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  1. In the remake, Ingrid's character figures things out well before the end of the MQA movie...
  2. Indeed. Here's the dynamic range database entry for the pre-loudness war (1986) re-issue of two 60s era pop albums by The Supremes: Where Did Our Love Go? (originally released in 1964) /I Hear A Symphony (originally released in 1966). The minimum DR is 9 dB, the maximum is 14 dB. "Come See About Me" has a dynamic range of 12 dB. https://dr.loudness-war.info/album/view/133974
  3. Maybe it's my eyes, maybe it's the Facebook source, but glancing at the spreadsheet was the revelation that Pink Floyd and Pinkie (whom I've never heard of) had recorded classical symphonies (apparently now available in MQA), i.e., row 358 (Pink Floyd: Sibelius: Symphony No. 1, Op. 39), and row 359 (Pinkie: Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4, Op. 36).
  4. I agree. I’ve been using JRiver for nearly 10 years. It find it unrivalled for its powerful file management and tagging features, the WDM audio driver and its ability to stream your music library anywhere, including to its excellent iOS app JRemote. I don’t mind that it doesn’t integrate streaming service libraries such as Qobuz or Tidal, or decoding MQA and don’t mind paying the associated costs, either. $20 bucks a year ain’t free, but it ain’t a lot either, I also get the annual upgraded version. and as @lucretius says, if you don’t want to upgrade, you have a mature piece of software.
  5. Agreed, there's a darkening sky and most of the auguries are not good. But, maybe, also a glint of sunlight The Q Sessions, Straight From The Studio Pure PCM Recording Available On Qobuz - Bits and Bytes - Audiophile Style
  6. I don't doubt that's their long term plan, but I wonder how much additional rent and for how long can they really expect to extract big rents when there is a vast global inventory of unadulterated lossless music in FLAC and other lossless audio coding formats that are technically and qualitatively superior to MQA? Would there be the establishment of pirate radio stations streaming lossless to cater to the market? Would there be the establishment of new record labels signing new artists and distributing MQA-less music? Could one or more of the MQA sponsor labels defect? It woul
  7. Sure, but I didn't say that the songs could have only been written by Americans. I said that the songs could only have been written in America, e.g., Music from Big Pink - Wikipedia The Band (album) - Wikipedia
  8. I don't think of the Grateful Dead's music as really fitting into a rock, blues, country, psychedelic or jazz genre. I think it's their version of Americana. Like the best of The Band, or Dylan, the best of their songs could have been written 250 years ago, they could have been written 25 years ago, but they could only have been written in America. FWIW, I think any songwriter in any genre in any time would have sold his soul to have written the lyrics to "Ripple". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ripple_(song) At their best live (and they are at their best live), I think the Gr
  9. Another great article. Always interesting and obviously very well researched!
  10. @David Craff For the last few months, every time when I try to click on a link to the sale offers at the top of the Qobuz home page (e.g., https://page/winter-qobuz-fest-2020), I get errors such as "This site can’t be reached/page’s server IP address could not be found/ ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED." Could you please advise? Thanks
  11. Exactly. And with all the confusion in labeling, I think I am going to hold off buying downloads until I'm sure I know that when I am considering purchasing music that is not labeled as MQA, I can rely that I'm not being sold stealth-MQA.
  12. I wondered who else could have come up with the copy describing the technical wonders of Eudora Record's deployment of "MQA-CD". “TUHU” FIRST MQA-CD RELEASE ON EUDORA RECORDS (positive-feedback.com)
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