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  1. Regarding issues: I have the "basic" SMS200 and so far I had issues with Qobuz in DLNA mode (which have disappeared after a change of my home network setup from Airport Express to UniFi AMPLIFI instant). I have now switched to Roon as player and my only qualm is that after prolonged non-usage (e.g 4-5 days) I need to reboot the SMS200. Regarding alternatives: this is too broad a question so I guess a avalanche of suggestions are to be expected :-). From personal experience I have used integrated streamers (NAIM NDX) which I was by very happy with. Currently I have moved to Antipode
  2. My dealer carries the brand and I have compared it with an HDX+NDAC combination...it’s ahead
  3. Hi NBPF, good feedback, I do read your posts over the NAIM Forum btw... One of my closest friends is getting the Eitr and I will indeed check it out. In the meanwhile: - I mostly use the SMS200 as my main minim server despite not being reference level, I don't detect a significant degradation of sound versus between SMS200 as minim server over WiFi vs QNAP in wired mode (as I still hate the sound of the QNAP between tracks) - I am contemplating a very drastic scale down move to a true all in one server + player (but still reference solution) like the Burmester 151.
  4. It might be, however in the meanwhile SoTM clarified via emai that the SMS200 is not designed to be a server and to optimize the server function one has to go for a dedicated server solution. I am quite happy using it as such (server) but have given up on notions of upgrading to Ultra or adding clocks to optimize the server function.
  5. Thanks ClothEars, I have to .Thanks ClothEars, I have tried to read through but the commentary addresses predominantly the SQ of the USB output. Clearly the answers to the 3 first questions I posed are “yes” if one wants to feed a USB DAC. My point is how to optimize the server function of the SMS200; I may have looked cursorarily but don’t seem to find this type of comparison..hence my post here..
  6. Thanks d_elm, it was in fact this thread that prompted me into signing up here on CA.
  7. Hi all, fist post here but like some others who have contributed to this thread I have been a member of other audio-related forums. intro (you can skip to the QUESTION part if in a hurry!) My main system is NAS (QNAP) + streamer (NAIM NDX) and my small office system was till recently PC -> USB DAC based. I came by SoTM when evaluating options for removing the PC from the audio chain in the office system. Got an SMS200 and after the unavoidable initial hickups I am very happy with the product. I experimented with most modes (Squezzebox with iPeng, Roon run
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