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  1. with mode all/complete system, yes if you have 4gb of ram
  2. space on root partition probleme....
  3. have you tried re-entering your credentials?
  4. unfortunately you have to solve it from the shell or get the 6.10 online version... from shell: emerge -1 dev-python/incremental emerge -C logitechmediaserver-bin emerge --depclean emerge logitechmediaserver-bin
  5. my mistake, gp-update and try again...
  6. If you need it, you can enable it in System configura adavanced > TWK.
  7. can you show me what error you get?
  8. Rpi? give gp-update a couple of times and try again....
  9. yes, in fact you always have this difficulty....thought the last time I showed you how to do it you had taken notes :) restore the sd with the old version..... open fstab copy the line about nas and then copy it to the other version....done...
  10. you have two ways the simplest: connect the harddisk to another PC and use Etcher the second one: gp-update WI > Backup/Restore/install > Install GP beta
  11. For those who have version 6, ram available and installed gmediarender I would recommend a test and maybe feedback gp-update to update scripts set a ramdiskmusic for example like this: and then use Utility > Play Dir I also just added a function that shuts down the network and restarts it at the end from play:
  12. this is a problem with gstreamer. Gstreamer's uridecodebin fails when the DSD/DSF file is on the network, but works for local files. The streamer you send via audirvana is always on the network and not local. If you try to play a dsd file directly with Utility > Play Dir You will see that it works.
  13. Since someone likes the way GStreamer libraries sound, I created two scripts to use them as players. They can be found in Utilities. Player dir and Player radio. Player dir, if you have created and enabled a ramdiskmusic, copies the files to the ram first and then plays them, otherwise it plays them directly from the directory.
  14. There is no version update. Or I add another type of kernel and the boot partition now has another size. The error you have can be fixed by updating glibc. see post https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/55235-gentooplayer/?do=findComment&comment=1133100
  15. putting other software on rpi3 means problems with the ramsystem. Then it should be the user who removes software he doesn't need in order to use ramsystems. An operation every 3x2 creates some problems. So actually I don't know which is the best solution.
  16. try disabling spotify connect, I wouldn't want it to occupy the asudio card.... works for me
  17. upmpdcli is detected as "GentooPlayer-Upnp/Av" (or similar) gmediarender as "GentooPlayer".
  18. Yes, you have no other solution if you need to ssh... before putting the system into ram/disabling wi should make sure that everything is working. http://gentooplayer.com/news
  19. ssh, now disabled by default.... you must enable it in system configure adavanced > TWK
  20. a version update is not available
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