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  1. Sorry, what is AL? The Allo endpoint has two power supplies, one for the input and processor one for the output. They say the output one should be of good quality, so I am using batteries. But indeed, if we try to remove noise upstream, coming only through the Ethernet cable, the input / processing supply should probably be looked at as well. For the coax cable, I am using mogami for now.
  2. Building my own would be cheaper than Nucleus for sure, although would not be as small, but that is a fair compromise for saving half the cost.
  3. I am looking at servers, but the Nucleus are at twice the US price here in Japan. I will look at the Sonic Transporter, they seem to do Roon DSP without issues and maybe more reasonably priced (if i buy direct from US). Ethernet filter, I might consider this down the line, but i guess server and maybe better switch (power) is the next step. (I added a switch between wall and Allo, Netgear, not for sound quality, but to be able to connect additional devices) I use batteries for the Allo clean side.
  4. I will look into a switch indeed. Any idea if it is better to have the computer and the Allo on the same switch? Or as you suggest, just a switch for the Allo and the PC anywhere else on the network is fine? The ferrite on the power supply of? I will not switch DAC randomly, I will audition them at home I did an audition at the dealer recently, using the same speakers I have (TAD ME1), but different electronics. Dave and PS Audio DS where on top, with TT2 + Mscaler and DCS Rossini close second (The PS Audio has quite a different sound signature to the others, but a like it). I will probably give other DACs a try, and wait for the new PS Audio, but if nothing else is better, i will audition at home the Dave and DS. (TotalDAC is a wildcard as i cannot audition them in Japan but could buy and return if not satisfied) But what I am looking for now is actually improve upstream of the DAC as much as possible so that those at home auditions can properly highlight the better one for me. For amplifiers, I did this upgrade last year after extensive listening (using my speakers) and i went with Pass.
  5. Thanks. I am looking for a DAC, but that will take some more time (I want to decide only once I had a chance to listen to the yet to be released new PS Audio Ted Smith Signature DAC; other contenders are the Dave and the TotalDAC d1-seven. i am probably a couple of years away from the new DAC, so in the interim, I wanted also to ‘prepare’ a better upstream.
  6. Hi, Basically, i am looking to improve the chain upstream of my DAC, and i am not sure where to start or what is a better value. Currently my eXasound DAC is connected to an Allo Audio Signature Player through SPDIF. The Allo Player is connected to a basic Buffalo router (not directly, but through in wall cables and sockets). Roon is running on a gaming PC,.... (Note that this is already an improvement from PC to DAC through USB, which i was using until last year) The PC is maybe the worst part in the chain, but from my own logic, i would expect that the components closer to the DAC would have more impact, so should i better upgrade the Allo streamer, router or change to a dedicated server? Assuming i change only one component at a time, possible options would be: Roon Nucleus >> buffalo router >> Allo >> DAC (Roon Nucleus >> DAC not possible with eXasound DAC) Gaming PC >> buffalo router >> Sonore streamer combo >> DAC Gaming PC >> SOTM router >> Allo >> DAC I am open to other server and streamer suggestions as well, but the software would be Roon, and output of streamer if pricier than the Allo, should be USB and SPDIF: I am looking to upgrade the DAC, and thus might prefer USB, but eXasound does not work with any USB streamer except their own, hanche SPDIF. Cheers
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