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  1. I received my SR4T today 😀! I intend to use it on my EtherREGEN to replace the stock SMPS. I am burning it on my internet modem, and it is making a significant improvement to sound quality in its first few minutes. Hmmm, powering a cheap ISP-provided modem by an SR4T with PH silver cable and a high-end power cord seems rather overkill 🤑 so hopefully I can get away with a less expensive LPS for that modem, now that I know a better power supply does help it. I’ll post my findings when I put it on the EtherREGEN after burn-in. If it makes that much difference cold on a modem, I wonder how much better it will be on the EtherREGEN? Or who knows, maybe the modem does end up being a good place to put it?
  2. I ordered mine mid-April, and I received a response that I’m in the end-of-May batch which should be ready in the next couple of weeks. I can hardly wait. I plan to power my EtherREGEN with it.
  3. Same for me, and I have never looked back. Amarra SQ+ served me well for several years during my early streaming days, but after much frustration with the new version, I moved on. Yes, Roon and HQPlayer are more expensive, but they are one of the best audio upgrades I’ve done, and for less than the price of some of the cables I’ve bought. So very cost effective when viewed that way.
  4. I upgraded to the Sonore LPS (from an already good SGC LPS) for my ultraRendu and I found it was a very worthwhile upgrade! I also upgraded the fuse and went with the DC-4 cable.
  5. I’ve been running SO 2.8 since early February on my ultraRendu. Rock solid these days. I used to have to reboot, power off, etc. every few days or more often with 2.7. I use Roon and HQPlayer apps only, occasionally switching if I need computer CPU for other things, and switching is now flawless. Powering the ultraRendu with the recent Sonore LPS with Blue fuse & DC-4 sounds wonderful. Just upgraded to NuPrime Evolution DAC, and UR works fine with it (although max at DSD128 due to DoP from Mac/HQPlayer, which is ok because my Mac is only able to handle that rate with EC modulators anyway).
  6. I did an “unintended” upgrade upstream from the eR. I switched my ISP from a coax cable to DSL/fiber. They laid fiber to the end of our street (then about 1000’ of legacy twisted pair from there, with probably at least one amplifier) with plans to put fiber-to-home within 6 months, so they were offering a great promo during the transition. When I sat down to listen to some music that evening (my digital music is 100% streamed through Tidal, with Roon/HQP) I didn’t recall the album sounding that good, but I hadn’t listened to it in a while and had made other upgrades recently. A couple of days later I sat down to listen to some other albums and noticed improved sound again. So I listened to some of my reference tracks and confirmed improved sound. I was able to A/B the 2 ISPs (because I hadn’t canceled the old one yet) and confirmed that the old coax one was harsher, less bass, more “compressed” sounding, etc. I used the Speedtest app on my Mac (my digital system is not on wifi except my iPad to control Roon) to confirm connectivity when swapping back and forth) and happened to notice latency was twice as much with coax, and generally 20-50 times the jitter! Some of the DSL jitter measurements were as low as 0.050ms compared with typical coax jitter of 1-4ms. Sure, the Speedtest app probably isn’t very accurate, and maybe those numbers aren’t the reason for the improved SQ, but I’m happy. I also swapped out the modem’s SMPS with an ifi iPower and that improved a bit further. I added an ifi DC Purifier to that and it made further improvements. After reading austinpop’s review, I’m thinking an LPS for the modem is next on my list! 🤑 And maybe I should go out the junction boxes and upgrade the power supplies on the amplifiers too 🤣 I’m hoping when the fiber comes to the house that it makes a difference too.
  7. I tried the SGC 7V 15W that I used for my ultraRendu (until I upgraded to the Sonore LPS) and it sounds wonderful! However it runs hot and starts to cause drop-outs after a couple of hours (likely due to heat). Until I decide on which other LPS to get (e.g. SGC 50W, Farad3, Paul Hynes, etc.) I turn it on only when I want to do some serious listening for 1-2 hours, and use the stock SMPS the rest of the time.
  8. I think the problem is that people don’t have a bunch of power supplies to swap in to compare. I haven’t had the time to try the ifi DC purifier yet that I have. In my system, I notice a big difference with the SGC LPS, but that LPS runs too hot driving the ER for my liking, so for now I’m only using it for shorter, serious listening sessions. I have the new Sonore LPS which is powering my ultraRendu now instead of the SGC, but it has a Blue fuse which I don’t want to risk because the ER would push that LPS the max. (The Sonore LPS looks like it has the same case as the Farad mentioned here.) I’m sold on upgrading the stock SMPS, but undecided on which way to go. I might just go for the LPS 1.2 someday when I get a chance, but the Farad looks interesting because it has a higher current rating.
