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  1. What I noticed is that when I have an album A with higher DR and an album B with lower DR than I can comfortably listen album A with higher volume setting than album B. That's not surprising. What is maybe somewhat surprising is that even though now they are both at comfortable volume level, subjectively album A sounds louder. So to me higher DR allows for louder but still comfortable listening, which is nice.
  2. If by "most commonly" they mean Dynamic Range DB then this description is wrong. Dynamic Range DB algorithm uses the average volume of the laudest 20% of the track, i.e. the track is split into blocks of 3 seconds, average volume of each block is computed and then the top 20% is used to calculate the "crest factor". So it is not "that" easily swayed by silence.
  3. The link doesn't work (404 Not Found) Correct link: https://www.hdtracks.com/#/album/5bffcf17c6e102670ab3fbc6
  4. It may be difficult to fit multichannel and video on a CD.
  5. Results: part I - Procedures & Settings part II - Respondent Results
  6. Another way is to use youtube-dl itself. You can pass 2 format ids joined with "+" and it will download both of them and merge them. So, if for some reason you want 144p video with [email protected] audio, you can use: youtube-dl -f 160+251 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enuOArEfqGo and it will download those 2 streams and merge them into mkv file.
  7. Did you share any of those x264 files which supposedly have a hidden track? Maybe I missed something but so far I only see links to mp4 files with the original content or to m2t/wav files with the final conversion done by you.
  8. And rightly so. Proving non-existence is one of logical fallacies and should have no place in objective forum.
  9. But science doesn't know everything and regardless of your explanation you are close minded if you don't give the same credence to crystal sphere theory. I and many members here can see crystal sphere. If scientists and engineers can't detect it, it just means we don't know what to measure yet. Oh, and it is because of posts like this some of those members left recently. I propose that a new "Astro-Objective" sub-forum is created and such posts moved there. Maybe they will come back then. 😉
  10. New album from Sound Liaison: Marzio Scholten - Isolophilia
  11. What does it matter if objectivists are affected by "reverse" bias? Just don't ask them to participate in the blind test. Or are you afraid there are some "spy" objectivists in your trial with a mission to disrupt statistical data.
  12. That looks like an answer to the question from the topic 😉
  13. That is the shaped dither. Here's the spectrogram of the beginning of that track and the spectrum of the first 0.6s: For comparison, a track with non-shaped dither has visually lower noise: but of course the spectrum of that noise is quite different (note a difference in dB scale):
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