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  1. It can only do PCM upsampling and convert Dsd to PCM. It needs hqplayer embedded to do dsd upsampling or conversion with separate license.
  2. When I booted Euphony Audio from the same crappy MacBook Air 4 GB, I was able to run DSD 128 and 256 with no dropout. Somehow it manages to use less RAM than a Mac. if you can find a way to disable the background apps of the Mac that may help. Note Euphony Audio can only boot a Mac that has no T2 chips meaning no MiniMac 2018 or MacBook 2017 (I think) Your old macmini should work fine. Euphony sounds much better but app looks terrible though it is simpler to use and less fussy than Audirvana. I vaguely remember the DSD improvement was quite significant with Euphony comparing with Audirvana which was always a struggle with the drop out and never sounding that great. Euphony makes your Jaw drops with DSD (sorry I know this Audirvana site, will stop now)
  3. Does he have a last name. I cannot figure out where he lives ? He seems to answer emails all the time. In HK or US (California)? Stuff are sent from California. But I am sure they are made in HK/China or maybe he has 3 separate factories in HK/China, Europe in US ? (like What Tesla is going to do?). I am still using his old 200W that self-combusted but since he sent me an updated one, it is ok. Worth to upgrade ?
  4. While running quboz on audirvana, can one load the files temporarily onto the playlist (like eCache) and then disconnect from WiFi ? I can do that with the Quboz streaming app itself but not with Audirvana.
  5. Can you monitor. the. RAM on the minimac? I. use Dr. cleaner to monitor my MacBook. You would be surprised how much. RAM a Mac uses even it appears not to be doing something more than playing Audirvana. When I was. running MacBook Air with audirvana I was no able to play. DSD256 because of the huge files and difficulty in processing, similar to what you experience. But with your 16GB there should be enough RAM. I ended up switching to a. 16GB RAM. MacBook Pro though it still gets cranky with DSD255 because it keeps using all my RAM or no good reason. But I have all this crap like touch. bar and God knows what other background processing it is doing. Then I switched to Euphony audio and all problems with DSD256 are solved, and can play native DSD. You can boot your Mac mini with Euphony Audio thumb drive and it would use your RAM more efficiently. Those DSD files are huge! you and every single RAM available.
  6. From my experience the direct mode sounds much better than without it, hence my new MBP 2018 sounds much worse than my MacBook Air 2011 which uses Yosemite. I gave up on Audirvana as a result.
  7. Actually I have not been using Copy App Config, but still has this issue. More so with larger files. Despite me having 32 G RAM!! So not a RAM issue.
  8. Does anyone still have stability issue running Stylus on euphony? Now and then a Get a warning about "application cannot find path...or something like that, recommend to reboot.." but even if I reboot, the same message will appear again soon. Also if I quickly click on a track and switch to another track while the track is playing, or even click to replay the track it kind of freezes. It will play but no sound will come out. Then. need to restart the app and then it will play fine. I have loaded Euphony on Optane M2 drive thinking the shorter latency will give more stability but not really. I am running RAMroot, with the music in the Optane drive itself.
  9. Did you choose the option to copy entire app to RAM? That would disallow playing music from your own drive I believe. Also I am not sure if the RAMroot can be done properly with the trial version. Perhaps others know better?
  10. I was told that my 12V HDPlex can run the CPU alone at 5A. I am not sure what the minimum A in general. I believe numerous members have used some 5A PSU for CPU alone. It also depends on the CPU. I think u can check with the manufacturer. Also isn’t true if u use a higher V you be able to run on a lower current?
  11. I have similar problem, and my SATA internal 2 TB drive is likely too noisy running both euphony + storing files though I think running RAMroot has helped quite a bit (with nice industrial Apacer RAM). I often don't even play the music from the 2 TB drive as it is full so I would need to load new music I bought to Ecache and then play. It is a bit less convenient because I would have to erase those loaded files once full (or no more files can be loaded). But this can eliminate a large noise internal drive. So my plan is to run euphony on M2 Optane drive which is supposed to be best way to run euphony (at least few months ago, not sure if there are new updates) but the size is small so I would load music via network into the Ecache anyway to play the music (music stored on my laptop) It is now similar to loading a CD into a player. Lost the convenience but for better sound. I am not sure if having a large internal drive would be good idea, even if powered separately with a LPS. Unless others have better solutions.
  12. I did try HQplayer embedded in the Euphony OS, even upsampled to DSD512, no overheating issue. I am not sure If I would get the best sound from single box though.
  13. Not sure what would be more cost effective. For 2 box u need double of almost everything, so may cost more overall. Eg LPS and USB cable etc
  14. There are a few of us who have stuck with single box with no issues, "Nenon" has experience in building an ultimate single box server (Though I think it can be an end point or whatever else you want as well). Basically he puts all the juice in a single box that just runs on Euphony OS, he uses optane SSD M.2 drive and APacer ECC RAM etc.... great internal wires etc....... I guess you can use 2 ultimate machines to do Roon--> Stylus endpoint. I am not sure if the worsening of sound with 2 boxes is the need to connect the 2 boxes and this is where the degradation comes from. Nowadays using RAMroot and even buffer Queue, eliminating a large SSD drive, loading files to Ecache in a single box may be adequate enough to reduce most of the background noise when SW/HW is working even in the same single box. Remember, Euphony is originally designed for single box use.
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