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  1. Got it. JRMC. I can't use JRMC because I am only streaming from TIDAL and the WDM driver thing isn't working properly. Too bad, but thanks anyway!
  2. Thans Alvantri. That did work. I got it configured now, but I am only getting my 4 subs once I turn on Hijack, mains are gone then. How did you integrate Room Shaper?
  3. Could you give some advise on how you got it working on a Mac? I can’t write the configuration, Thierry was trying to help but unfortunately we were not successful so far. I am using Audio Hijack: Roon - Room Shaper - Output. After uploading the ir files I get an error message when trying to write the configuration. I did place the plugin in the library/audio/plugin-ins/components folder.... see screenshot attached
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