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  1. Are you nuts?!!! Drama is what keeps forums alive! And PROFITABLE $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Sorry, toots ... drama -- like it or not -- pays Connaker's bar tab.
  2. As far as Chord and Benchmark -- with their uberclean and "distortionless" specs ... well, there are still plenty o' 'philes out there who (subjectively) prefer NOS topologies of Border Patrol, TotalDAC, Denafrips, etc., etc. Clearly more academic science and research needs to be done to OBJECTIFY these audiophile preferences. And updating science -- when new, important information becomes important -- is objective science. What the narrow-minded wankers at Hydrogenaudio and Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum completely neglect is that the holy academic textbooks -- used i
  3. The company calls the model "Ethos" (= ethics) ... so it's probably plastic. Next year's model will be Logos ... followed by Pathos....then Eros .... oh wait ... some audio manufs are already using those names.
  4. It was just reviewed at Stereophile, and their below-blog comments section lit up with drama: https://www.stereophile.com/content/gryphon-ethos-cd-player-da-processor-specifications The DAC chip used is ES9038PRO Sabre, which is their totl (??). It was used on the $800 Oppo Sonica DAC: https://www.oppodigital.com/sonica-dac/ I think that was released in 2017.
  5. He definitely needs a deep fake on his appearance. He's also monotone and boring. I do like his interviews and guests. The latest one -- about the DIY guy with horns and turntable -- was good.
  6. The orig. topic query of this thread is an EASY one if you've, for example, been reading (looking at) Stereophile's Measurement section, over the years. For example, the Linearity curve of classic multi-bit DACs had the ceremonial dip (TDA1541 in this 1987 Naim CD player review): https://www.stereophile.com/content/naim-na-cds-cd-player-measurements But not so with this Naim CDX (1999) which featured a PCM1702 R2R dac:
  7. About Darko ... his videos are well-produced, and JD narrates in punchy, engaging manner. He has help with producing the vids (see credits at end). He loses me when he goes off into his 80's electronics lovefest. Also, BION, I've rarely visited JD's website. If you (anyone reading this) know of specific example of "bitch fests", link them below. Should be a fun and drama-filled read. I'd actually LOVE to see JD get his ass trolled !!!!!!!!!!
  8. You just answered your own question: because he's an Influencer. Maybe Darko is accurately relaying his own personal account. Maybe he's being melodramatic for the sake of Likes, Views or Subscribes. In any case, popular YT channels do -- for better or worse -- have an impact on the rest of the Web. Worst-case-scenario: forums lose traffic, and forum advertisers pull their ads. Again: that's a WCS.
  9. In his latest YouTube video, John Darko is quite vocal about his disapproval of forums and FB users. Specifically forum "bitch fights" and related. Since CA is a forum, you may wanna offer your opinion on this. Frankly, I really don't know what Darko is referring to ... then again, I don't use FB nor am I very active on forums (tho, for the latter, I have used several forums for over 12 years). Go to specific time in video.
  10. I can't recommend the following 50min vlog highly enough. Here, Note how good the 'scope metrics look as Shahriar experiments with damaging the design. Point being (for audio, anyway): measurements only tell you so much.
  11. What bothers me about brute-force conversion methods, like R2R, is Johnson noise (thermal noise). The more R's there are, the more this stuff adds up*. Not sure if Philips was thinkin' physics in their design decision (in addition to mass-scale economics). * It does matter in components, such as tradit. (analog) volume controls.
  12. This Dutch website is your best friend for Philips info: https://www.dutchaudioclassics.nl/Philips-TDA1541_A-Monolithic-Dual-16-Bit-D-A-Converter/
  13. Are you referring to confirmation bias and/or sunk-cost bias? I've definitely been victim of those evolutionary psychologies. Also was a victim of "Argument from authority" bias -- the authority being magazine reviewers, etc. And then I started modding my Magnavox CD-650 (1986 model) -- long put in storage after I "upgraded" to Theta and Musical Fidelity DACs. The the old Mag, after some upgrades, simply sounded better. I know the old CD decks measure badly. My mods improved metrics somewhat ... but not up to nice traces of Chords and Delta Sigmas. I haven't committe
  14. I currently own a Philips CD60 (exactly the same as Marantz CD60) from 1989. Stock, it is okay. But i've modded it with a higher-grade 7220B and a double-crown TDA1541A. The output stage was replaced with a fully discrete "DIY" device. A better clock and better-branded passive parts (caps, etc) further improved sonics. So it's pretty souped up .... and it remains one of my digital references to this day. I at least know it sounds better than my much-modded Theta Chroma 396; and modded Musical Fidelity A324 dac, that was Stereophile Class A back in the early 2000s.
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