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  1. Logs into "Audiophile Style" website to post. Uses words like "audiophool". Sounds like a blessed life.
  2. I already use Roon and now that I’ve replaced my HTPC with an Apple TV 4K, Jriver will be placed in my dustbin of history. It was ok for its time but the UI is behind the times comparatively and it was always buggy and crash-prone. I don’t think I’ve had a single hiccup with Roon in a years worth of use, that’s impressive.
  3. Most gear isn't obviously deficient. It's the subtleties that make or break a piece of gear over the long haul, and those will be difficult to parse out when it's been put through the processing ringer multiple times and colored by your own system chain.
  4. This is only slightly more useful than when the dullards try to evaluate how someone's system sounds through a Youtube video. Slightly....
  5. Interesting what you noted about the imaging popping out more in front of the speakers when called for. I notice the same thing with the T+A DAC 8 DSD when ran in 512 DSD mode. The soundstage expands in every direction, including forward, with its single bit DSD converter vs. it's traditional PCM Dac. Is this because it's pulling more detailed and accurate phase information out of the recording? Or is it just some sort of distortion? I have no clue and limited knowledge on the matter, but I do know that i quite enjoy it.
  6. @Miska, What has been your favorite or best sounding DAC that has the 1bit DSD converter so far?
  7. Anyone got DSD512 going on a Linux streamer yet? I’m dying to try this out on my SMS-200, hear no difference to my Windows streamer, and put my SMS-200 on eBay lol!
  8. The original Directstream must’ve really sounded like crap considering every firmware update has made a “quantum leap” in sound quality.
  9. You: Stereophile never gives a negative review, they “like” everything. They are snake oil propagandists whose sole purpose is to provide ad space for Hifi companies. Stereophile: gives a negative review. You: they obviously screwed up the review because my DAC is the best.
  10. Well actually, I'm reading directly out of the January 2019 Stereophile, which was the entire point of my post. Thanks for "correcting" me though. "Aqua Acoustic quality's Formula xHD processor sounded as smooth and warm and enjoyable as Jason and Mr. O suggested, but I don't regard it as a pleasure machine, nor do I see it as a cure for systems that sound too bright. In my system, the Formula xHD was simply too opaque for a perfectionist DAC at any price. My head is shaking in disbelief." -- Herb Reichert
  11. Looks like Stereophile let Herb Reichert listen to the Aqua this month for a second opinion review on JVS. His impressions were not favorable either, low transparency. The double whammy.
  12. I have been very pleased using this less well-known card w/ external power into a T+A DAC 8 DSD: http://matrix-digi-usa.com/other-series/x-hi_usb The price is right and I have no desire now to look elsewhere.
  13. Yes, i did. I burned in 2 weeks. It was practically unlistenable out of the box; like someone took a treble control and turned the knob all the way to the left. It did open up but never sounded good in my system.
  14. My vote is for an appropriate size Focal or Sonus Faber Homage Tradition. Amazing build quality and looks, and both transparent enough to let you hear review gear nuances without being annoying or fatiguing.
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