of BLUESOUND compared to the performance per price, even I bought this unit at Black Friday with almost half price. It was annoying they did make the first unit was defective. They updated firmwares updates several times, I haven't touched it to my music system. Its retail price $4999 , I guess I determine the value around $1999, however. Advantage is ALL IN ONE including DSD, ROON ready and many configuration chances but that's all. I'm let down in Cary ; quality of sound if you think over the price.
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