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  1. I’ve got a question or two about using a JS-2 power supply with the etherRegen. If you use one JS-2 power output to power the etherRegen and would like to use the second output to power another component directly connected to the etherRegen, will it make a difference on which side of the etherRegen the secondary component is connected to as far as power supply isolation or potentially common ground paths goes? For example, is the B-Side better isolated from the etherRegen power input so that if a JS-2 is powering the etherRegen with one output and a ultraRendu on the second output, would it be better to connect the Rendu to the A-Side and use the B-Side to connect to the rest of your network (diagram attached)?
  2. Thanks, for answering the question on whether the 10/100/1000 SFP could provide 100 compatibility for the opticalRendu. I’ve used the opticalRendu in both of the suggested configurations with great results. The 1st option with the opticalModule has performed better than the option without. I'm currently using a Ubiquiti US-8-150W switch between my opticalModule that feeds the opticalRendu and my LMS server.
  3. I’ve seen earlier posts about using a SFP to RJ45 Copper module in the opticalRendu, including a recommendation for using this one. All of the discussions about such usage I’ve seen only referenced 1000BASE-T only modules. Has anyone tried a 10/100/1000BASE-T SFP RJ45 Copper Module such as this one in the opticalRendu so that it could be used with the Uptone EtherRegen “100MB only” B-Port? Or, is it already understood that the oR will work solely with 1000BASE-T only Copper modules?
  4. Does anybody have any experience with using the ultraRendu with the Amanero Combo384 Module USB Module to drive one of the Twisted Pear Buffalo-IIIse Pro (ES9028/ES9038) 2-Channel DACs? If so, were you able to successfully pass through 384 kHz PCM and DSD128 to the DAC? And finally, did the DSD require packaging as DoP?
  5. Thanks - rodrigaj! I was able to get MPD to work using those steps. I didn't think to try the "Save Changes" option since I didn't change any of the settings listed on that page.
  6. I'm currently using my ultraRendu with a Chord Qutest DAC primarily in Squeezelite Mode but occasionally in MPD Mode. With 2.6 (updated ~ April time frame) I can switch between Squeezelite and MPD modes fairly pretty easy and they both to work. I recently did an uR update and MPD mode will not work at all. I have done many different troubleshooting efforts to get it to work - nothing will seem to allow MPD to fully sync up with my DAC. I can get the DAC Diagnostics page to show nominal status in top and bottom boxes, but the middle box at best shows "unknown". (Squeezelite mode still works after update). I did not see any indications during the update that would indicate that there were any issues or problems with the update. I borrowed a 2.6 configured SDHC card (from roughly the same April time frame) put it the ultraRendu and it works just like my card did prior to the update. Working MPD /DLNA Renderer version is 0.20.6 non-working is 0.20.20.
  7. IMHO the ultraRendu/2Qute combo have great musical synergy! Prior to me using the ultraRendu, I was using a Daphile based (LMS) platform driving the 2Qute over USB. Even though the Daphile sounds good on its own merit, the ultraRendu opened it up to a whole new level in my system. I listen to redbook and hi-rez PCM (mostly FLAC) and DSD files and adding the ultraRendu has made a noticeable improvement on Redbook in addition to the hi-rez and DSD.
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