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  1. https://sites.google.com/view/gentooplayer-documentation/info-system/kernel
  2. yes, that's normal. when hqplayer connects to networkaudiod, it takes possession of the audio output, and does not release it until you close hqplayer and / or open the setting in hqplayer ... so it releases it ....
  3. try not to use ramsystem, I've never tested librespot in ram... Besides, I don't have a premium spotify subscription... so I can't test it...
  4. what it says in the shell rc-status
  5. did you happen to have shairport-sync enabled?
  6. 1) ramdisk reset 2) choose ramdisk again 3) add ramdisk
  7. You're using a ramsystem, you make changes in ram when you reboot, you lose them... you should exit the ramsystem, enable spotify(librespot), verify that it works, do a ramsystem reset and go back to ram..... the ramsystem, in theory, should be used after configuration is complete.....
  8. what version of GP do you use? have you tried updating? gp-update
  9. should work with everyone
  10. Sorry, but I still don't understand... if you use LMS why would you use minimservers? LMS is already a multimedia server..... minimserver can be useful to act as a server with applications like lumin or linn kazoo etc...and it would be mpd as player.....
  11. I don't know what you want to do... LMS, Minimserver and squeezelite-R2 on the same system? Sure... Why should you access the Minimserver configuration? It already reads automatically all the music it finds in mnt and media... Anyway, I found this on the net.
  12. the advice is not to use an RT kernel with USBridge Signature...if you have click... it is normal to have more interrupts with the RT kernel..... if the clicks you get are related to that I don't know...
  13. you have to update bubbleupnp gp-update emerge --ask bubbleupnp-bin
  14. do you use bubbleupnp to play tidal?
  15. reboot librespot works? rc-service librespot restart
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