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  1. space on root partition probleme....
  2. have you tried re-entering your credentials?
  3. unfortunately you have to solve it from the shell or get the 6.10 online version... from shell: emerge -1 dev-python/incremental emerge -C logitechmediaserver-bin emerge --depclean emerge logitechmediaserver-bin
  4. my mistake, gp-update and try again...
  5. If you need it, you can enable it in System configura adavanced > TWK.
  6. can you show me what error you get?
  7. Rpi? give gp-update a couple of times and try again....
  8. yes, in fact you always have this difficulty....thought the last time I showed you how to do it you had taken notes :) restore the sd with the old version..... open fstab copy the line about nas and then copy it to the other version....done...
  9. you have two ways the simplest: connect the harddisk to another PC and use Etcher the second one: gp-update WI > Backup/Restore/install > Install GP beta
  10. For those who have version 6, ram available and installed gmediarender I would recommend a test and maybe feedback gp-update to update scripts set a ramdiskmusic for example like this: and then use Utility > Play Dir I also just added a function that shuts down the network and restarts it at the end from play:
  11. this is a problem with gstreamer. Gstreamer's uridecodebin fails when the DSD/DSF file is on the network, but works for local files. The streamer you send via audirvana is always on the network and not local. If you try to play a dsd file directly with Utility > Play Dir You will see that it works.
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