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  1. IT also depends on your DAC, I have a cheap $250 DAC. and I can tell a clear difference if load all buffered tracks and then pulled out the Ethernet cable with immediate improvement. But the other $3000 DAC, well, not sure if I can hear much difference, The cheap DAC has no or poor reclocking but obviously the $3000 has a dedicated clock just for reclock at the USB input.
  2. Well, I just tried after the latest update, the entire Euphony is offline, and it is supposed to switch back on after a set amount of time ? The default is 206, so it means 206 min ? It is really the same as pulling out my ethernet cable. Not very practical, but maybe a bit better than pulling out the ethernet cable, and it reboots back after that set time, which I suppose is a bit more convenient than rebooting yourself but then u need to time when you want the reboot. Time the time for the album. or set of tracks loaded to finish, and so the Euphony reboots after the tracks are done? If it
  3. Not sure if I posted this before, but my DSD playback is now giving pops again within same album, via nativeDSD on stylus. Anyone has this issue still ?
  4. Also now for some reason the pops come back on DSD mode using stylus. It used to come only with changing from DSD to PCM (or vice versa) but now it happens even when changing track as one track finishes to the next on same album. ? some bugs
  5. I got that screen too but cannot get it to play. Maybe I need the 5G ethernet to connect to the server ?
  6. Been while since I use Euphony so now I realize I. can do Quboz stream direct (actually pre-loaded onto RAM) from Euphony Stylus. Now There is also a You-tube stream but I am unable to make it work, is it supposed to work ?
  7. Be careful using Mac. Latest Macs do not support USB boot, unless there are new changes, mainly due to T2 chip for security. 2018 mini and macbooks are affected
  8. I probably had the same Apacer ones u had, from the batch order by Nenon? I ended up using 32 GB 4x 8 GB. I think 16 GB was ok with DSD 256 but would not do DSD 512 files well. In any case having more RAM so u won’t need to fill it up with music all the time seems to help, of course to counterbalance the potential Noise from large RAM itself. But with these high quality RAM there does not appear to be degradation in SQ with more RAM, which apparently was the case with inferior Commercial RAM.
  9. That is what the Euphony guy told me, that about 50% is reserved for Music file loaded for RAM (if I remember correctly) . However, unless u have huge music files 2 GB is probably enough. There may be some advantages in SQ if u occupy less RAM for music. I have 32 GB ram so i can run 100% buffer for huge files of 4 G. And also can run buffer queue which means I can load entire large album (DSD usually) into the buffer. And run ramroot at the same time. U would need high Quality RAM for this kind of stuff. RAM quality may actually be more important than HD or SSD quality esp with RAmroot
  10. If u run Ramroot the RAM quality becomes most important. If u run ramroot on a poor Cheap commercial RAM the RAMROOT sucks! I have not noticed much difference In SQ when switching from SSD SATA drive To optane. Optane does run faster with loading files. Maybe running at Ramroot diminishes the differences. But I did not do A/B comparison as the optane is internally mounted that is a pain to take out again. It took 2 wks to burn in so I cannot remember clearly what was like before. However it does not require external PS so that would save u a 5V LPS
  11. Any reason why u limit Buffer to 2 GB Ram only? Rather than default, which I think is to 50% of entire RAM
  12. It can only do PCM upsampling and convert Dsd to PCM. It needs hqplayer embedded to do dsd upsampling or conversion with separate license.
  13. When I booted Euphony Audio from the same crappy MacBook Air 4 GB, I was able to run DSD 128 and 256 with no dropout. Somehow it manages to use less RAM than a Mac. if you can find a way to disable the background apps of the Mac that may help. Note Euphony Audio can only boot a Mac that has no T2 chips meaning no MiniMac 2018 or MacBook 2017 (I think) Your old macmini should work fine. Euphony sounds much better but app looks terrible though it is simpler to use and less fussy than Audirvana. I vaguely remember the DSD improvement was quite significant with Euphony comparing with Audirvana wh
  14. Does he have a last name. I cannot figure out where he lives ? He seems to answer emails all the time. In HK or US (California)? Stuff are sent from California. But I am sure they are made in HK/China or maybe he has 3 separate factories in HK/China, Europe in US ? (like What Tesla is going to do?). I am still using his old 200W that self-combusted but since he sent me an updated one, it is ok. Worth to upgrade ?
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