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  1. My DigiOne Player feeds signal to a Yggy via BNC cable. It receives its signal via Roon RAAT. I am experiencing a number of "false" starts with this path: click on a track, Yggy changes sampling as needed, Now Playing clock starts, then Error: hardware is behaving slowly, then skips to next track which plays perfectly. Subsequent tries on the skipped track eventually lead to success. Happens on my own library and with TIDAL library. I have found and used the Roon sync delay, currently set on 3 secs, but it doesn't improve things even when moved across the spectrum of options. I am trying to troubleshoot this, and my question is whether Allo or anyone here has experienced a similar problem. Are there any settings or configurations that cured the problem? Does my using Ropieee OS affect anything? Just trying to whittle the problem down. Many thanks.
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