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  1. Hello again! Most likely, my friend in Germany is in the same state like you. He has been waiting for the RAM chips for quite some time now. He has sent me the board & the CPUS along with a pair of DDR4 DIMMs but they are not RDIMMs and they do not work. It seems that this MoBo requires only RDIMM chips to work. There is no need to worry for all this unwanted situation, he will send me the chips immediately after they are in his hands. But this may take quite long. I will call him now and will ask him about the estimated date of delivery, if this is scheduled months from now, then I w
  2. The thread is still active. My problem is that although I have the MoBo & the processors in my hands, I can't power up the boards because the RAM chips I have are incompatible. I am waiting for the new chips for months so as to be able to power it up.
  3. View Classified Buffalo BS-GS2008 Here there are four identical Network switches from Buffalo. It is a discontinued model. I purchased these four pieces for a local friend, when they were still available. On top of selling price I paid shipping and import duties/taxes but now he has cancelled the project. I already have my own pieces, so I'm giving these out to the lucky one. Due to the fact that you never know if the machines are working perfectly, although being purchased as new items, I decided to test them one by one in my own lab. This is
  4. This listing is completed.

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    Here there are four identical Network switches from Buffalo. It is a discontinued model. I purchased these four pieces for a local friend, when they were still available. On top of selling price I paid shipping and import duties/taxes but now he has cancelled the project. I already have my own pieces, so I'm giving these out to the lucky one. Due to the fact that you never know if the machines are working perfectly, although being purchased as new items, I decided to test them one by one in my own lab. This is the model that comes with its own external power supply. I am giving them out at the price of the original cost including shipping and European taxes/imports. Sale price is 500 Euros for all four pieces. I will ship them free inside European Union. For shipments outside EU, shipping fees will be covered by the buyer. I can accept wire transfer and PayPal payments. PayPal fees are calculated on buyer's side. Feel free to ask for information at [email protected]

