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  1. What DAC and LPS/ power cables are u using? The ifi products are helpful in eliminating inherent noise in your system so I am wondering if there are still some noisy parts that still need to be addressed?
  2. I have to agree that you are quite right in that this $3150 is rather costly, though clocks can be expensive (except the Chinese market seems to be producing cheaper great clocks too!). But for $3150 it is rather too much. But perhaps there is some other magic in the box that we are not aware of ?
  3. Yah weird why he mentioned his age. But I bet one can build a similar unit at half the cost, though may not look as sleek.
  4. Also didn’t someone here tested this out and found that it requires about 6-7 A ? Or was it 6-7V. I can’t remember, sorry for confusing people!
  5. The builder of my HDplex told me. Though I suppose it may still work at 5A if CPU is powered separately. I have a 8-core CPU, not sure if that can be a factor too. Got to check with Larry.
  6. I was told that the HDPlex 400 DC-ATX needs 10 A to run properly
  7. Assuming this IsoTran is some isolator or transformer that helps clean the power line ? I think the HDPLex should still be used, and yes plugging into the Iso tran, to supply the 3 separate components. I also am doing similar - 5V to SSD, 5V to USB PF bridge and 19V to MB. Ideally if one can separately power the CPU it may be even better. It should improve things a lot more. But people feel the best is too have separate PS for each components but it then you would need buy more so it costs more. That would be my next step to have completely separate PS for each component.
  8. Hmm, it is in Polish, correct? So I can't really tell what it is supposed to do. But perhaps you need to have it burn in for few wks. (300-500 hrs ?). Is it now the music is cleaner and thinner, more lean? This can happen when dirt in the PS/line is cleaned up. And may have a perceived lack of warmth. Or it is merely unmasking defects in the sound system.
  9. What is "automagically", really that magical? haha. Now, another dumb question, why would one bother to run and also how can one run Stylus EP while also already using Stylus at server machine? Actually what exactly is Stylus Endpoint? The stylus starts to play the music but then instead of going to DAC it is routed to another machine before going to the DAC ?
  10. Yes i have this issue with the older V2 but V3 trial I have not seen that happening, send Euphony a ticket.
  11. But Euphony OS cannot run in RAMROOT correct ? I know AL can.
  12. Does it mean I have to use ‘music player’ ? Computer that decodes or plays music? U may be right: https://www.moon-audio.com/aurender-a10-dac-music-server.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6bOMtanj4wIVw5-zCh1nmApaEAQYAiABEgLlcPD_BwE the one box commercial products don’t treat player ans server the same. i thought streamer is when it is connected to network. And server is both streamer + player. So what is a server then? Should the title of this threat be music server/player/streamer ? Though i did state (other devices)
  13. Ok, this site is not to discuss whether LPS or other PS will make a difference to servers or not. We assume and believe there will be a difference and hence we are here to discuss PS. I do want to be more specific regards to PS for server as the title suggests but we do welcome discussing PS for other devices too. It may be true if u isolate via network method there may no longer be difference but this is not the point here on this thread. Many of us still do single box with USB connected directly to DAC, (probably most in the world!) I only have a single optical USB + regen Usb adaptor connected to DAC. Such setup requires a clean source of power and so in this case PS becomes very important. So please do not mislead readers who may not even have network isolation. It is my belief that a clean power source is better than trying to clean up downstream. Those who disagree here should not really be discussing here, as this is the wrong thread. Perhaps joining a thread about isolating the source would be more appropriate. Thankyou
  14. Regards the basic PF Spdif or USB card they do have a basic clock bur not an OCXO clock so there is still advantage. I suspect it is similar to the basic card offered by SOTM etc. their super clocks should be game changer, u just stick it onto the card and automatically the new clock is used per PF
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