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  1. If they have the VH silver version even better
  2. I would not recommend using the 4TB, apart from being too large but that by burning then Euphony image you would erase all the music. Even if you can partition it to just burn the image on there and keep the rest of the music stored it is too risky. Besides, it seems like using a formatted or completely free drive seems to work better. I even have difficulty upgrading my euphony V2 to V3 and would need to erase entire drive (I have not done that yet) to make it work properly. You can use the USB thumb drive to do a test trial or better still since you are doing heavy duty upsampling, use an internal SATA SSD drive, probably 64 GB would be adequate, with this size you can load music from your 4TB you need to play on Ecache, and also has room to store some music on the SSD. I burned my trial image with the SSD attached as an external drive on my Mac, easy to do. For the PC you need lots of RAM if you were to do DSD upsampling. I have 8 GB and it is adequate but I can't run RAMroot properly, as it sounds worse since with RAMroot playing HiRES I would have > 30% RAM used and that seems to be too much. So I imagine you need to stay away from RAMroot with upsampling to DSD512 ! Running DSD512 from my own classical sampler can work fine but only on non-RAMroot mode as it causes freezing with RAMroot (no RAM!) I imagine at least 16 GB for native DSD512 and probably 32 GB for upsampling to DSD... I strongly advise you to test R7 with upgraded V2 board (if you have) and using their latest FW, it cures the pops and DSD noise, and even with my older FW now, the DSD sounds quite amazing, better than PCM for sure. But I was testing using native DSD files and Stylus/ Euphony. I am not impressed with Embedded HQplayer on Euphony. Maybe you are more expert in adjusting the filters. (I can't be bothered figuring that out!) The popping is less with native DSD on euphony compared with DoP but with HQplayer I seem to get pops all the time.
  3. Hey the euphony uses embedded HQplayer to upsample or switch from PCM—>DSD. I don’t think the stylus itself can upsample dsd, or do conversion to DSD unless I am just not aware that it now can (with the V3). The audiogd R7 plays native dsd really nicely now with euphony that i don’t feel the HQplayer has any benefits. The dirty noise of DSD256 is gone. i can also play native DSD512 from euphony though it eats up lots of RAM so 100% buffer cannot be done. Per euphony programmer guy there is a bug he needs to fix for DSD. BTW, your USB bridge is amanero or F-1 ? It needs new fw to play DSD512, and the F1 needs a faster clock 40..hz i think. oh make sure u have a latest V2 board and at least TDA fw for the DSD as this works much better now with R7
  4. I see, the Euphony is best optimized using SSD SATA (with external LPS) or as some people prefer Optane M2 drive connected directly; without external LPS, so to have fair comparison you need to load Euphony onto your SATA (which you should NOT do as it would erase your Win!) So basically u need another identical SATA SSD drive that is same as one you use for Win and then run Euphony on it. This I think may make a big difference as compared with Euohony on USB stick or running on other external drive. Running RAMroot still matter s regards to the SSD as there is still retrieval of file/programs etc from the OS in the SSD even if the music is not even in the SSD. I am also not sure if running RAMroot is best for Euphony as it depends on your HW, e.g for me, right now RAMroot is not as good as running regular but then that is because probably I have large music files and not even RAM memory. Or maybe I need separate LPS to RAM ??..
  5. Sorry, remind me again, are you doing euphony RamBoot from USB stick ? How do you run windows again? Is it inside a M2 drive or other drive ?
  6. BTW, did someone make a comparison between Farad 3 and SR4 or SR5 already ? The Farad is also DR, so it does have a bit of an advantage I suppose. I am still waiting for A Farad 19V/12A if it will ever come.
  7. I think the web states 3 SR7 per month production speed ?? (like I said, as slow as a Bosendorfer piano ??), so it would take about 10 months for you if all goes well (assuming no disaster on Paul's part, e.g. no illness, no loss of staff, or other problems with his site, who knows)
  8. Agree, I am hesitant to put in the order for a SR7 even via PayPal (which has guarantee but limited to 30 days to file), as surely if it cannot be delivered within say 30 days then they should not ask for a 100% payment. When one buys from any company that requires a long time to make, and numerous small companies have long wait, they should not ask for 100% payment at time of order. They should ask for 10-20% and upon finishing it and ready shop then the customer pays the remaining price. I think that is reasonable, and would make more people comfortable putting an order in.
  9. I checked the website of Paul Hynes LTD. The rate they make is really slow, like 3 a month, almost like ordering a hand made piano - (well A Bösendorfer takes 5 yrs to make), The site has an order form, now it requests payment. Do you know if the payment is to pay in full on order or pay a deposit first ? (usually 10-20% in most companies )
  10. Looks like RAMroot is behaving better now, and sounding quite nice, likely better than regular, but I did do something to my transformers/conditioners that may have helped.Will see how it goes.I have not done A/B as I am afraid I will screw up again with not able to go back to regular non RAM.
  11. I am thinking of doing Octane 64GB, so I will have a bit more cache space. I have Ryzen so hopefully it should work on ECC RAM! I am in same shoes as you, got the ECC on the group order. What is your MB again ? I have the x370
  12. He fixed it remotely but did tell me to press "Safe fs to disk" before rebooting and that should reboot back to non-ramroot. I have not tried that yet. I am still doing non-RAMroot. I am not sure if my system the Ramroot would work fine. It was not sounding good yesterday when I play DXD, which I think is because of its large memory.. It occupies 28% of memory with DXD and with 24/96 about 22%. I have 8 GB. Maybe I need to burn in my RAM. It has always been only 5% used. So I suspect RAMroot may not work well for large files. However, I would later increase my RAM to 16 GB using the acclaimed Apacer ECC RAM. I think then RAM quality becomes very important running RAMroot. It may also be I have not upgraded my Euphony V3 properly. Somehow I am still stuck with parts of V2 config, It is weird. He says I need to reburn the entire OS and erase everything in the SSD including the music. I have 1 TB of music though all are backed up. He said I can backup via network and then reload the music. I think I will just burn it onto an optane drive as everyone is praising that. The M2 drive us much faster and supposedly more quiet. It has been a pain to upgrade to V3. Problem with Euphony is it can be a bit buggy. But good thing the support in general is very good to excellent. The development is also quite progressive,
  13. Also I am unable to undo the Ramroot despite rebooting after disabling it ?! SO I am stuck with RAMRoot. I have about 30% RAM used now with RAMroot. I am not sure if there is a lot of improvement esp I can't go back to non-RAMroot to compare!
  14. "lead" is correct. Or "Pb" for international symbol of the periodic table. Indeed Pb is used for shielding radiation in X-ray department! I have a few lead pieces, mainly too block a huge transformer causing hum as the interconnects get too close. Lead probably works best but as I said it is not that "clean" so they use aluminum instead. Probably not working that well, I am not sure about copper but it is commonly used in wire shielding. The AC power, as I Read somewhere generates huge electromagetic wave due to its AC current, and so it should actually be shielded not to improve its sound but to prevent it from affecting other components. But "experts" say that shielding may worsen the sound (>?? really?). It has largest skin effect due to the nature of AC current driving all the electrons to the surface, hence copper should be good enough, and apparently multi strand is fine since skin effect is most important.So we don't see solid core AC cable, and usually no pure silver. Silver plated is adequate due to skin effect. I hope I got this correct ??
  15. According to the "upgrade company" EMF/RF etc are no. 1 killer of great audio sound. Thus includes wifi (and damn my router is in my Hi-Fi room) https://upgradecompany.com I probably should put a lead shield around my LPS haha, but it needs to be ventilated somehow.
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