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  1. Thankyou! I will try that 🤩
  2. just curious, and I am no expert on this, but I have manually set DNS at and based on previous advice. Is a better one to consider for some reason?
  3. +1 to merge03 comments. I never have the same issue streaming off my NAS or using the Aurender's internal HDD With Tidal, it has happened intermittently [weeks/months apart] and TBH, I just shrug, stop using Tidal for a while and try again later. Invariably, it is usually then ok. I get it though, if you are getting a lot of disruption, it can get pretty frustrating Maybe Aurender will find something different for you?
  4. Blimey! Are they even comparable!? My other half wouldn’t think so!
  5. the version of the update tool is not the same as the version of the FW that it installs. I think that is the confusion. Cazzesman post shows this too. hope this helps
  6. Fabulous product. The build quality is second to none, the sound quality is sublime and the music playing software as good as any out there. Best of all, the software support is fantastic and the Aurender techs can connect to your hardware directly to help diagnose any problems. It’s also quick, usually within 24 hrs. Further there is active support through the CA forums by the manufacturer. Yes, I would definitely purchase again
  7. first rule of the hobby: then, the second rule is the law of diminishing returns!
  8. @Yellowspider .... totally agree, the Aries FEMTO offers amazing 'bang-for-buck' SQ.
  9. @baconbrain thank you for posting the link. A great series of articles, with some real gems.
  10. @Yellowspider Hi yellowspider, that's interesting. I did a similar exercise when I was considering moving away from my Auralic Aries FEMA. I fed the Aurender W20 and Auralic from my NAS and connected both to the Kii Control. Both sources have spdif and usb output and swapping them around made no perceivable difference; but in both cases I much preferred the Aurender, especially with female voices and choral pieces. I had a friend who helped with the 'blind' A/B'ing. I ended-up purchasing the Aurender and parting ways with the Auralic. Common sense says that the digital source shouldn't make any difference and there are plenty of threads on that, but anyway, for me there was a difference for whatever reason. It looks like your findings supports the common sense position. I don't use the NAS to feed the Aurender, that was just to enable the A/B, That definitely does make a difference. It shows again some of the benefits of the Kii remote. It's a good little digital 'preamp' and for me an essential part for the setting up of the Kii's..... next steps are to get going with REW and the new PEQ filters!
  11. @bobfa depends what you want out of your system. Do you need the ripping facilities of an ACS10 or 100? That seems to be the first question to answer yourself. If you don’t and you really want aes, then the W20 or the W20se would be the way to go, much better than the N10. As for roon? Well that’s a different story altogether
  12. @bobfa no, sorry, only ever used USB so can’t help you there.
  13. Definitely more gain, I have had to reduce the volume. Other than that? Probably impossible to tell! No longer able to A-B !!
  14. No, not possible. There might be some convoluted way to set up a usb daisy-chain back to a PC/Mac which would do the ripping, but I don’t see the point. I use dBpoweramp on a Mac. It rips flac lossless direct to my Mac and then copy to the W20 and my NAS over the network. Ripping to the W20 as a shared drive occasionally falls over. Dbpoweramp doesn’t seem to like it. My NAS auto-syncs the W20 and itself every night (I upload hires purchases direct to the W20) and backs up to the cloud every night (along with all my other NAS stored stuff such as photos) it works for me
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