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  1. I am still waiting for delivery. I am not expecting a great deal of difference in sound quality. Also I am not one for sitting and analysing. I got the Nucleus for the convenience and to eventually get my lap top out of the music chain
  2. I was in the same position as you and for months I read and read and visited a few forums to pick up bits of information. As I am a big roon fan I ended up going for a Nucleus. Only problem is the 8 week delivery time to my dealer. ‘I was close to getting the zenith , but I don’t really need a CD ripper , so opted for a nucleus . With my set up though the nucleus will have to sit on my Hi-Fi rack
  3. An excellent review and a timely one for me as I am considering replacing my HEK v1 headphones and the Meze and focal are on my shortlist . I love the design and looks of the HD800 but I could not get over the brightness so I discounted them 4 years ago. I also don’t listen to classical music . I would imagine they are well suited to this genre. A great write up and thanks for sharing your experience
  4. Can you remember what changes you made to the router? I am not very technical but I have been told to experiment with my MTU settings
  5. For me this is rather annoying as I have no idea how to solve the issue. My Melco is connected by USB to my Devialet amp. The Melco is connected by ethernet cable to my router. I use an IPad and the Linn Kazoo app to control my music and Tidal streaming. It has to be a wireless isuue I would imagine. The issue only started happening around December as prior to this it was working fine. Around the sane time I changed my broadband provider and also had an update to the Melco firmware, so I am trying to find out if one of these are causing the issues. I have an IBasso Dap off the same network that streams flawlessly..........I keep searching for an answer ;-)
  6. ‘Hi, did you used to have issues with Tidal ? I am keen to hear from people whi have had similar issues to me, but who have sorted them. Thanks for your input though
  7. Hi , I have just joined this forum as I am having Tidal issues too. I see I am not alone I dont use the MQA tracks as I am using the Linn Kazoo app to send to my Melco N1A My issue is the occasional stutter , but more annoying is that about a second or two seconds at the end of the track just skips. Just goes to the next track I have been advised to have a go at changing my MTU settings and I may try this, but I am a novice with all this so its daunting. After having a good read of this thread though I am not hopeful The annoying thing for me is Tidal was stable for me until i switched to BT from Sky. I now have a much faster service, but my music listening is a big thing in my life and TIdal is not a good experience at all now
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