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  1. Never mind. After clicking on the blue button "Listen on Qobuz" approximately 37 times... it finally opened up inside my Qobuz account on a web browser. Sheesh! I was then able to subscribe and it's now available within Roon.
  2. And can someone instruct me how to get this link into Qobuz inside Roon?
  3. Ahh! Thanks for the detective work. I'll exercise patience.
  4. Mmm. Perhaps they rescheduled for a future issue. Don't see it listed for Issue #167 - January 2019.
  5. I don’t yet have a Mutec REF10, but understand that it provides reference outputs with both 50ohm and 75ohm impedance. Is there any advantage to ordering the sCLK-EX clock & master clock input as 50ohm or 75ohm? Thanks for any feedback to this or the previous questions!
  6. Is there any advantage to ordering the sNH-10G configured as 12V instead of the standard 9V? The sNH-10G has three power options: - 9V (standard) - 12V optional when installing sCLK-EX - 6.5V ~ 8.5V optional when installing sCLK-EX The SOtM sPS-500 Power Supply provides four options: - 7V, 9V, 12V, and 19V The Uptone Audio UltraCap LPS-1.2 and JS-2 Linear Power Supply both provide four options: - 5V, 7V, 9V, and 12V
  7. Just downloaded the sNH-10G manual and noticed the illustration showing an example of connections. They have the NAS connected to an SFP port with an optical cable. I presume that's not necessarily a recommendation, but just to show one of the two SFP ports being used?
  8. baconbrain: “The integration into my upstream signal chain; Router -> Melco -> SE -> Trinnov (all via ethernet bridge) was absolutely effortless.” Another satisfied Zenith SE owner here. Pardon my ignorance, but can you elaborate on the phrase "ethernet bridge?" Is this the same as a bridged LAN that Romaz and others have utilized? Thanks!
  9. As an experiment I switched from Roon Core to UPnP Streamers and the Music Library became available within the Dashboard. After further reading of the manual, I found the following within the section Installing Roon. With Roon installed, the following innuOS services will be disabled: • Music Library - The Music Library will be removed from the innuOS Dashboard. Any changes to metadata and cover art will now be done through Roon. So I presume that with Zenith in Roon Core mode, the methods for editing metadata or deleting albums would be: • Roon Remote (edit metadata or delete album) • Mac OS application such as Metadatics (edit metadata) • Mac OS Finder (delete album) And that if editing or deleting is done via Mac OS, you would need to force a rescan of the library.
  10. I've never seen Music Library listed in the system's Dashboard (my.innuos.com). The list displayed is the following: - Disc Ripper - Import - Quarantine - Backup - System - Settings I would like to delete a couple of albums, and the online manual describes doing this after selecting Music Library in the Dashboard. Do you think that Music Library is not listed because the Zenith is configured as Roon Core?
  11. Mint condition with original Sonore packaging: • Sonore microRendu • Sonicorbiter 2.5 upgrade • Hard USB adapter • Sonore Signature Series Power Supply • Optional Synergistic Black Fuses installed • Cardas DC cable 1M (recommended by Sonore) • Shipping to US included • PayPal included • Original $2630 • $1300 For sale by original owner. No power cord is included. You must use your own power cord.
  12. Exciting news! As my Reference Series 2 sits here waiting... I'm having lots of fun listening to the TIDAL Masters albums. And so far, enjoying them more than the hi-res versions I already own. Can hardly wait to hear them after the MQA Rendering upgrade!
  13. Curious to know what steps others have taken to accomplish this, or whether this is the only current solution. Here is the process I've worked with... 1) In TIDAL > What's New > Albums > Masters: "Favorite" the MQA album I am interested in, so that in Roon I'll know which version of the album is from the "Masters" category. 2) In Roon > TIDAL > Your Favorites: Select that album and choose "Add To Library", then choose "Add to Tag", and then tag as "MQA". 3) In Roon > Tags > MQA: The albums from TIDAL "Masters" category are now all collected together. BUT ... if you later "Un-Favorite" the "Masters" MQA album in TIDAL, it will disappear from the Roon Library and Tags "MQA".
  14. Where is this EQ in Roon 1.3? I've looked everywhere but nothing...
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