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  1. If $90k speakers are what help Devore Fidelity and Stereophile survive, then I'm all for it. I'd much rather live in that world than a world where no boutique Hifi brands can survive and we're discussing whether we should buy the Apple or Amazon home surveillance speaker model.
  2. The guts of one of my Perla Audio Righello Monoblocks:
  3. Pulling some of these speakers off the front wall a few feet at minimum will do wonders for your soundstage and imaging. Much more so than any OS tweak, or by starting each song by command line in MS-DOS from RAM, or whatever else is flavor of the month here on Audiophile Style.
  4. I can make no assertion of "best", because I haven't tried them all. However I can say that the Matrix Audio one sounds excellent. It was noticeably better than out of my motherboard and there was no further improvement when using an Iso-regen attached to it feeding a T+A Dac. https://matrix-digi.com/en/products/333.html
  5. I owned this amp for a while driving some Martin Logan Montis. It did the job and could handle their tough load. When I demoed this amp with Sopra 2's in a very damped showroom, the NAD amp showed its ass a little bit. It sounded pretty dry and clinical compared to the Class AB amps on-hand "under the microscope" of this room. I sold it and moved on. YMMV
  6. Agree, to me it's all about the T+A's single bit converter and extremely well designed input and output stages over what DSD rate you are running. I've also been quite happy with Roon's Smooth, minimum phase filter. It scores very highly for me in the "just works every time" and "free with Roon" categories, not to mention it sounds very good.
  7. He can even discern that the electronics are to blame from a youtube clip. That's truly next level. Thanks for the laugh.
  8. Logs into "Audiophile Style" website to post. Uses words like "audiophool". Sounds like a blessed life.
  9. I already use Roon and now that I’ve replaced my HTPC with an Apple TV 4K, Jriver will be placed in my dustbin of history. It was ok for its time but the UI is behind the times comparatively and it was always buggy and crash-prone. I don’t think I’ve had a single hiccup with Roon in a years worth of use, that’s impressive.
  10. Most gear isn't obviously deficient. It's the subtleties that make or break a piece of gear over the long haul, and those will be difficult to parse out when it's been put through the processing ringer multiple times and colored by your own system chain.
  11. This is only slightly more useful than when the dullards try to evaluate how someone's system sounds through a Youtube video. Slightly....
  12. Interesting what you noted about the imaging popping out more in front of the speakers when called for. I notice the same thing with the T+A DAC 8 DSD when ran in 512 DSD mode. The soundstage expands in every direction, including forward, with its single bit DSD converter vs. it's traditional PCM Dac. Is this because it's pulling more detailed and accurate phase information out of the recording? Or is it just some sort of distortion? I have no clue and limited knowledge on the matter, but I do know that i quite enjoy it.
  13. @Miska, What has been your favorite or best sounding DAC that has the 1bit DSD converter so far?
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