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  1. Thanks for checking it out! What does one look for in the diag output to determine that?
  2. Thanks for checking it out! What does one look for in the diag output to determine that?
  3. Yes, DSD64 and DSD128 work fine with DoP. I was just wondering if it would be possible to do native DSD and along with that, DSD256, natively. Using Roon BTW.
  4. Hello, I have the ultraRendu and a McIntosh d1100 DAC. DSD works fine over DoP, but the McIntosh is supposed to support native DSD up to DSD256. I have not been successful getting that to work. Is it compatible? I've been looking around this thread for the list of supported DACs but I can't seem to find it Thanks
  5. Well, it appears that masking the problem with v1.03 is the best we are going to get guys. Kind of a bummer.
  6. Well, I figured it out, sort of. The computer I was talking about has two NICs, one is hard wired for work on a totally different network. One is wireless and on the same network as the Sonore. When I unplug the hard wire connection, it works! My my guess is that it is because my default gateway is out the hard wired side, and I bet the UI uses multicast DNS to do the discovery. The multicast DNS query is probably going out the hard wired side and is never seen. Oh well, at least now I know it isn’t a Mac or Sonore problem
  7. No. Sitting 15 feet from the Sonore on the same LAN
  8. What I mean is that you are supposed to be able to browse to http://sonicorbiter.com from a browser on your LAN (which does work). From there, you are supposed to be able to see the network devices it discovers. In my case, seeing the discovered devices from that page only works on iOS and Windows, but not Mac OSX Mojave.
  9. Using the IP address directly works fine as well. However, it should work fully using the hostname, and doesn't. I'm not sure if Apple changed something again in their mdns implementation for Mojave, or why else this would not work.
  10. Hello! I just got my first UltraRendu in the mail today, and hooked it up using my LPS1.2 power supply. I'm having some problems accessing the UltraRendu UI. - Doesn't appear to work on Mac OS X Mojave (10.14). When I type http://sonicorbiter.com into the browser, it gets to the UI, but shows no devices there to manage. - When browsing the UI from my iPad and Windows 7 box, it works fine -- The UltraRendu shows up to manage - All devices are on the same network - I disabled the Mac firewall, and it still doesn't work. Any ideas?
  11. Yes! With 1.03 you can toggle USB auto mute. If you disable this feature, it will fix the issue. However, be aware that if you disable it, you will have “pops” in the following circumstances 1) Start of first track 2) 5 seconds after stop or pause What I do is set the resync delay for the d1100 to 1000ms in Roon. When I start an album, I have my c1100 on mute. I press play. The 1000ms delay gives me time to press the button to unmute before the first note. Result is I miss the “pop” but don’t miss any music whatsoever. At the end of an album or if I pause, I mute to avoid the pop. This will fix the issue where you miss the first fraction of a second of initial tracks and the first fraction of a second of some other tracks.
  12. Yeah, you won’t find it in the manual, as the feature was added for 1.03 after I worked directly with McIntosh on this problem. If you contact McIntosh or your dealer, you should have no problem getting setup with 1.03
  13. Thanks for the post. Actually, the feature you are referring to here is exactly what they added to firmware 1.03 on the d1100 to address this.
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