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  1. Actually, the "Innocence" track from "Polarity" album is available on http://www.2l.no/hires/ and indeed sox shows that the least significant bit is not used: ]$ sox 2L-45_stereo_01_FLAC_352k_24b.flac -n stats Overall Left Right DC offset -0.000001 -0.000001 -0.000001 Min level -0.549987 -0.549987 -0.516935 Max level 0.627561 0.627561 0.520845 Pk lev dB -4.05 -4.05 -5.67 RMS lev dB -25.79 -25.60 -26.00 RMS Pk dB -13.77 -13.77 -15.68 RMS Tr dB -78.15 -78.15 -77.11 Crest factor - 11.96 10.39 Flat factor 0
  2. Maybe the DAC is analyzing which bits change between subsequent samples and maybe in that particular recording one bit (most likely the least significant one) always stays the same. Check what this shows: 20bit.flac
  3. (AFAIK, AFAICT) When audible, they would be "clicks", yes. If they are permanent or audible, it depends. If you were downloading a wav file and a bit-flip happened before the file is stored on disk, then the bit-flip would be permanent but possibly inaudible (see below). If you were downloading a flac file and a bit-flip happened before the file is stored on disk, then the bit-flip would be permanent, but when played the player should detect it, because flac files contain control sums. If you played a file and a bit-flip happened after the file is loaded into
  4. Also on their own site, ends 31. Dec. And there is free mp3 or 44.1 flac sampler.
  5. Here is MQA bitstream description from mansr: https://code.videolan.org/mansr/mqa/-/blob/master/mqa.rst I'm guessing filter selection and sample rate would be in "render_filter" and "orig_rate" fields of datasync packet.
  6. That was yesterday 🙂 and on christmas sale so more fitting to:
  7. 15-bit comment was about MQA-CD, 14-bit comment could have been about MQA non-CD.
  8. I believe it is a bit more complicated. Are MQA Renderers MQA-enabled DACs? They still need software decoder.
  9. The difference of only 31 kbps between 24 and 16 bit versions looks suspicious to me. It indicates there was not much of information in those lower bits anyway.
  10. rme adi-2 pro fs r and sennheiser hd650 Still the same. Yeah, sure 🙄
  11. Ah... so that's what your "slave shop factories" comment was. 🤦‍♂️
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