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  1. Thanks Bob. All forums seem to have their own code of appropriateness and I hadn't thought I overstepped. I've probably also not picked the best time to put something up for sale, what with the economy taking the hit it has.
  2. Hi Martini, bobflood has posted a comment on a topic, DAC for Sale Posted in DAC for Sale This should be in the buy and sell section below. This is a response to bobflood about my post, which subsequently got it pulled. If you read my post, I clearly stated that the item was listed in the "buy and sell" section and provided that link. The link had Audiophilestyle in the address. I did not repost any of the contents of the For Sale post, because I thought that would be inappropriate. However, I did wish to make it known that the item was listed for two main reasons: 1) Because some may not have even realized that there was a market place on the forum; I did not until a couple weeks, because I previously had no reason to look for the section. 2) Those not shopping for equipment have no need to regularly peruse the market place, but they may know someone that is in the market for a DAC or wanting to upgrade. The "Heads-up" provided them with that knowledge to pass-on, but did not subject anyone to viewing the ad unless they so chose.
  3. RHS, thanks for the application & preferences transfer "How-To." Everything went smoothly. Only one track decided to replicate itself in a new folder. And a couple album covers needed to be reattached. Much better than I feared. 👍
  4. Just a follow up on my post. I had a little time before my Mac Mini showed up, so I was able to A/B Direct mode enabled & disabled. I could not discern a difference, so when the Mini showed up, I decided there was no value in messing with the hack to enable Direct mode. I have System Optimization set on "Very High" and things sound great. I also, have not had any of the random audio drop-outs I experienced with the iMac. Another plus! 😀
  5. Wyred 4 Sound - DAC-2 DSDse w/accessories FS: $1500 or $1675 w/Nordost USB cable The W4S DAC-2 DSDse provides: Asynchronous USB input supports up to 32bit @ 384 kHz PCM and DSD64/DSD128 (galvanically isolated) ESS (ES9018) 32-bit DAC chipset w/8 channels run in quad-differential mode Power supply with oversized Toroid Transformer, with 115,000uf of capacitance from custom low ESR capacitors, 3 stages of filtering and discrete regulators Fully balanced design with balanced and unbalanced outputs A Fixed or Variable 32 bit volume control Min/Max settable output level for each input HomeTheater by-pass The SE (Special Edition) version delivers the high-end philosophy to the DAC-2 with a number of upgraded components. More expensive custom 0.1% Vishay Z-Foil resistors in 20 locations on the analog board are utilized to replace the 1% Dale resistors. The master clock was upgraded to a Femto grade clock. The accuracy and overall quality of the master clock are crucial to obtaining optimum sound quality. Ultra-fast recovery Schottkey diodes and a series of premium grade inductors are also used to stabilize the current as it enters the power supply. The Special Edition regulator design is 100+ times quieter and faster than the one found in the DAC-2. Digital Inputs: (1) Asynchronous USB Audio 2.0 (2) S/PDIF coax, (2) Optical TosLink, (1) AES/EBU balanced and (1) I²S connection via HDMI (not standard HDMI) Output: (1) pair RCA (Unbalanced), (1) pair XLR Balanced Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.25 inches X 8.25 inches X 13 inches Weight: approx. 14 pounds Retailed: $2,549.00 Includes: Owners Manual Remote Control OE Power cord 12v HT trigger patch cord W4S Recovery USB reclocker https://wyred4sound.com/products/digital-converters/recovery Retails: $159 WireWorld Starlight 7 USB cable - 12-in jumper from Recovery to DAC Retails: $60 Can include: Nordost Blue Heaven USB (A/B) cable - 2-meter (is actually a little longer) https://nordost.com/leif/blue-heaven/blue-heaven-usb-cable.php Retails $349, will include for additional $175 I’m the original owner and purchased it in Dec. ’16, as present to myself 🙂. I decided it was time to update my amp and pre-amp, which I should also post, and went Benchmark equipment. I have no complaints with the W4S DAC, as it sounds great! I simply decided to go with the Benchmark DAC to maintain system input/output synergy throughout. I take very good care of my equipment and everything is in very good to like new condition. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fee if any. Money Order or Certified Check also acceptable, but will not ship until it clears. Will ship Continental US via UPS or FedEx. It is double boxed in original packaging, ready to go!
