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  1. I know he adds page views..but i think it is clear it is impossible to take the disingenuous troll seriously, ..and take note, this is a representative of high end audio...what young person would ever want to join this hobby with that in mind..
  2. Aside from being a criminal organization in that case, maybe ALL consultancies should be banned for having the sole purpose of enriching executives, fleecing shareholders, and screwing the public?
  3. Just like Atkinson, all that is left is for MQA shills to tout some pseudo subjective BS in MQA’s favor. All else has failed miserably.
  4. BULLSHIT. How long are we going to allow clownish MQA marketing crap to be posted over and over...
  5. more vanilla blather...no substance...blah blah..cookie cutter consultant bullshit. stop spreading marketing lies. ENOUGH. there is no authentication .
  6. ..and it was utterly moronic to attack his work considering his strong anti MQA stance, which IS an expert opinion because he was given in studio demos. Audiophiles have no discipline and are experts on everything. Note: This not directly meant for you, but is a general statement.
  7. Eye opening, and very instructive post..you make points many are missing.
  8. Based on your posts above, and this one, I think there one MASSIVE point you are missing, and to be fair, is easy to overlook. ALL Apple Music subscribers stream the music via APPLE devices..iPhones, iPads, Laptops etc...or probably even sending the audio bluetooth speakers. Lossless quality is of ZERO consequence. And as poster Ajax smartly pointed out, there is a strong social media aspect. I think it is important to stop thinking like an audiophile when examining the marketplace.
  9. thanks, interesting. without widespread recognition among consumers under 30 I don't know how Tidal can survive.
  10. Agree. But it was more than just a few posters. And think about the intelligence of pissing off a grammy winning mastering engineer who hates MQA. There are anti MQA posters here who I don't agree with on numerous things, but I keep my goddam mouth shut about those things and make them allies in the war to eradicate the MQA cancer.
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