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  1. There must be some fumes coming from the solder on the heated up EtherREGENs that is causing you all to hallucinate 🤣.
  2. Well, until my ER arrives (3rd batch) you first batchers certainly seem to have gone crazy 😜 🤣. My expectations are so high now that unless I can see the beads of sweat on the faces during live performances and the colors of the clothes of the musicians on the holograms in my listening room, I’ll certainly be disappointed with the ER 😉🤣 In the meantime I will be jealous and have to put up with my dirty Ethernet sound 😢. Looking forward to going crazy myself in a couple of months 😁. Enjoy your lunacy!
  3. The listening reviews so far have been very one-sided. So allow me to break the trend with a somewhat negative review. The EtherREGEN I ordered has not improved the sound of my system, and it seems to sound worse now. I suppose it takes more than for me to have just placed the order, but that I actually have to get my ER delivered🙄, which is still a couple of months away (3rd batch) 🙁. Reading all the reviews here now makes me aware that my system is not sounding as good as it could, so what has been good sound until now is more hazy and muddy knowing it is going through my dirty Ethernet 🤣. Happy listening to all you lucky folks in the first batch!
  4. OMG. This power supply continues to amaze me by showing what the ultraRendu is really capable of! This is one of those upgrades that results in rediscovering my music again. I am hopping all over my music library and really enjoying the subtleties that I had not heard before. The vocals are so lifelike too. I find myself stopping what I’m doing often to just listen because the sound is so captivating. 😄
  5. I'm blaming the posters on this forum for convincing me to buy the new Sonore LPS with the works (Blue fuse and DC-4) 🤑. I chose this over the well-regarded UpTone LPS-1.2 because I wanted the extra current for my ultraRendu to power the 5VBUS on my ifi micro iDSD BL, which also drives my power-hungry HD800. I upgraded from the very capable SGC LPS. I've had the unit powered up for 10 days now. It really needs to burn in because it sounded awful when I unpacked it fresh off the delivery truck (yeah, I couldn't wait). It was harsh - not sure if it was the cable, fuse, power supply or all combined. But it has settled in nicely now and it's a keeper. The best way to describe the difference is that it makes the old LPS sound compressed, like going back to MP3. I thought the old set up sounded fantastic before, but I guess I didn't know what I was missing. Such are the perils of audiophilia. The new sound is more natural and musical. Even though there is more definition to the sound, it is easier to listen to. The soundstage is much more open. And the bass - wow - deep and more body. Highs are clearer. The vocals are more life-like. And it runs much cooler than the SGC LPS. A year ago I had no idea was NAA was. I just wanted to not have my DAC tethered to my MacBook and to get around the DoP limitation. Now I'm a believer. Although I still can't believe I spent almost as much on the power supply kit as the ultraRendu. How much for a fuse? 🤣 A very worthwhile upgrade!
  6. Looks good. I just need an EtherREGEN to go with it. 🤣 I’m in the 3rd batch.
  7. MikePid

    HQ Player

    I just updated to 4.1.1 on my mid-2012 rMBP. Using RBCD -> DSD128/44 with ASDM5EC, poly-sinc-ext2 and multicore (and no CUDA due to old Nvidia Geoforce GT 650M), it is using about 20% more CPU than (360% vs 300%) and running about 10C hotter (and therefore pushing the fans more). Without Multicore, CPU is about the same for both versions (200%); I wasn't using this option with because it runs about 10% hotter than with Multicore. FYI, with I have been able to do RBCD -> DSD256/44 with DSD5EC and a lighter 2s filter, even with this 7 year old computer (2.6 GHz i7) but it runs near CPU temperature limit, with help from TG-Pro providing a more aggressive fan speed. I've got a laptop cooler stand on order to see if that helps. Going back to for now.
  8. MikePid

    HQ Player

    I’m enjoying trying out the new EC modulators, and settled on ASDM7EC for now. My 2012 rMBP can’t handle this at DSD256 so I have dropped down to 128. I’ve tried playing a bit with enabling the virtual cores which seems to help keep fans quieter, and auto-rate but still not enough to allow Redbook or MQA to quad DSD without some stuttering. Using EXT2 filter but lighter filters still aren’t enough to keep the load down enough. Interestingly, I’ve had to lower volume to -5db, because the limiter kicked in a few times above that, which I’ve never had before. I had kept it at -3db forever. So maybe EC is extracting more peaks. Sounds fantastic, but a bit different. So many choices and they all are good! Having the ability to change it up is like having a whole bunch of different DACs to swap in. Really enjoying my my recent ultraRendu addition. Zero hassles, so worth the extra cost for convenience for me.
  9. MikePid

    HQ Player

    I only have Tidal source material.
  10. MikePid

    HQ Player

    Thanks to your post, I’ve tried this combination and much prefer it over my previous favourite (ADMSD7+512fs with closed form fast). Also using upstate do CIC. Outputting DSD256 to ifi micro iDSD BL. Best sound I’ve heard yet! Very 3D and less thin. Closest I’ve come to matching my nice vinyl setup (MC into ifi iPhono2). It is great to have so many choices! I do not adequately understand the science behind all of it, so trial & error is how I’m tweaking (plus suggestions from this forum ?).
  11. Thanks to @DancingSea, I have switched to Roon and HQPlayer and I'm really really happy with it. My computer is a mid-2012 MacBook Pro, so I can push out DSD256 and it is so sweet! My settings are similar, except I can use AMSDM7 512+fs and max rate of 48kx256. I just switched from minring to closed-form-fast. CPU usage is about 220% (8 core I7, so about 30%). Still a noobie at this (only 3 months since I upgraded from Spotify to Tidal, upgraded my DAC to ifi micro iDSD BL, and jumped on the Roon/HQPlayer bandwagon) so there is probably still more tweaking I can do. But I think this thread is getting off topic. Basically, Amarra is great stuff, and I used SQ+ for 2 years and loved it. But there are other options too. I hope Sonic Studio can focus on what they do best (i.e. their sound) and stay competitive. These are exciting times for computer audiophiles, where we can tweak our DACs! To me, it is like what happened in the photography world a few years ago when RAW open the doors to new retouching options. Everyone has different needs, and we are lucky that we can try all these options outing decide for ourselves. The cost of software is peanuts compared with the gear we buy, so if we can use Amarra or the other choices to improve our gear further, I think it is worth it!
  12. I have recently joined the DSD camp, thanks to @DancingSea. I used Amarra SQ+ for 2 years, then tried A4L as my Tidal streamer, but got frustrated with it. Now I’m using Roon & HQPlayer converting Tidal to DSD256. Fantastic sound! This industry moves fast due to advances in technology, and although SQ+ served me well for 2 years, A4L caused me to explore other options when @DancingSea suggested alternatives. Next year, who knows? - things change quickly.
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