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  1. Wow, definitely do not play around with Ramroot until you read the KB article! I turned the option on while I was using Euphony Stylus. Big mistake! I thought I bricked my Euphony install, but fortunately, Željko came to my aid as soon as I requested assistance.
  2. dc-audiogeek

    HQ Player

    I just installed HQPlayer Desktop 4.10 on my Mac. Tried the new modulators. They worked okay. Then tried to run older settings (Closed form 16) and crash, crash, crash. Switch to Windows and install 4.10. Try to run Closed form 16 again. Crash, crash, crash. It can't do it for some reason. Most settings fail. Jussi, did you save a copy of HQPlayer 4.0.4 (was that the last version) somewhere?
  3. Yay! Finally, someone has successfully booted a 2018 Mac Mini into Linux... https://www.reddit.com/r/macmini/comments/b3b972/boot_linux_on_mac_mini_2018/
  4. dc-audiogeek

    HQ Player

    I'm having issues with clicking/popping noises when using HQPlayer 4.0 on my Mac mini, whether I'm running MacOS or Windows 10. I am experiencing the clicks when upsampling to DSD or PCM, even at the lowest settings. [EDIT: Never mind...it was my equipment chain.]
  5. HQPlayer and Euphony are both relatively pricey, but you get great sound and great support with your purchase. I think they're worth it myself. Now that I've heard how good my system can sound, I wouldn't be satisfied without including them in my chain. But yes, a discounted bundle purchase or a group purchase would be nice.
  6. Not to mention the PTS is now $200 cheaper than when I bought it! 🤔
  7. So you're asking what's in the special sauce? 😉
  8. Good news! The Mac Mini can do native DSD512, at least the less demanding filters. I spent a few hours fiddling with the settings, but had to stop because I have other stuff to do. What was weird is that the Mini really struggled with upsampling to DSD512 for the beginning of the first song-- heat going up to 100C and CPU usage at 100% -- but then things settled down and the heat went back down to 60C and the CPU usage went down to 50% or so. Maybe the initial conversion is the hard part? I had buffering set at 250ms.
  9. I sent an email to Arthur letting him know of all the recent interest in Euphony on this forum. I'm sure he'll drop by soon. 😉
  10. As Consuela would say, "No...no...no." You, sir, do not actually own a new Mac Mini. I do. 😁I have tried this "solution." It doesn't work at all. You cannot install Linux or boot from a linux hard drive at this point. I am working with Euphony Audio, which makes a Linux-based audiophile OS, to try to get this to work. Their engineering team has not any luck so far, and I have not seen any proof in an online forum or news post showing that it's possible.
  11. Oh, I forgot to add that when the Mini is running XTR or closed-form filters with HQPlayer at DSD256, the CPU load is about 30%. So it could probably handle DSD512 (as a server streaming to the NAA).
  12. I do like my Mini quite a bit, but it's not at all an ideal audio machine/server. You know about all the issues with the T2 chip and audio in the newer Mac models, right (like you can't install Linux or any other operating system but Windows)? I wish I'd known about them before I bought the Mini. It's very difficult to get inside it to add your own RAM, not to mention the SSD is soldered to the logic board, which isn't ideal if you ever want to swap it out for a newer model. As a server to my NAA, my Mac Mini can handle all of HQ's DSD256 filters. I'm using it as a HQPlayer/Roon server for my NAA. It is connected via a network switch via Ethernet. Mine was getting unpleasantly hot and the cores maxed out with the XTR and Closed-Form-16M filter. Once I added the isolation cones, it could handle them without any thermal issues and lower CPU usage. The core temperature doesn't go over 60% (or lower) running XTR and Closed-Form-16M filters, which is the lowest temp I've seen the Mini reach with my octa-core i7 chip, 32 GB of RAM, and a 1 GB SSD drive. I'm not sure about the Mini's HQPlayer DSD512 capabilities. I have not tried sending DSD512 audio via Ethernet. I use my Mini with a monitor, not as a headless source. I'd need to use it as a headless server if I wanted it to feed either of my DACs directly. There are limitations on the level of HQPlayer-upsampled DSD that the Mini can put out when it's directly connected to a DAC. I've read conflicting information that it can only put out DSD128 and/or DSD256 at most. If you're not already tied into the Apple ecosystem, I'd suggest looking at the newest configurable Intel NUCs instead. They are a little bit cheaper, can output DSD256/512 directly to a DAC, and have the same (or better) abilities with HQPlayer.
  13. On second thought, yes to the latter and I'm not sure to the former.
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