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  1. Once upon a time... A novel way to massively improve the SQ of computer audio streaming Became a thing. Within that thread I encountered a tremendous learning curve following the research of @austinpop @ray-dude and @romaz. While exploring the landscape of network switches, power supplies, clocks, cards, cables, DACs and NUCs... my audio system evolved to levels of wonderful I’d not experienced before. Flash forward three years to June 2020 and the biggest upgrade I’ve experienced arrives all at the same time! The Chord DAVE, Sean Jacobs DC4, Tai
  2. P.S. I did not notice your signature, and did not realize you are the developer of HQPlayer.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. After posting the above inquiry, I did play the same albums with HQPlayer Desktop, and the album cover art did not display. So I now suspect the problem is with HQPlayer Desktop and not HQPDcontrol. HQPlayer Client has never opened since the day I installed HQPlayer 4 Desktop, and I receive an error message instead. That's why I've used HQPDcontrol on the iPad. I've previously contacted Jussi at Signalyst, and Emile at Taiko Audio, but things are still a mystery. I've been playing music just fine without HQPlayer Client, so I am just focused on the cover
  4. I have been using HQPDcontrol iOS on iPad with not problems, but now have an issue with some cover art not displaying. Over time I have been adding music files to HQPlayer 4 Desktop. After each import I have: 1) Selected a "Clean scan" of the music library in HQPlayer 4 Desktop 2) Selected “Syncing the HQPlayer Library” in HQPDcontrol After those two steps the album cover art has always been displayed in HQPDcontrol. All cover art files are either “cover.jpg” or “cover.png" But after the last import of music files, there are three albums that
  5. I do not think this is an Innuos issue. Within Roon, using the Synology NAS hostname worked for a long time. But as of last summer it stop working, and the workaround since then has been to use the IP address. (see the Roon forum topics I linked to above) Not sure whether this was due to a Synology DSM update, macOS update, Roon update, or some combination. And so for Roon external storage, you have to assign a static IP address to the Synology NAS. In macOS Catalina, I can still connect to the Synology NAS with its hostname — “smb://synology” or
  6. Continuing my exploration of this issue with the Hostname and Synology NAS. With InnuOS version 1.4.3 There are two locations where the user can input the NAS shared folder path by entering the server name or its IP address: 1) Configuring Your Server > Music Library Configuration 2) Configuring Your Server > Integrating Music From a NAS Shared Folder But the Configure Backup process states: "Enter the Server Name of your NAS into the hostname field. The name must be identical to how it appears on your network.”
  7. I recently posted a topic in the Roon Community forums about the Synology NAS Hostname no longer working in Roon > Settings > Storage. And there was another topic on that subject dating back to last summer. Roon does not add Synology shared folder via Hostname No longer connecting to SMB shares on Synology via Hostname Attempting to add a Synology NAS shared folder using the Hostname fails with an error message. smb://synology/Music But when you use the IP address instead of Hostname, the Synology NAS shared folder is added succ
  8. Has anyone had success configuring a NAS backup? I can successfully backup to an external USB drive, but when I go through the Configure Backup steps for Network Folder, the process fails: "The server had a system error. Please restart the server and try again. If the problem persists please contact Innuos Support ([email protected])" I've reached out to Innuos Support. Innuos 1.4.3 MacOS 10.15.4 SOtM sNH-10G Switch Synology Model: DS1815+ Current DSM Version: DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4
  9. Thank you Josh. I looked closely at the files on my archive drive, and was surprised to find two copies of So. Somehow I'd completely forgotten about this. PG1 (WAVE 24/96, Date Created 04/01/15) PG2 (WAVE 24/96, Date Created 04/01/15) PG3 (WAVE 24/96, Date Created 04/09/15) PG4 (WAVE 24/96, Date Created 04/02/15) So (WAVE 24/96, Date Created 08/04/16) So (FLAC 24/48, Remastered 2012, Date Created 10/15/12) Up (WAVE 24/44, Date Created 08/04/16) Us (WAVE 24/96, Date Created 08/04/16) When I purchased the collection of 180 gram Vinyl 45RPM Half-S
  10. "...the TBVO crown for Peter Gabriel’s So is resoundingly awarded to the ‘12 hi-res download." Great article! But by the time I got to the punch line I'd lost track of the contenders. Perhaps due to a late night read. I purchased the collection of 180 gram Vinyl 45RPM Half-Speed Remasters specifically to get access to the the Hi-Res Download Cards that were included. (Peter Gabriel 1, Peter Gabriel 2, Peter Gabriel 3, Peter Gabriel 4, So, Up, Us). I don't own a turntable. Are those downloads the same as the TBVO crown quoted above? Thanks in adva
  11. Never mind. After clicking on the blue button "Listen on Qobuz" approximately 37 times... it finally opened up inside my Qobuz account on a web browser. Sheesh! I was then able to subscribe and it's now available within Roon.
  12. And can someone instruct me how to get this link into Qobuz inside Roon?
  13. Ahh! Thanks for the detective work. I'll exercise patience.
  14. Mmm. Perhaps they rescheduled for a future issue. Don't see it listed for Issue #167 - January 2019.
  15. I don’t yet have a Mutec REF10, but understand that it provides reference outputs with both 50ohm and 75ohm impedance. Is there any advantage to ordering the sCLK-EX clock & master clock input as 50ohm or 75ohm? Thanks for any feedback to this or the previous questions!
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