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  1. Hello, I go back to version 108. The sound is fresher and more open. Jörg
  2. Hello there is a new update for Euphony. Has anyone already installed it? Jörg
  3. Hey Stylus sounds better to me than Roon too. Roon + StylusEP sounds better than Roon without StylusEP. The stylus player sounds more natural, spatial and warmer. The Hqplayer makes the sound more precise but loses its naturalness. Jörg
  4. Hey , I'm also surprised that the sound is so good with airplay. I got to know new music with Airplay at Hdtracks, Hiresaudio and NativeDSD. The operation is very simple and comfortable, Jörg
  5. Hello, on my System is Euphony very stable and reliable. With Win 10, i had some problems. Do you have made the complete installation or do you boot from the stick? The complete installation on an SSD is better for me. Jörg
  6. Hello I have reduced the Ethernet speed to 100 Mbit in the Expert Setup. The SQ has improved somewhat. The sound has become a bit finer, more relaxed and more musical. -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full autoneg off Jörg
  7. Hello, I have noticed today that Stylus sounds better than Roon + Stylus EP even after the update. After a few weeks of using Stylus, I also learned to appreciate the service. After the update, the Hqplayer also runs with Stylus, not before . Jörg
  8. Hello, My update was smooth. The temperature of the CPU is unchanged. The sound has got more contours than the 108, deep bass , but not the coolness of the 117 . Jörg
  9. Hello, I can confirm that. With my high-end streamers from Acousence, the developer also consciously worked with a low current consumption, probably to generate less negative influences. The result is a very good musical sound without hardness. Jörg
  10. Hello How do you organize your albums? With tags or playlist ? Can you show screenshot of it ? Unfortunately I have not found a way to tag favorites on Stylus. Greetings Jörg
  11. Hello, Thanks for the information. Isn't it the same whether the songs are loaded or buffered in the RAM? Both the NAS and the internet go through an audiophile switch. No difference here either. Still, the same album sounds better from the NAS. Is it the same with you too? Jörg
  12. Thanks for the answer. I didn't know that 2 Streaming songs would be loaded into the RAM. Then the difference cannot have anything to do with the ram. Who also hears differences between music from the HD and Qobuz or Tidal ? Jörg
  13. Hello Differences in sound between streaming from Qobuz and music from the NAS? I've never heard any differences with Roon, with Stylus the differences are clear. Is it because the music is not loaded into the RAM when streaming? Or can stylus show the differences better? Jörg
  14. Hi, I think that many of the problems mentioned come from the hardware and not from Euphony. But Željko tries to help anyway. We should thank him for that. Jörg
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