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  1. GaryY

    Sonicorbiter - Shairport output mode

    Thanks for tip. It worked! Only thing is sometimes when I select another video I get a “ ultrarendu is in use” message and sends the sound output back to the Mac internal speakers. I have to go into System Preferences to select output by ultrarendu again.
  2. GaryY

    Sonicorbiter - Shairport output mode

    I just installed my UltraRendu and is successful at streaming from Apple iTunes on my Mac Mini to Shairport. Can I stream YouTube videos on Safari the same way? I can’t seem to find a way to Airplay this to Shairport from the Mac Mini. Thanks Gary
  3. GaryY

    Sonore ultraRendu

    Thanks for your advice. If I understand you correctly, the ISO Regen would be redundant once the Mac is removed and the uR is connected between the Synology and DAC. Should I decide to keep the Mac in the chain, would it be Mac to uR to IR to DAC. Any advantage to doing that?
  4. GaryY

    Sonore ultraRendu

    I am considering purchasing the uR. Will it work with a Naim DAC V1 fed by a Mac Mini with HQ Player with files stored in a Synology NAS? Besides HQ Player, I also subscribe to Apple Music. How will all these work with the uR? Do I install the uR between the Mac and the DAC and still run HQP and Apple Music with the Mac? Can the uR replace the Mac if I install some server app on the Synology? Would that sound better? i am also planning to get a ISO Regen with LPS1. Will that be installed between the uR and the DAC? i would appreciate any advice. Thanks.