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  1. Are any of them 24/96? The help for "uncompressed" for some reason explicitly mentions 16 bits: And Spoon (dbpoweramp author, I presume) mentions a few times that it may not/will not work with 24 bits: source: FLAC uncompressed Q (2013) source: FLAC uncompressed Q (2013) source: Uncompressed FLAC seems compressed (2017)
  2. I always thought that "white glove" processing meant: carefully prepare a new master (in good old PCM, mind you) encode it in MQA, the usual way release to public only the encoded version and keep PCM master in safe which would not entirely apply in case of BC because, presumably, the master they release in FLAC/DSD is already a carefully prepared master.
  3. Sounds like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Applied_kinesiology (courtesy of @pkane2001comment on another forum):
  4. https://deltaw.org/pk_metric.html Doesn't work too well for me :-) Can't say I hear anything different at 8-9 or 11 seconds. I do hear a clear difference at 32.5 seconds, which is rather not surprising: I also hear the difference at 1 second:
  5. 24/96, about time. Sadly, no 16/44. Strangely, some albums only in m-ch: vs
  6. Only my strong will stopped me from buying Arcam AVR390 after his review. /s I know, I know, it was a necessary sacrifice to keep the pretence. /s (I should stop now)
  7. How about after that? Did you still not hear it, now that you knew it's there?
  8. Maybe he meant Nyquist rate, not Nyquist frequency? :-) Although there are others who define it as one and the same:
  9. For 20 or more pages? I must have missed it. Ah... if you bundle those two together then maybe.
  10. What's with the font? Post: vs normal: I don't mind the bigger size, but the almost non-existent space between lines makes it hard to read.
  11. Here's a pretty approachable explanation:
  12. Does the problem occur only if the recording contains your singing? 🙂
  13. Sorry if that's a dumb question but why didn't you post some samples of both versions (unless I missed something)? To me this seems like the most obvious thing to do in a thread like this.
  14. IIRC it was told on several occasions already, that he tests what people send him, so I'm not sure what is so odd about it. I'm sure that if you send him all those things, he will gladly pick on them too 🙂
  15. @PeterSt, I think you forgot to include this information on the product page. ;-)
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