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  1. I'm guessing ASR measurements don't count on this forum? :-) (edit: wow, I was kind of joking, but after the link to it was automatically removed from my post I'm not so sure any more)
  2. I don't use it so I'm not sure it is relevant but I just come across reddit post:
  3. https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=201868
  4. pink.24-44.1k.wav generated by: ]$ sox -r44.1k -c1 -n -b24 pink.24-44.1k.wav synth 10 pink norm -3 fade l .2 0 .2
  5. You mean you get -70dB in the whole spectrum? Because when I do that (with sox) it still nulls at around -190 in 0-20kHz range:
  6. No, I meant "No Sanctuary Here". It says it is 24/44 but in reality it is 16/44 with just zeroes added in lower bits. ]$ file -b "09 - No Sanctuary Here.flac" FLAC audio bitstream data, 24 bit, stereo, 44.1 kHz, 9976596 samples ]$ sox "09 - No Sanctuary Here.flac" -n stats Overall Left Right ... Bit-depth 16/16 16/16 16/16 ...
  7. Yes, when you null a file with itself then you essentially get -inf (negative infinity) difference. You can try to convert your original file to 32 bit wav and do your procedure with that. You should get a difference at around -237dB, I believe (assuming 65'536 points FFT).
  8. I think you get "only" -190dB because that is basically your limit. You use 24-bit files, which have noise floor at around -144dB and FFT processing lowers that by 10*log(M/2), where M is the number of points in the FFT. Are your spectrum using 65'536 points by any chance? That would give about 45dB and -144 - 45 = -189.
  9. Same here, but links from SNL channel work:
  10. I like that one upscaled 16/44 track :-) Looks like they didn't care that much to hide it. Almost as if it doesn't make much difference :-)
  11. Yes, this happened to me. And I was never warned. In case you don't realize that, the reason for you ban was not disagreement. Well, unless you mean disagreement about what is an acceptable behavior on a forum.
  12. There is a link to the pdf with documentation here: "rate" is on page 32 and "sdm" on page 36. The filters are now called "sdm-4" to "sdm-8" and "clans-4" to "clans-8". I don't how they differ. When I (rarely) do the conversion it is in the other direction (dsd -> pcm).
  13. For inter-channel delays there are files generated at 24/192 with n-sample delays between channels and converted to 16/44: I was able to ABX the 20us version. There was a guy who was able to ABX the 10us version.
  14. Not ns (nanoseconds) but µs or us (microseconds).
  15. Agreed. Some further reading :-) https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php?topic=73598.0 and about the level differences specifically at the end of this post and in the next one: https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php?topic=73598.msg701379#msg701379
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