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  1. I am currently experimenting with -3db and -15db attenuators attached to the ER end of single mode fiber. I am liking the differences in one of my systems. The -15db is my preferred option. It is a subtle improvement to the soundstage and timing. In my other system I cannot hear any change in SQ. At a cost of a few £ or $ each they are worth a try.
  2. Thanks. Which models are triple and which single?
  3. I do not see dimensions of all the different clocks on the website, nor the number of outputs of each model. Could someone point me to where I will find this information?
  4. Found a small heatsink on Ali Express which just does the job of slightly reducing the temperature as one of my ERs is not in a huge amount of space and was running hotter than my other one in a ton of free space.
  5. I have tried the mini-circuits filter between my SOtM sCLK-OCX10 and the ER. I am not hearing any improvement in SQ despite the SOtM being a sine wave clock, albeit an apparently very good one. Incidentally, I also tried the filter between the SOtM clock and the SOtM sms200 ultra Neo. I would advise not testing this if you have these components - the sms200 did not work with the filter in place and worse, it didn’t work on the following power-up which was strange. It is fine again now though. But the experience makes me reluctant to try it again to double check.
  6. I tried it and the SOtM sms-200 Ultra neo would not work with the filter plugged in between the SOtM clock and the sms-200. Weirdly, I powered down and removed the filter and switched back on and the sms-200 still did not work. I was worried for a short while, but after another power-down it worked again. Strange. I wonder what the filter did to the sms-200?
  7. I will be interested in your results. I just switched from FS MM (OM1 and OM4, I could tell no difference between the two) to FS 1310 SM OS2 duplex and found an improvement - a little more depth to the sound. These FS SFP transceivers are such good value at £6, I wonder if the £100 Versitron or Finisar modules sound any different? I was pleased to recently find a Cisco 2960 C series switch - these have two optical outlets so it is possible to run optical to both my ERs direct. Optical modules and cable are so cheap, and there are no audiophile cables to worry about, moving to optic
  8. thanks @austinpopand @Superdad. do you think this filter will improve performance between SOtM clock and SOtM sms-200 (bridge/roon endpoint)?
  9. I will do this. I intend to order a Paul Hynes SR5 dual rail. This will power both the clock and the sms-200. So I could then also introduce a TX but I am not sure whether it is necessary to use a usb regenerator as well as the clock. Would you think so?
  10. Thanks for your offer - I have the SOtM SMS-200 Ultra Neo and the SOtM sCLK-OCX10 both powered by a single SOtM- sPS500. I also have the etherREGEN. I was wondering if the SOtM tx-USBultra would add any further benefit to the arrangement.
  11. I have the same question. It appears no one has tried this combo.
  12. the SOtM clock is a good improvement but you could use a cheaper clock (see Afterdark sponsored forum on this forum- they do a range of Chinese clocks). SOtM with the SOtM clock is better than Auralic G1, though I have not heard the G2. I tried cheap and expensive cables with the SOtM clock and heard no difference. Studio quality Van Damme bnc cable sounded the same as SOtM cable on my system. An EtherREGEN just before the sms-200 Neo was a notable improvement also, and it connects to the SOtM clock.
  13. OK thanks. Could you let me know what transceiver wavelength you found was the best?
  14. So are you saying that OM4 will give me better SQ than OM1? I have a Cisco switch and took ages to find a module that would work in both it and the EtherREGEN. I am not sure it will work with Single-Mode OM4.
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