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  1. OT as it's not an album (nor is it evening here haha). It came to mind from the current discussion lol.
  2. I guess I should have trusted my first thoughts after all haha! Mario Lanfranchi did indeed direct Anna Moffo's Lucia di Lammermoor film, as well as her Madama Butterfly, La sonnambula, La serva padrona, and La traviata. I never found La serva padrona on DVD, just the VHS version. The others I have on DVD. Not that anyone cares, but I made that list after all tonight. Lucia di Lammermoor appears at No. 87 on my ranking of my favorite operas. So, yes, in my top 100. lol
  3. @Jud Leontyne Price is my favorite, while Anna Moffo is my second favorite. I have all of her studio recordings, the films she made, and tons of bootleg recordings from my travels around the world when I was young. It's not really that Lucia is a boring opera, but I personally wouldn't bother with it if she hadn't recorded it haha! I watch her film more often than I listen to the studio recording, however. (The tenor and the maid are bleating goats in the film, sadly, but Anna Moffo's singing and acting are wonderful. It was one of the films her husband at the time made, along with her La traviata film.* But then, I imagine you know all that already if she's your favorite! ). I wish her television shows would be released on DVD or Blu-ray, but I'm grateful for the bits that I have. ( *Hmm, on second thought, perhaps he didn't direct the Lucia film, I guess I'll have to look at my DVD collection of her films.)
  4. Anna Moffo Gaetano Donizetti Lucia di Lammermoor Still too lazy to do a direct comparison of my copy of this newer remastering to my ancient, original CD set haha! Sometimes I just skip around and only listen to the parts with Anna Moffo, as it's really not one of my favorite operas overall haha! I suppose it's in the top 100, although I don't think I ever bothered making a list that went past my top twenty or so... Maybe I'll make a list during the duller sections of this opera tonight.
  5. Still up, and I listened to Volume 2 after all. lol
  6. Back to Rameau for a while: Jean-Philippe Rameau Orchestral Suites Frans Brüggen/Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century (Volume 2 is also wonderful, but I probably won't listen to that again tonight as it's getting late.)
  7. @sandyk Pretty sure he means mansr and mani lol
  8. (My bold of the above posts) Some here have questioned a $20k product, and this is the response? So is it your intent to imply that something more affordable than $20k might have been made by children in third world countries? Isn't that a bit over the top?
  9. Alexander Scriabin Etudes Maria Lettberg Disc 5 from this marvelous boxed set from Capriccio:
  10. I just sent you a monstrously large PM, which good sense will tell you not to bother reading ( ) but I thought I'd tell you here that it was written sincerely and not mockingly in any way. Not that you owe me the time to read it let alone reply. haha! Sorry to the OP for the OT post! (Any mocking in the PM or in this post is directed strictly at myself, if that isn't clear.)
  11. A Baroque Era Requiem Mass from France: André Campra Requiem John Eliot Gardiner/Monteverdi Choir/English Baroque Soloists
  12. I hope some might remember that Messiah was composed by Handel for Easter, and not Christmas, although I listen to it year-round. This is my third time listening to it this month. George Frideric Handel Messiah Trevor Pinnock/The English Concert and Choir
  13. The reconnaissance mission of the parrot flock is potentially alarming. They have noted that this thread makes repeated references to "bird song," while most examples are wordless, and thus not "song"--they may feel that this is discriminatory against them as the most famous group of birds actually capable of using human language and thus "song" in a human sense. Now that they have found the originator of this thread, their next mission may well involve 'bombing' runs, so be alert. On the other hand, ravens may be recruited as ninjas, so you'd never see them coming. If you hear a cry of "nevermore," I'd suggest taking the warning seriously.
  14. Have musicologists attempted to reconstruct the Q Passion? Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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