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  1. Up for the topic starter to decide, whether the house needs cleaning, IMO.
  2. Thanks, but without your discovery (SACD channel toggle via music menu) these two new models would have not made it onto the list. The premium Sony model (UHP-H1) is missing the sleep mode entirely (at least on EU models) and a nap mode can not be conventionally initiated as the player also "forgot how the handle" the scripted IR commands. A remote ripping ability has not been confirmed yet. The surround set (BDV-E190) is still having a sleep mode (without power to USB port) but also does not respond to IR commands via AutoScript. Additionally the LAN port 2002 is blocked by default (no remote ripping out of the box) but at least telnet is working fine. Should the BDV models become more popular, I would like to delve into the remote ripping topic with you again, as I managed to free up the 2002 port & starting the SACD daemon service (sacd_extract_160 -S), but was having constant issues with getting access to the disc (not only in awake mode). The first two are 2.1 models from 2012. Have to pass on the last one, but at least it was a product for the American market only. The regional variations are also covered on the service manual:
  3. Hello, there are two new Sony models able to rip SACDs, worth mentioning: If you happen to have any of these surround sets (not very likely @ APS 🙄), they are bound to be compatible too: BDV-E290 BDV-E385 BDV-E390 BDV-E490 BDV-E690 BDV-EF220 BDV-EF420 BDV-T39
  4. Good evening, as a first step of solving the S6700 riddle or dilemma, we are now collecting Serial Numbers of this Sony unit in order to pinpoint (in the broadest sense of the word) the SN range or production year from when things became incompatible. If you are willing to help out, just drop off your SN (first 5 digits) into the last sheet - HERE. On a more positive note, there is a newly discovered player model capable of ripping SACDs - the Yamaha BD-S677 ! Thanks and if you don't like apple pie, try out lemon pie with apple juice 😝.
  5. Interesting, are you using the latest SACD plugin for foobar2000?
  6. Hello @Sidemounter, Well thinking about transconding DSD to FLAC before even ripping the SACD, is like wanting apple pie before getting the apples off the tree. 😜 1) If you mean AutoRip, which is a local ripping method, you end up with an ISO file per disc in the AutoScript folder on the USB flash drive. 2) It makes no difference, whether you process the SACD-ISO (e.g. extracting its tracks to DSF) on Windows, Linux or macOS. 3) Why do you aim for FLAC anyway?
  7. Glad you were successful, @bmeinhard! Here is a new ARMinfo release, able to retrieve information from all MediaTek players which obey to AutoScript. Special thanks go to @mindset (for supplying the crucial hint) & @MikeyFresh (for testing the Oppo fix). Apart from the devices listed above, the following players are of particular interest, because of increased likelihood of being compatible with our current SACD-ripping solutions. Marantz UD7007 Pioneer BDP-LX58 / BDP-85FD Pioneer BDP-LX88 / BDP-88FD Sony BDP-S5200 / BDP-BX520 Sony BDP-A6000 Sony UHP-H1 (aka Sony's first DVD-Audio player) As always feedback 📣(with txt files) is welcome, even for incompatible models (=kernel mismatch)!
  8. Hello @bmeinhard, You can either continue your path (remote ripping to PC) by downloading the new 6700 script for your player here (thx @Dick Darlington for hosting) or you take a shortcut (local ripping to USB thumb drive) and try out the AutoRip A6 script. The choice is your - good luck!
  9. OK @joehirez, so you want to play around with telnet - that's fine. Quite some research needed there IMO - particularly for kernel v2.6.27 players. Now let the doctors see the contents of the AutoScript file you are feeding your Pioneer player with.
  10. Riposa in pace maestro! Can you think of Ennio Morricone and SciFi? Listen to this - it's not in Chicago but on Mars: As for my next Morricone album, I am aiming for a SACD.
  11. Hello @klassikmann, glad you like the new DSD basic editing solution. A few things to consider: If you prefer gap-less playback (of the .mka files), you can link the pieces before splitting: If you want to re-merge the cut pieces, drop the first part alone into the GUI and all the other parts afterwards - pick the penultimate option. This way all the parts will be sewed back into one piece. Seeking does not work with the individual .mka files (.wv, .dsf & single file .mka are fine) Tags are lost after the cut / split 🤘
  12. To better but slightly off-topic news: With the addition of WavPack v5 handling, MKVToolNix v48 has become the first basic Direct Stream Digital editor in the world and it's absolutely free of charge. You can now cut & merge compressed DSD audio streams in such a manner that you will NOT lose a single sample! Basic TO-DOs: Who cares or could benefit from this? Happy DSD editing ✂️!
  13. Evening folks, here is a status update on the new 6700 script and its AutoRip A6 derivative: It IS working BUT not on all Sony BDP-S6700's! What we know for SURE (thanks to the comprehensive testing by @MikeyFresh, @mindset & @EugenF) : The disruption is NOT caused by a mere firmware release, which simply turns OFF the AutoScript functionality. If your player was manufactured before 2017 (FW version M32.R.0380 or older) the AutoScripts will work, you can EVEN UPGRADE to the current FW release - without loosing the SACD ripping ability. If your player was built 2019+ (comes with FW version M32.R.0527), you are out of luck for now. The predecessor model (BDP-S6500) is almost certainly not affected. What we can SPECULATE about: The demarcation line could be in the year 2018 - the more S6700 owners report in their firmware factory level and the device manufacturing dates, the better we could narrow down the point of change. The cause of the incompatibility could be a HW revision change (different board / SoC) or a factory SW setting which is not affected by regular FW updates. Firmware downgrades will likely not fix the problem.
  14. Sadly, the UBP-X800M2 (and likely all Sony UHD players with a current FW) simply ignores any kind of AutoScript (regular, telnet, AutoRip, ARMinfo).
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