  6. Also, hope to see the Album Info section provide useful source information when it fully launches; such as, some tracks sourced from 16-bit files, DSD, 24/192 or remastered from original recording masters, etc. Would be nice.
  7. It needs work. Seems flakey between different MacOS. Today on MBP w/Catalina it would not take the discount code and would zero out the shopping cart. I switched to my iMac w/Sierra and not all albums showed in my "Wish-list" When I went to purchase, the purchase window did not show both albums that were there, but the price was correct and it did take the discount code. Could not see all the pay options either. It would not scroll to show more info in the purchase window, I tried. The download was faster, but I agree the format preference is confusing. I had to set it in my preference and in the download app. It's not ready for prime time yet.
  8. Perfect. Thanks man! Yeah, I did the hack to enabled Direct Mode in Sierra, but I never A/B listened to hear if I could detect a difference. Depending on when the Mini shows up, maybe I'll give it a try before switching them out. It would probably be the smart thing to do, but crap.., that could set a whole precedent for me. 🤣
  9. Mac Mini thread swing is good timing. I've got a new Mini i7 w/16gb ram on order. I'm going to be replacing my old 2010 iMac. So a couple questions: How do I transfer my Audirvana 3.5 license and preferences over to the new computer, so that I don't lose meta data? The way I like to sort my albums is by Genre, Artist and then for Classical by Title (i.e. Symphony #5, Piano Concerto #3, etc) and for Jazz, Blues, Rock, etc. I like to sort Artist, Year of original release, Title. So I've had to manipulate Classical titles and erase the year. On most everything else, I've had to change the reissue year to the albums original release date. I really don't want to have to mess with that again. Also, is Direct mode possible with Catalina? How do you go about it, as Apple has changed it's security structure a good bit with Catalina. If it is still "possible", is there any "real" benefit to going that route. As we know, sometimes we tell ourselves we can hear changes, but they don't really exist --> You know, if the data getting to the DAC is bit perfect to the file, with or without Direct, then there is no change in sound. Does the Mac audio core manipulate the file a little? With the Mac and Audirvana is bit perfect only possible with Direct Mode? I've been using Direct Mode on the iMac w/Sierra, but I never really investigated this, nor A/B'ed it. I just kind-of like to set things up the best way and enjoy listening when I can. Thanks!
  10. When I went to backup my new iPhone w/iOS 12 last night for the first time, iTunes rejected it and required me to install an update. System update said everything was up-to-date, but the iTunes update was hidden. I now have iTunes 12.8.
  11. On the Mac, you can set one of the Hot Corners to turn off the screen.
  12. ^ ^ The only thing I upsample is 16/44 files and then only by 2x only or DSD-64. I think this takes a little bit of edge of the music without dulling it. It also, eliminates the skipping we've experienced, but my Mac is old. I don't upsample hi-rez files. They are already good and if there were an improvements, I don't believe we could honestly descern them. Well recorded 192 sounds pretty fantastic to me.
  13. From my understanding of how APFS writes, if the drive is essentially for storage and reading of music files, it would/could take a while for HDDs to start slowing from excessive head searching. A working drive would be impacted more quickly. How quickly.., I've got know idea. I've kept my iMac on Sierra and have High Sierra on my MBP. I back up both to HFS+ formatted drives. I don't really like the idea of the conversion back & forth from APFS to HFS+, but until I hear Apple has solidified it's use on HDDs, I'll keep the spinners on HFS+. Btw, like you DAC choice
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