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  1. there is a web interface for configuring the player... I don't know where you got this, but this is not good enough for R2. SL_OPTS="-C 1 -W -o hw:CARD=Audio,DEV=0 -r 44100-384000 -b 2080:3528 -n GentooPlayer -m 00:e0:5c:68:13" must be so: SL_OPTS="-C 1 -o hw:CARD=Audio,DEV=0 -r 44100-384000 -b 2080:3528 -n GentooPlayer -m 00:e0:5c:68:13" -W is an option for squeezelite, not allowed by R2.
  2. no, unfortunately, you'd have to re-flash the SD...
  3. you recompiled squeezelite with the resample option? If you didn't, you have to take out that -u hMX if you did, take out -a 40:3:24:0 and I'm not sure if you want to use R2 or squeezelite... for R2 is completely wrong.
  4. FileZilla Midnight Commander I mean, there are many ways... but putting on a samba server
  5. No, samba is not installed ... but you can always install emerges --ask net-fs/samba https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Samba/Guide although it seems a bit excessive to me to have samba service on just so I can transfer a few files... between pc linux is quite convenient to use scp and it works also between osx and linux https://haydenjames.io/linux-securely-copy-files-using-scp/ https://research.csc.fi/csc-guide-copying-files-from-linux-and-mac-osx-machines-with-scp and probably also with windows https://winscp.net/eng/index.php And I have to say, Winscp is really well done... Too bad I don't use windows https://it.cornell.edu/managed-servers/transfer-files-using-putty
  6. if you're using the ramsystem, and you change the settings, you lose them when you reboot... so you either use "ramsave" or exit the ramsystem > make changes > Ramdisk Reset > Ramdisk mode....
  7. I was able to add them by completely changing the mac... but I didn't really understand what it's for, I used tidal without ever worrying about it...
  8. you probably have to use vers=3 in options
  9. Yes, that's right, but this is something that gp-update should have solved by now... If he finds a dir, go ahead and use it as a mountpoint.
  10. try with a non-RT kernel and give me the result of uname -r and foto systeminfo
  11. It's all the same, you have to see what he says after excute.
  12. you have to be careful with the messages, that you get after giving excute...if you have some problem in mounting the codivision it tells you...usually they are errors with the cifs version, that you have to change in the settings.... maybe you have to change settings
  13. with the system not in ram emerge-webrsync (only if you've never done it) emerge -C squeezelite-R2 emerge -C squeezelite emerge -C media-sound/mpd emerge -C logitechmediaserver-bin emerge -C upmpdcli emerge -C ympd emerge -C bubbleupnp-bin emerge -C RoonBridge rm -r /opt/sima emerge --depclean PS: before reactivating the ramsystem, you have to do a Ramdisk Reset [1]
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