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  1. unfortunately with RT kernels on the usb bridge there are clicks, depending on the dac.... however you can find them in the list in selectkernel, those are the last ones
  2. RT kernel with governor set to performance
  3. there is software specially designed for testing... here are some examples on usb bridge: with governor set to performance (the last column is important) with governor powersave this with an RT kernel but sure latency has a certain importance in audio production, in reproduction instead it has never been demonstrated that it can be important, that's why my question, since many people tend to reduce the working frequency of the cpu, I wondered if it is done because we notice some im
  4. Does changing the governor and lowering the frequency of the cpu bring you benefits? It's something I never do, in my opinion it only increases latencies.
  5. I wonder if @allo.com @Allo is thinking, if it is possible, of an adapter to use the module "Compute Module 4" https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/compute-module-4/?variant=raspberry-pi-cm4001000
  6. seems to be a problem of full ram. show me systeminfo and the result of the command du -sh /* outside the ramsistem?
  7. Info. Some users have had problems with their internet connection. the problem was caused by using the router to assign the fixed ip to a pc (via the mac adresse). (I didn't like this way) At the same time they set a fixed ip on the pc and disable the Dhcp. By disabling the dhcp, the router, through the function above, can no longer route the pc to the internet, because to do so it needs the dhcp to be active on the pc. This is normal, the router uses a dhcp server to do this. If you want to use a fixed ip and disable dhcp, my advice is not to use the router function for fi
  8. there is no upgrade to 3....need to start from zero...
  9. following this discussion, intrigued I compiled a kernel with patches, adapted to version 5.x , for rpi3/usb bridge I called this kernel test, you can find it in this update...
  10. set governor should work...have you tried gp-update? MyMpd set you're right I have to check....
  11. just to understand .... which settings and which errors?
  12. on some mobile or tablet applications you have to enable album art settings, when they use a cache to store them...I don't know Soundirok
  13. Mpd, in GP, is already set to find files in mounted disks and mounted NAS shares. Just do a database update from the client, do not need to set any path. Mpd automatically sends the covers to the client. I usually have the image as folder.jpg in the album folder.
  14. ok, gp-update > ramdisk reset should solve...
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