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  1. A month ago I changed my network setup, integrating a Cisco 2960 (second hand) into the mix. After multiple attempts, I finally succeeded to hardware reset the Cisco so that the high speed ports (RJ45 + SFP) got activated. I got a set of Cisco compatible SFP's form eBay and a 1 meter duplex multimode optical fibre. I connected Mac Mini and NAS disk to Cisco's 100 mbps ports and optical to EtherREGEN SFP port. Internet is provided by a long stretch of Supra Cat8 cable coming from my Ubiquiti X-router. Previously Mac Mini, NAS disk and internet was connected to EtherREGEN's A-side. I also experi
  2. Today it was my turn to experience a mind-blowing and very unexpected lift in soundstage and overall sound quality. While I was behind my system and messing around with cables, I also replaced my single-mode SFP-modules and fiber cable with duplex-mode SFP's and fiber connecting a Ubiquiti router to EtherREGEN’s SFP-cage. I didn't turned power off on any device - just connected the new duplex-mode fiber. Right away I was met by a larger and better defined soundstage. I could hear subtle details that previously had escaped my attention. The musical presentation and separation, especially
  3. I finally managed to connect my Ubiquiti X-SFP router to the audio network and EtherREGEN's SFP-port - by single-mode SFP's and a single-mode optical cable. Coached and instructed by user octaviars until everything was up and running. The trick was configuring the Ubiquiti's SFP-port setup (on browser) - and swapping ends of the single-mode optical cable so that EtherREGEN's SFP was using Blue cable end (UPC) and Ubiquiti the Green (APC). Bingo! So how does it sound? Well, in my system the internet connection via EtherREGEN is actually only for being able to manage my Mac Mini and
  4. I finally managed to connect Ubiquiti X-SFP router to the audio network and EtherREGEN - by SFP and a single-mode optical cable. User octaviars coached and instructed me until everything was up and running - by messages. The trick was some configuration via web-browser on Ubiquiti SFP-port setup - and also swapping ends of the single-mode optical cable so that the connection to EtherREGEN's SFP was Blue (UPC) and Ubiquiti was Green (APC). Bingo! So how does it sound? Well, in my system the internet connection via EtherREGEN is actually only for being able to manage my Mac Mini and
  5. Hi octaviars, I have posted a message with some tech questions 🙂 Tom
  6. Thanks octaviars! I'm a network novice and most likely picked the wrong items when shopping. I will connect the Ubiquiti directly to my iMac tomorrow and check the settings for the SFP-port 😕
  7. Thanks John Swenson for your elaborate response! The Ubiquiti X-SFP is an advanced router dedicated for small businesses and offices. It's not plug & play and needed configuration. I chose it from audio user recommendations. The single-mode SFP's and cable was also recommended. The Ubiquiti will accept both single and dual-mode SFP's and cables. But since it's not a big deal, I will first try with another cable (yellow/yellow). I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and Alex C for your wonderful products, that has brought completely new life into my aged analog tube
  8. I started an optical experiment some days ago. Ubiquiti X-SFP router > EtherREGEN. Ubiquiti’s green LED lights up when both SFP’s and optical cable is connected - but no sign of network, Mac Mini and NAS-disk connected to EtherREGEN. Here is what I use: Ubiquiti X-SFP router (properly configured), with 5 RJ45-ports and 1 SFP-port Ubiquiti single-mode SFP LC-modules (Model UF-SM-1G-S) • Blue (1310/1550nm) • Yellow (1550/1310nm) 7m single-mode optical cable (one Yellow and one Green end): • Type: LC/UPC - LC/APC I connected (firmly) Blue SFP to
  9. Later in the evening, I continued listening to Supra Cat8 (eR B-side > uR) and now it seem to affect imaging and sound stage in a positive way - Pat Metheny's "What's It All About" and Michael Manring's "Selene" (live) sound more organic and natural. The speakers "disappeared" completely. Strange that a 20$ ethernet cable can have such an impact...
  10. Yes! Supra Cat-8 deliver better resolution and bass compared to AudioQuest Cinnamon Ethernet cable after only two hours of action, between EtherREGEN (B-side) and Sonore UltraRendu. I expect more in coming hours. I've also required an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X SFP. To be ethernet connected between my Airport Extreme (DHCP & NAT) and configured Ubiquiti. Maybe a better alternative to Fiber..?
  11. Thanks! A quick look at eBay and a lot of sellers from India - are there fake Finisar SFP's? Tom
  12. Thanks for the tip! And yes, the opticalModule is what I should have headed for, as it's manufactured with audio use in mind - and I might give it a try later. I had a pre-taste of what optical isolation adds to the system first time I connected the "cheap" FMC, but the advantage turned into degraded sound quality over night... Tom
  13. I hate to confess that the day after I installed a FMC, I noticed my equipment didn't sounded as expected, and certainly nothing near the small "revelation" I heard the day before. 1. I experimented with and without the FMC, and to me it sounded better without it. 2. In Audirvana+ I waited until the song was fully loaded, disconnected the ethernet cable at the FMC, and pressed play. Still no difference. 3. So I exchanged the included SMPS with a LPS-1.2. Still, it sounded better without the FMC. So my humble conclusion is that the inexpensive FMC I bought is not an audio grade de
  14. Yes, the 10Gtek FMC package has a SFP transceiver included. You need another SFP for your connection. Third ingredient is fiber cable at your choice (length)... Tom
  15. Big smile from Norway after installing a 10Gtek FMC between Airport Extreme and EtherREGEN. Noticeable lift in clarity, dynamics and overall performance. Not ground shaking, but certainly a keeper and just what I needed. I ordered https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0716XT1QT (Superdad recommended 3-pack link below) on sunday and plugged it in today (thursday)! Tom
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