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  1. These issues have been fixed in version 20200712. Everything works.
  2. Version 2020709 has some issues. I encountered severe issues with running Roon Core on the Summus after the update. Lots of weird errors and crashes. Also, the sound quality is worse after the update. I thought something was wrong with my headphone amp. I went searching for silver cables because the sound had become overly warm and diffuse. I've since reverted back to the older version, and now Roon works fine and the sound quality is back to how it was before.
  3. Euphony Stylus version 3.20200709 has been released! I'm not sure if it's a Summus-only update, but it was a huge download. Does anyone know if there are release notes for this new version?
  4. Mike, I believe I'm using the same power supply as you, the Keces P-8A Ultra Linear PS. Thanks! --Marc
  5. @BCRich Thanks for your impressions! I ordered a Euphony Summus myself. It was delivered yesterday and it's awesome! A huge step up from the Euphony PTS. I won't have any serious listening time available until this weekend, but I'm very happy with the brief time I've spent with it. Whoo! --Marc
  6. @BCRich, any additional impressions on the Euphony Summus? It looks really nice and it was recently reviewed and highly recommended by Positive Feedback.
  7. Wow, definitely do not play around with Ramroot until you read the KB article! I turned the option on while I was using Euphony Stylus. Big mistake! I thought I bricked my Euphony install, but fortunately, Željko came to my aid as soon as I requested assistance.
  8. I just installed HQPlayer Desktop 4.10 on my Mac. Tried the new modulators. They worked okay. Then tried to run older settings (Closed form 16) and crash, crash, crash. Switch to Windows and install 4.10. Try to run Closed form 16 again. Crash, crash, crash. It can't do it for some reason. Most settings fail. Jussi, did you save a copy of HQPlayer 4.0.4 (was that the last version) somewhere?
  9. Yay! Finally, someone has successfully booted a 2018 Mac Mini into Linux... https://www.reddit.com/r/macmini/comments/b3b972/boot_linux_on_mac_mini_2018/
  10. I'm having issues with clicking/popping noises when using HQPlayer 4.0 on my Mac mini, whether I'm running MacOS or Windows 10. I am experiencing the clicks when upsampling to DSD or PCM, even at the lowest settings. [EDIT: Never mind...it was my equipment chain.]
  11. HQPlayer and Euphony are both relatively pricey, but you get great sound and great support with your purchase. I think they're worth it myself. Now that I've heard how good my system can sound, I wouldn't be satisfied without including them in my chain. But yes, a discounted bundle purchase or a group purchase would be nice.
  12. So you're asking what's in the special sauce? 😉
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