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  1. How big are your music files ? DSD256 can run into issues like you describe if the RAM is not adequate and you have a huge file and running 100% buffer. Try running without buffer and see if that works better. You can also check how much RAM is being occupied when running. - same button u use to check temp/CPU.
  2. My Mac also states the Euphony web is draining lots of power but my Macbook PRO is 2018, 16GB RAM. It still functions fine but at times may get hot though that only happens if I am actively loading stuff onto the euphony remotely using File manager (u can't do this with trial version) . You can use Dr. Cleaner to monitor the CPU usage and can optimize as needed when you are running out of RAM.
  3. One should also take into account if the recordings are originally made as DSD with minimal conversion to PCM during editing, and these are usually best. Files converted from PCM may or may not have advantages and it also depends on the DAC too
  4. So to run DSD256 or DSD512, both I have succeeded, yes, you do need large RAM if you want to buffer entire track or album. Without 100% buffer 4GB is usually enough depending on how long a track is (30 min can go up to 2 GB!) There is obvious sonic benefits with DSD256 compared with DSD64, though it may well be that some DSD256 recordings are just better recorded but I have also heard numerous horrible DSD256. So in the end it really depends on the quality of the recording itself. There are many wonderful 24/96 as well as 24/48 too. Also I find buffer queue helps but its benefit diminishes if you have only 1-3 tracks. The best way is to listen to as few tracks as possible that you put on the queue. I suppose if you have many small tracks the buffer queue reduce the need for euphony to continue to work to upload and buffer the next track while you are listening. I am no sure if it is worth the trouble to expand the RAM just to accommodate Buffer queue. Certainly you should at least do 100% buffer of a single track.
  5. I got mine that is not available for commercial sale. But in general any Apacer ECC works best. If your NUC does not support Apacer ECC you can get non-ECC. I can't remember off my had what model mine is. Somewhere there is discussion of this ether on this thread or the huge original thread "A novel way to..."
  6. I had issue with Ramroot SQwhen I was using G Skill RAM 16 GB, like you. said reg RAM is better,so I updated to Apacer and there is improvement in SQ esp in RAMroot such that it is better than reg RAM. I have also run out of RAM with DSD256. I ended up increasing to 32 GB. I think if you use 16 GB things would improve a lot. To run ramRoot with DSD256, it needs at least 16 GB, depending on how long a track is
  7. Oh yes, I heard about that but apparently they run in non-ECC mode
  8. Thanks for all the info ! I may give the Ciunas 5 V a try and use it also to replace IFipower. I already have the HDPlex 200W but I am running out of 5V rails. Would be interesting to see if it is better than HDPlex or not.
  9. Ok need to revive this thread: Has anyone tried or read reviews on this ? https://www.ciunas.biz/product-page/copy-of-supercapacitor-power-supply-dual-voltage-outputs It is a budget 5V LPS. - only 150 euro and has 2x 5V output I want to find out what are the best budget 5V LPS around this price range Both Farad and Paulhynes are single output and more costly.
  10. Sorry I was not able to FU your reply sooner as there are too many activities in these threads. Missed your answer. Not sure why no one responded to your question. If you follow this gigantic thread "A novel way to massively improve.." members have tested Apacer RAM to be best. It does make a great difference for most of us. Neon Summarized it somewhere (I just read part of it, or is it some other thread?? and of course it is impossible to find it again!) Basically he said ECC-APacer is the best, industrial grade but that is not publicly available. If you use NUC with intel, it only works for non-ECC Apacer RAM. Again I am not sure how much improvement you get if you run tidal, as numerous people use it for for single box where lots of RAM is used. I use Euphony OS loaded RAMroot all in single box, but I presume those using tidal or roon etc will also get enough benefits. U may want to ask someone who does similar to what you do with tidal. In general the more RAM activities you need the more important it is. I have 32GB RAM! But that is because I use single box loaded the OS to RAMroot, and music (entire album) all buffered to RAM and use DSD256 huge files. I think most use 4-8GB RAM only.
  11. U don't need a 250 GB SSD, it is too noisy. The Euphony runs on 8GB minimum but you likely not store music files on the SSD (unless you will, but since you do tidal, I presume you won't store music files). Some use Optane M2 drive which is supposed to be quietest. If you still want the EVO, maybe a lower GB would be be quieter. You can also load music files (if not using tidal) into Ecache remotely file manager or external drive that can be detached afterwards, so you won't need a large SSD. I presume you will have a LPS for the NUC ?
  12. It also depends if you want to store music in the drive or use Ecache to load the music into the drive. If you want to store music files on Euphony then you need more GB, and there is also space reserved for Ecache, too and the larger the drive the more space there is for it. Using Ecache means you just load whatever music you want to play at that time into the drive, which can be done remotely via file manager, or via attached external/internal drive, or (I think also via network drive). Since any attached drive can cause noise, remotely loading to it is best method, and for me works best.
  13. This was released days ago. I still get stuck from time to time with Ramroot + buffer Queue.
  14. The Farad is only art 3 A ? You may need a higher current than 3A to run upsampled DSD512. I use 10A of the HDplex 200W LPS to run HQplayer upsampled to DSD512 but that is only for fun, not really for regular listening. I don't recall it having much improvement of SQ from DSD256.
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