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  1. That picture gives me the willies.
  2. Hey Kal Rubinson you could arrange these into a cubicle and have one hell of an office/home theater!
  3. Looks like junk to me. Hope you didn't pay much. Edit: the price was right. Edit 2: damn you now you've got me looking at some Byron Morgan putters.
  4. I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Happy Holidays.
  5. It’s not and to ask that question shows you’re missing the point. If you have two people and one guy believes that there could be no difference and the other believes there could be, you ask the guy who believes there is a difference to prove it by performing the test. That’s all I’m saying. His motivation would be unquestioned.
  6. It matters because there could be motivation to act in bad faith, and no way to control for that????
  7. Haha that's probably not far off. If i'm going to buy an expensive cable at least wine, dine, and voodoo me!
  8. It's more like you emptying the tobacco out of a cigar and taking a giant dump inside, then rolling it back up.
  9. I think he's just saying that someone who believes that there shouldn't be an audible difference between two components carries that bias into the listening test. It makes perfect sense to me. You're also trying to twist people's words into a different meaning in what looks to be bad faith.
  10. Hehe touche home theater guy!
  11. Sounds like we're saying the exact same thing to me.
  12. I'll bite at your attempt to gaslight me. An objectivist is a poor subject for a blind or sighted test because if they believe all amplifiers sound the same, they could consciously or subconsciously give inconclusive results by simply guessing or not trying. By "both ways" I meant a person could be biased for or against something. Common knowledge that only a bad faith actor would require proof of.
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