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  1. I think I'm covered isolation/defeat wise with opticalModule Deluxe sitting in a sandwich between two EtherRegen's.
  2. Hi,- interesting questions! My comments below does not answer your questions, but I also wondered about the functions of RAM-buffer in early stages of my digital/audio experiments. Before I acquired the EtherREGEN, my Mac Mini was end player before DAC. On the Mini I created a RAM-disk and copied some audio tracks into it. In Audirvana I made a new music library pointing at the RAM-disk. Back then, playing directly from RAM-disk sounded much better compared to playing from a hard drive library (SSD). Later I got Mac Mini upgraded with the Uptone MMK, I also acquired the Uptone JS-2 and a S
  3. Thanks for the tip @Rsbrsvp! I decided to try your EtherREGEN experiment with my own equipment today. Previously I have powered eR with 12V from JS-2 and later from Uptone UltraCaps LPS 1.2. When switching between 7-9-12 volt I waited an hour before listening, just to let the system settle. I wasn't expecting any audible changes, but the 9V (1 Amp) setting clearly sounded better with my equipment. Better micro detail and dynamics. Better space in soundstage and better performance of female voices in the top end (sibilance). I don't really know what is going on here, but I think the 9 vol
  4. Hi @PYP, thank for your reply. I performed a lot of experimentation with all sort of equipment and configuration, before I landed with the present system setup. But in my relative simple system, the EtherREGEN is the star - and of course the Denafrips Pontus, and the Uptone IsoREGEN, and the JS-2.. 😄 Cheers Tom
  5. Hi @PYP, I also use stacked switches; the Cisco Catalyst 2960 > EtherREGEN via SFP + fibre. As I don't do streaming, I think this duo will to a great extend, give the same audible benefits as two EtherREGENs in a row. On the Cisco are the following RJ-45 connected: • Internet from modem via SFP fibre through Ubiquiti X-router to FMC output (5v) > Cisco RJ-45 • NAS-disk with Ghent RJ-45 (JSSG360) • Mac Mini (MMK) with Ghent RJ-45 (JSSG360) • Cisco output to EtherREGEN: SFP Duplex, single-mode fibre with -3db attenuator An argument for using two EtherREGENs after anoth
  6. Hi Jamesg11, Yes, but not quite. • 2 x LPS-1.2 to UltraRendu and IsoREGEN • Internet (modem), Mac Mini, NAS-disk through Cisco 2960 switch • Cisco switch SFP (optical) out to EtherREGEN SFP A-side • EtherREGEN B-side to UltraRendu • JS-2 (1) to EtherREGEN, JS-2 (2) Y-DC to Mac Mini + NAS So I guess my JS-2 (and EtherREGEN) connections maintain isolation 😇
  7. Thanks for sharing Soares! What is RUR? And I dont see OpticalRendu (oR) in your setup layout. What convinced me to stay with my current setup is by playing the "Nama" album (24/176.4) with the Puente Celeste ensemble (2010). Its an Argentina-based recording with absolute minimal use of mixing and mastering tweaks and compression - only microphones and artists and recorded at MA-studios with original 5.6 MHz (DSD) pure sterophonic, one bit recording. EtherREGEN powered by JS-2, Cisco 2960 SFP (optical) transporting the signals and IsoREGEN in front of the Denafrips DAC ha
  8. I use a dedicated DC 12V output from Uptone JS-2 to EtherREGEN. Do you think using LPS-1.2 would give better galvanic isolation than the JS-2?
  9. Hi R1200CL and esmit, I tried without the IsoREGEN (between UltraRendu and Denafrips DAC), but to my ears it sounds better with the IsoREGEN. More air and space round voices and instruments, and better depth perspective. What might be able to substitute the IsoREGEN would be a Denafrips DDC using I2S, I think...
  10. Hi esmit, my network is set up in the following order: Modem (internet) > Ubiquiti X-router > Cisco 2960 switch (SFP) > EtherREGEN A-side (SFP) > EtherREGEN B-side > UltraRendu > IsoREGEN > Denafrips DAC. Internet from modem via Ubiquiti X-router, Mac Mini (Audirvana) and NAS-disk has RJ45 connection to Cisco switch. EtherREGEN A-side being fed with a single optical connection from Cisco SFP-port. My SetUp 2020-v12.pdf
  11. Hi R1200CL, Thanks for your comments. I wrote you some thoughts in a Message, please check.. 😀
  12. Until yesterday my EtherREGEN drew its power through a Y-cable attached to one of Uptone JS-2 DC outputs, and sharing 12V with a WD NAS-disk. The other JS-2 DC output was dedicated to MMK-modified Mac Mini (+sense option). Yesterday I received a new set of Ghent JSSG360 DC cables. This time I reserved a dedicated 12V output to EtherREGEN, and split 12V between Mac Mini and NAS-disk with the new Y-cable. A dedicated JS-2 12V output to EtherREGEN resulted in a profound lift in sound quality! Any trace of "digital glare" is gone, I experience more openness and clarity in upper frequencies
  13. A month ago I changed my network setup, integrating a Cisco 2960 (second hand) into the mix. After multiple attempts, I finally succeeded to hardware reset the Cisco so that the high speed ports (RJ45 + SFP) got activated. I got a set of Cisco compatible SFP's form eBay and a 1 meter duplex multimode optical fibre. I connected Mac Mini and NAS disk to Cisco's 100 mbps ports and optical to EtherREGEN SFP port. Internet is provided by a long stretch of Supra Cat8 cable coming from my Ubiquiti X-router. Previously Mac Mini, NAS disk and internet was connected to EtherREGEN's A-side. I also experi
  14. Today it was my turn to experience a mind-blowing and very unexpected lift in soundstage and overall sound quality. While I was behind my system and messing around with cables, I also replaced my single-mode SFP-modules and fiber cable with duplex-mode SFP's and fiber connecting a Ubiquiti router to EtherREGEN’s SFP-cage. I didn't turned power off on any device - just connected the new duplex-mode fiber. Right away I was met by a larger and better defined soundstage. I could hear subtle details that previously had escaped my attention. The musical presentation and separation, especially
  15. I finally managed to connect my Ubiquiti X-SFP router to the audio network and EtherREGEN's SFP-port - by single-mode SFP's and a single-mode optical cable. Coached and instructed by user octaviars until everything was up and running. The trick was configuring the Ubiquiti's SFP-port setup (on browser) - and swapping ends of the single-mode optical cable so that EtherREGEN's SFP was using Blue cable end (UPC) and Ubiquiti the Green (APC). Bingo! So how does it sound? Well, in my system the internet connection via EtherREGEN is actually only for being able to manage my Mac Mini and
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