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  1. I look to esldudebro69er from the forums for my neuroscience hot takes like “its garbage” and “he must be trying to sell his turntable or something”, a retired Boomer shoe salesman with a diploma from Boise South High Scool.
  2. Man I feel so ripped off when a high res song comes on that even a $100 DAC can play natively. Also feeling super ripped off paying that extra $5/mo. for the high res streams.
  3. Whenever someone tells you a piece of gear requires hundreds of hours of break-in that usually means it will still sound like a freeze dried turd. That’s been my experience anyway.
  4. Oh I believe it absolutely does when it comes to royalties. And according to this link, Amazon was already one of the lowest paying. https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2019/01/30/2018-streaming-music-price-bible/
  5. Is another race to the bottom on price with artists presumably getting less and less per stream really what we want to support? Does anyone know what Amazon is paying artists per stream compared to the other guys?
  6. Can’t wait to stream the new Amazonia Grande record while streaming reruns of the Big Bang theory on HBO. The future is bright indeed.
  7. Got a keen observation for ya: your joke isn’t funny.
  8. You really summed up the irony of the entire mindset over there in one comment, haha. I think what they're trying to achieve now though is the takedown of any product more expensive than a $50 DAC that doesn't rank as high on their THD+N chart.
  9. I bought two of the Ghent dc cables for my DIY streamer and Matrix USB card. Can’t say I heard or even listened carefully for any difference. What I did buy was peace of mind that I was using a well constructed cable with some thought put into it for a not outrageous price. I’m also getting pretty sick of the tone of the discourse at all the Hifi forums. It’s toxic and seems to only get worse.
  10. 11. Sell all of your overpriced gear, buy a $1,000 used system and become an objectivist. Tirelessly enter every thread and present your argument that all DACs, preamps, amps, cables, CD players, and PC's sound exactly the same when listened to in a double blind listening test. Don't listen to actual music anymore, because tests and SINAD graphs are more interesting to you now. You are very wise and objective, and anyone who disagrees is simply affected by sighted bias and a foolish audiophile. Your Yamaha AVR sounds exactly like a Dan D'Agostino Relentless monoblock, and that is pretty cool.
  11. The Matrix Element X looks interesting. It will objectively measure much better than the Yggy at a minimum, but sounding better will be up to your ears. Seems like less of a gamble than most and has a streamer.
  12. Gotcha, thanks! I’m enjoying my fuss-free Windows build for now but good to know this is finally coming to fruition.
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