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  1. I just tried it on a 5.10 image and that solution works....sure you followed all the steps?
  2. it is not a problem with the ebuild... the problem is blocking an update, you should update glib first, if you want to do that: emerge --sync emerge -1 dev-libs/glib dev-util/gdbus-codegen emerge hqplayerd-bin
  3. I haven't had time to check yet, as soon as I can I'll let you know....
  4. have you tried giving gp-update again?
  5. No, until there are legal and open sources for the....
  6. try installing it from the shell MAKEOPTS="-j1" emerge --ask upmpdcli it will take a while but it won't get stuck. why do you want to update it? is the version you have installed not working well?
  7. why a monitor? you connect via ssh from another pc...or tablet...or mobil.... I will not add it to the webinterface because it does not work with all cpu....
  8. On Rpi, odelay talks about x86 PCs
  9. cpupower has a configuration file in /etc/conf.d/cpupower nano /etc/conf.d/cpupower change it like this and then add cpupower at system start-up rc-update add cpupower default
  10. how do you do it manually? with which command?
  11. If it is only for LMS, you can avoid it...
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