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  1. I have the Zen Mini with the 1.4.3 version. Since I have never heard the 1.4.2 version I have no basis for comparison. However, once the Mini was fully broken in, it now sounds more like what Blackmorec describes in the Statement. Now, I know the two units don't sound remotely alike, but there may be a Innuos house sound. The sound stage is high, wide and deep with the sensation of air thru everything. I know what air around instruments sounds like, and this ain't it. With the noise floor being so low, new music way in the back of the mix is just there. Cor van Zundert, I hope there is some way to get that sound back into you're system.
  2. I have. Waiting for their reply.
  3. Has anyone had trouble longing into you're particular service? I recently bought the Zen Mini mk3 and cannot sign into my spotify account. Nothings changed about the account. It's the same user and password. Little Help.
  4. Thanks, I'm hoping to have my Pontes and Zen mini up and running soon.
  5. Has anyone here paired the Denefrips pontes with any of the innuos servers? Or any of the Denefrips dac's
  6. I'm curious, when you guys listen to music do you listen to the sound or the performance?
  7. Up sampling. All of my cd's are on a hard drive and I do stream Spotify.
  8. I have the Pontus, and have a very simple setup. I don't have near the gear that you do. But when I switched from NOS to OS the music really opened up for me. NOS sounded dull and lifeless on my rig. I can only imagine what the Terminator in OS mode will sound like on yours. Happy Listening.
  9. Does anyone have the Venus or the Ares. It's Terminator all the time here. I have the Pontus and would like to hear the impressions of the other two units. I'll check back.
  10. That's good to hear. Glad it's not just me. But the difference is not subtle.
  11. Mine all work, however when I first set it up it sounded really dull and lifeless. The NOS/OS toggle was set to NOS. Once I set it to OS everything opened up to my ears. For a music lover it's really additive.
  12. Tedevang, I'm still in the early days as well and have only used it to stream and play cd's through. Once I get some down time I'll start getting into what this thing can really do. I have been shopping DSD downloads and have a few in my cart. I'll let you know what the Pontus sounds like.
  13. I've had the Pontus in my system for a couple of months now, and have no complaints. Just slightly on the warm side with a lot of detail and a very natural sound. Micro detail is something special, and the way it populates the sound stage will have your head on a swivel. The Pontus is the third one down from the top. I heard the other three at Axpona, and was able to buy the demo. As a matter of fact they sold all four of them at the show. Denafrips has a hit on their hands.
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