  9. Mine is a fixed 7v/15w. When I get a chance, I’ll try the new LPS I upgraded my ultraRendu to, but it will mean temporarily using the stock SMPS for the ultraRendu so I can “A/B” the LPSs into the EtherREGEN. The other LPS is about 3-4 times the price, but if it makes enough of a difference, I might have a SGC LPS for sale 😉 I was not expecting much of an improvement by replacing the stock SMPS with the SGC LPS, but I would say it is worth the upgrade because that LPS is not that expensive. It does run hot with the EtherREGEN, but then it did with the ultraRendu too with no issues. Power draw is comparable.
  10. BTW, this runs cool. Not much more than room temperature driving either my ultraRendu or my EtherREGEN. The SGC runs hot with either. When I get a chance, I’ll try to see if it is worth getting a second one of these to upgrade the SGC LPS I’m using for the EtherREGEN (which was a worthwhile improvement over the stock SMPS that came with it, especially since I already had it, after retiring it from ultraRendu duty). It’ll mean running the ultraRendu from the stock SMPS so I can “A/B” the SGC and Sonore LPS, but it should give me an idea if the difference is worthwhile.
  11. My old supply was the very capable SGC LPS. When I was buying my ultraRendu I decided to go with that instead of the basic ifi (which is great value and good enough for many people). Looking to see if I could do better, I found that Sonore created this one, and decided to give it a try. At more than 3 times the cost, you start getting to diminishing returns. Is it 3 times better - hard to say. I also went for the deluxe upgrade of SR Blue fuse and Sonore DC-4, so I’m not sure how much these contribute, but worth the money for me. I’m also using a Pangea AC 14-SE MkII power cord, because I had that lying around looking for a new purpose.
  12. I’ve had the ER for just over a week and I’ve been really enjoying it. Tonight I just replaced the stock power supply with a spare SGC LPS I had lying around. Wow, the “ER factor” just went up by about 50%! Super deep bass, better soundstage, etc. Swapping the Meanwell back in shrunk the soundstage and added some spongeyness to the bass. And previously I thought the ER with stock PS was amazing already. I’m using a Pangea 14SE MkII power cord into the LPS.
  13. After waiting for more than 3 months, my 3rd batch ER arrived yesterday (overnight shipping to Canada). I powered it on for a few hours to warm it up because I didn’t have time to listen right away. I’ve now done a couple of hours listening to my reference playlist. I thought I was listening to someone else’s system! Even without burn in it sounds wonderful. Very natural and clear. More detail and space, but more cohesive and musical. Something that really convinced me is that it seemed like I had turn the volume up to get it to be “loud” enough, but when I used my SPL app on my iPhone I realized it was louder than it sounded. My criteria for good sound has always been that you feel like turning it even louder. I will let it burn in before trying the SGC LPS I have lying around. Mike _________________________________________________________ Sources: Roon/Tidal, vinyl Digital: Roon+HQPlayer (DSD256 or DSD128 w/EC) on rMBP (mid-2012) > BJC Cat6 ethernet > EtherREGEN [SMPS] > custom Supra Cat8 w/Telegartners > ultraRendu [Sonore LPS w/ Blue fuse & Sonore DC-4 & Pangea AC 14SE MK II] > Sonore Cardas USB “tail” > ifi micro iDSD BL Vinyl: Denon DP790 turntable, Ortofon Quintet Blue, ifi iPhono2 Head-fi: Sennheiser HD800 w/ Moon Audio Black Dragon Premium cable & HDVA600 [Shunyata Venom PC], HifiMAN HE-400 2-channel: vintage preamp/amp (Spectro Acoustics 217, SAE 2200), vintage speakers (Tangent RS2, Fulton Brown cables), Shunyata Venom ICs Power: Furman PL-Plus C, ifi AC Purifier
  14. In preparation for my 3rd batch ER, I had the opportunity to upgrade the last leg from my cheap D-Link switch (powered by ifi SMPS) from the well-regarded BJC CAT6a to a custom Supra CAT8 with Telegartner connectors, which just arrived today. Holy crap! Even though it isn’t broken in yet, what a huge improvement! Much more 3D and listenable. When I put the BJC back in, it sounds compressed and distorted. I tried it a few times to make sure. Maybe I don’t need the ER after all 🤣 LOL. The last leg goes into an ultraRendu (powered by a recent upgrade to the new Sonore LPS) which goes partway towards a Signature Rendu. I have no idea how the ER can improve on this but it seems like it will. In the meantime I’m enjoying my music more than before. Bottom line is the Ethernet cable upgrade makes a big difference in my system, even without the ER.
  15. How about impact of other equipment on ER? E.g. the ER probably should not be sitting on top of or near a power supply?
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