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  1. Agreed ............ and for all we know, that is what Aurender have done, employ a developer. The point is, by whatever means it has been derived, it is *Aurender’s* app, not jjriver’s, nor Roon’s nor anyone else’s, shared with other platforms, in which Aurender have little or no influence upon.
  2. As a 'fix' ... perhaps could alter the 'genre' meta-data? to replicate the indexing/grouping/tags that is needed?
  3. @markusbarkus ..... absolutely spot-on IIRC this was the fundamental reason given by Aurender for the development of Conductor; ie not being tied to someone else's technology as a minority stakeholder and the associated loss of control of the impact/influence on Aurender's product's! Albeit, those Aurender comments were made in the context of 'why not Roon?'; but it gives some insight as to why-not.
  4. +1 if I want to edit meta data, I use a dedicated app. I use audirvana on my pc for playback and it would never even occur to me to use it for meta data manipulation and I don’t remember that being raised as an issue by its users. Please aurender, keep it focused, like it currently is! That’s my vote!
  5. Cannot comment on your particular hardware combo but recently i have been trying to listen to music with my MacBookpro with Audirvana and Audeze LCD-3 headphones in my Home-office instead of my dedicated listening setup which in another room I have never done this before and cannot believe the amount of noise and crud coming through the headphones from albeit a very busy, everyday workhorse, hardwire networked Macbookpro; to the extent that it is bordering on unlistenable. It’s like having a bad connection or failing component I know a lot of people will say you can get grea
  6. @vincent1234 for such situations maybe optical Ethernet might yield better isolation at much cheaper cost. Not tried it personally
  7. I had the opposite experience with Ethernet cable - tried audioquest vodka and found no improvement whatsoever over cat6a. But I don’t stream from NAS, I only use the W20’s HDD so maybe that’s one reason The Ethernet is only used for control YMMV of course!
  8. +1..... but then it wouldn’t be a hobby, would it ! 🤪
  9. @kilroy welcome to the Aurender experience. You are correct, Aurender are about hardware, that’s where they make their money and the software is a support function whereas it’s the total opposite for Jriver. the control app is a considerable improvement on earlier iterations and filtering is there but limited. You can get to biographies and album info through the app. It uses Wikipedia but you can also branch off into web searches. Not the same I know. But I have the iPad on my lap when using the Aurender so if I want more info I just call up safari and go from there.
  10. just curious, and I am no expert on this, but I have manually set DNS at and based on previous advice. Is a better one to consider for some reason?
  11. +1 to merge03 comments. I never have the same issue streaming off my NAS or using the Aurender's internal HDD With Tidal, it has happened intermittently [weeks/months apart] and TBH, I just shrug, stop using Tidal for a while and try again later. Invariably, it is usually then ok. I get it though, if you are getting a lot of disruption, it can get pretty frustrating Maybe Aurender will find something different for you?
  12. Blimey! Are they even comparable!? My other half wouldn’t think so!
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