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  1. Sure, but I didn't say that the songs could have only been written by Americans. I said that the songs could only have been written in America, e.g., Music from Big Pink - Wikipedia The Band (album) - Wikipedia
  2. I don't think of the Grateful Dead's music as really fitting into a rock, blues, country, psychedelic or jazz genre. I think it's their version of Americana. Like the best of The Band, or Dylan, the best of their songs could have been written 250 years ago, they could have been written 25 years ago, but they could only have been written in America. FWIW, I think any songwriter in any genre in any time would have sold his soul to have written the lyrics to "Ripple". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ripple_(song) At their best live (and they are at their best live), I think the Gr
  3. Another great article. Always interesting and obviously very well researched!
  4. @David Craff For the last few months, every time when I try to click on a link to the sale offers at the top of the Qobuz home page (e.g., https://page/winter-qobuz-fest-2020), I get errors such as "This site can’t be reached/page’s server IP address could not be found/ ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED." Could you please advise? Thanks
  5. Exactly. And with all the confusion in labeling, I think I am going to hold off buying downloads until I'm sure I know that when I am considering purchasing music that is not labeled as MQA, I can rely that I'm not being sold stealth-MQA.
  6. I wondered who else could have come up with the copy describing the technical wonders of Eudora Record's deployment of "MQA-CD". “TUHU” FIRST MQA-CD RELEASE ON EUDORA RECORDS (positive-feedback.com)
  7. Per @vortecjr's list, JRiver (current version is 27) can recognize and decode HDCD. https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php/topic,121124.0.htm There is a delightful amount of the Grateful Dead's catalog that is HDCD encoded, which I find especially delightful listening to their live albums. Moreover, the HDCD encoding is alive and well in the 16/44.1 kHz downloads I've purchased of HDCD encoded Grateful Dead CDs. I hope for the sake of art and yet-unborn Deadheads that they don't get MQA-d
  8. Seems so, if past is prologue. https://www.stereophile.com/content/universal-music-group-goes-mqa
  9. Yep, kind of like paying for a dozen eggs at the grocery store and discovering that there are only 11 in the box.
  10. Since you already have JRiver, you might try its WDM driver (/tools/options/general/features to enable in JRiver. You'll have to restart JRiver after enabling the driver. Once done, that should let you play Amazon Music (via the Microsoft Amazon Music app, or through accessing Amazon Music through a browser like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) through JRiver. You'll need remote access software to control the browser from your iPad; there are free remote access options out there especially for personal use on a home network. I use the Amazon app or browser to select and play the music, every
  11. I agree with your preference and also about your suspicion about whether the upper one is pointillist. I don't think so, either. https://collections.artsmia.org/art/1721/frank-chuck-close although there are other works by this artist that are pointillist. (PS - sorry about the multiple image uploads and my following post which has another copy of the image - I was trying to delete the extra image and wound up duplicating it accidentally) @computeraudiophile - if it's not too much trouble, could you please delete the extra and my following accid
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