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  1. I see that Streaky has used the Gaia 1s with his BXTs.
  2. I am using these lockable IEC C13 connectors for my power strips, server and NAS. They are just for peace of mind but work really well, easy to use and inexpensive, at least here in the UK. https://cpc.farnell.com/iec-lock/pa130100bk/iec-lock-c13-lockable-connector/dp/CN20447 http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/3048366.pdf https://www.amazon.com/Rewireable-IEC320-C13-Accidental-Unplugging-Disconnections/dp/B01DCFVXKK/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=PA130100BK&qid=1616626193&sr=8-1
  3. Hi, I have custom stands using the same size top plate as the originals and settled on using four Vibrapod Model 3's per stand. I still use adjustable 8mm spikes with pucks on my carpeted listening room. http://www.vibrapod.com/vibrapod.htm
  4. The AL filters were added to Roon and then via an opticalRendu to the Kii Control. I changed the Kii boundary setting to -6 before taking the initial measurement but left the other Kii settings to default.
  5. I bought Audiolense XO and used it for the measurements and Mitch used it to create the filters. His book is based on using Acourate.
  6. I'd like to give a shout out for Mitch's Accurate Sound Calibration service and his book. My Kii Threes are sounding even better after Mitch created the filters. for Roon. Thanks for another great article!
  7. I've been listening to Santana this evening on Tidal (HiFi tier) via my iPhone 6S and I was pleasantly surprised how good it sounded. The 360 Reality Audio can be enabled in Settings and is only recommended for headphone listening. It's supported on iOS or Android devices but there are a number of caveats. https://support.tidal.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002767377-360-Reality-Audio In Tidal (in the UK), if you select Explore and scroll down there is "360 Reality Audio" and selecting this takes you to 53 albums and 2 playlists.
  8. For UK buyers looking for a used custom silver pair without the KC. eBay has just added them today. The photos show a ceiling mount but not enough photos of the rear of each speaker. Just to be clear they are not mine or belong to anyone I know.
  9. I was checking the Sony community post yesterday and found a reference to Reddit where apparently a route back from 4.11 to 2.00 was to be found. Here is the url I found but you will need to scroll a long way through it to get to the procedure. I havn't had time to look into it yet but some owners report back after having done the firmware downgrade - it made a difference to some but not others. https://www.reddit.com/r/sony/comments/akynjz/psa_the_new_sony_wh1000xm3_firmware_v411_is/
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