    580.00 USD

  5. It is exactly like replacing other components. Each and every module seems to behave on its own, regarding SQ. I am not very experienced in these modules as I'm not using any fiber isolation devices in my audio chain.
  6. Yes! Flat cooper heat pipes is an interesting solution that could be beneficial in the way that we can avoid digging groves onto the lateral heatsinks. Big heat pipes are required for sure. Taiko Audio has used copper heat sink for both CPUs. Aluminum heat sink requires increased dissipation area between copper and aluminum structure. Let's wait for a couple of days more. The RAM chips are on their [email protected], thank you for your willingness to help. I think the ones supplied are already checked that they are fully functional.
  7. Hello from Athens, Greece. I have been reading your comments with utmost interest. In brief, a depth of 1-2 mm of the grooves is absolutely insufficient. Due to the incompatibility of current RAM chips I have, I cannot use them for powering up the server board with the Intel Xeon CPUs. As soon as I am able to power up, I can measure the current drawn through these specific CPUs and IMHO this is one of the most important aspects that, among others, affect the calculations and the design of the chassis. I am waiting to receive the compatible RDIMMs from Germany and next step
  8. Yes. It is active. But first I need to have in my hands the Ram chips to power up the beast! This is what I have been waiting for...
  9. Hello! Yes, I forgot to let you know. Along with the Buffalos I had listened to the Ubiquiti router(s) as a plain switch(es). Nenon had written the day before. He had listened to this thing. Buffalo switches are a totally different story. They play miles better than Ubiquitis. It seems that Ubiquiti is the best choice for routers and Buffalo the best for switches. Imaging was far bigger with Buffalos, low & high frequencies were shockingly real. Ubiquiti was sounding a lot more harsh against Buffalos. I have observed that the comments of Nen
  10. Yes! BS-GS2008, 16 & 24 all make use of the same chips inside. I have checked the specs on Broadcom site, only difference is support for 8,16 & 24 ports respectively. All have same sound quality, character and flavor. Checked 2008 vs original Melco. In earlier posts, the 16 port has been evaluated against Melco. Melco has some shortcomings and advantages against Buffalos. Melcos are powered externally so you can directly connect LPS without extra mods. The shortcoming is that I have been told (do not know if it is 100% true) that you cannot disable the un
  11. I owe you a response so I am back for my listening impressions. A local friend here in Athens has purchased a pair of Melco S100 switches some time ago. He runs them in series using linear power supplies for both machines. I cannot remember the brand name of these power supplies. They are a commercial product and not a DIY component. I brought together one pair of the discontinued Buffalo BS-GS2008 in order to evaluate them against the reference Melco pair. The Melcos were untouched, as they come from the manufacturer, with external linear power supplies, one per u
  12. Hehe, I might really need a treat! 🙂 LPS does make a difference, this is well known since prehistoric era. But I believe that if something is good, it should be good even with SMPS. I did that out of curiosity. I am not that crazy with all this digital gear, not in a way that it does not contribute to the end result but in a way that their contribution is sub-subminimal compared to the one of the amplifier and of course the loudspeaker. I am 80% amp & speakers guy, network stuff is not my field but I really enjoy making some mods here. What I have been told by one of the b
  13. So you think that 2008 is easier to source? I don't think so. It is out of production and can't be found anywhere. Some last pieces are available on eBay and that's all! With the same power supply, I can't find any logical reason for the 2016 to play better than 2008. The hardware inside is the same with only difference being the ability to drive 16 ports. In my case all ports are off besides the two in use. Tomorrow is the big day. 2008 vs ubiquity er x sfp!
  14. Hello Alan. Thanks for your message. I am in the process of treating my network so I am open in evaluating everything. I got the 2008 model which does not seem to be any different than 2016, regarding SQ. P/S is out of comparison of course. I got 2 units. Difference was quite good. I was not thrilled or shocked because I was prepared. Then I switched off ports 3-8 so I'm using only ports 1&2. I got LLDP, 802.3az & ADP all off. This was a nice uptick in SQ. Today I received another two units, treated them the same way and stacked them on the already connected pair.
  15. This has been my latest experiment. I can hardly remember any better/more crazy upgrade in my digital chain... It has been a shock. 4-storey building has nothing in common to 2-storey building!
  16. Hello Alan. Things are not as you think they are. I was one of the first so bought lifetime license. OK, if not the first chronologically, at least I bought it when the software was not matured. I had bought an Antipodes flagship streamer and was using the Logitech Media Server. LMS was quite good but Roon was playing far better. Several years afterwards, on the same machine, SQ was deteriorating update after update. When I tried Roon vs LMS again, it was way worse than LMS. And this was not done this 2020 year but last year. When Taiko users were thrilled with this product, it wa
  17. You can read my post earlier regarding Roon. I had purchased the lifetime license around 4 years ago. It was the best software around, both in aesthetics & sound quality. Reality is unfortunately very far away from what you are thinking of... Roon now provides mediocre performance. It is worse than almost all software around. I sold my lifetime license around one month ago for the price I paid. The buyer and I, are both happy. I tried it against everything, it is worse than everything I tried. Hope this tells something to you. Being a pro in the field, I need to
  18. Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, I will try my best for the LPS. You can't go wrong spending 4 times the cost of a computer for its power supplies but you surely go right spending considerably more. The computer costs nothing, unfortunately the p/s unit costs dramatically higher. It's exactly like building a transistor amplifier, no difference at all. I planned to do this at the final step because I wanted to have first some good results. So far my best upgrade was the switch to Euphony/Stylus in terms of software. In terms of hardware my best upgrade was the network upgrade with doub
  19. No, I don't have only some catching up to do. I think that I have quite a lot to do. The linear supply is going to be the final step. I am sure that you have gained too much from this step. I need to go to crazy levels of performance of LPS and for this purpose I have left it for the finish line.
  20. Hi Michael. Thank you for your message. I do not think that low power cpus are necessarily better than low power ones. I have observed that higher clock speeds lead to increased dynamics & liveliness. But I cannot link the power to this benefit. Power is the product of voltage by current. Voltage is the same. There cannot be any proof at all that high current leads to better sound. On the contrary lower current *has* many advantages against high power but again this does not necessarily mean better SQ. I hope that you will agree on this. What I have observed without hesitation
  21. OK, these are not configurations, they are upgrades / modifications of the original machines. They surely play a major role. Do you apply any specialized settings through the interface?
  22. Hello again! How's it possible to be informed of these configurations? I'd be gald if I had any information available. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hello Michael. I am using 2x Seasonic Platinum fanless rated at 400 Watts. I have not moved to Linear supplies yet, I plan to do so after I finish up everything.
  24. I have been questioning about the debate of high power CPUs vs lower power ones. I really can't see a point for going to maximum CPU power for listening to music. High power induces to many problems /issues. I do not mean that low power CPUs like some Xeons at 17-25 watts could outperform anything but on the other hand I really cannot see any point of going to 125W TDP. I had played around with turbo boost and multithreading on my Euphony double pc setup, on both control and end point PCs. Both kill sound. Additionally, splitting any specific process to more than 1 core, also kills sound
  25. I have plugged the Buffalo switches that I have received two days ago. After having them on fire for aprox. 4 hours I decided to make some listening tests. The Control Point PC was connected on the NAS. In between them I placed the two switches in series. NAS routes the packages to the Control Point PC, so here I did not follow the 'less is more' approach. No LPS, no special cables, no special equipment. A=nothing, B=2x BS-GS2008 I went A>B and B>A several times. With the double switch there was always more clear sound and better definition but something was miss
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