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  1. Elsdude, that does sound like an 'ad hominem' comment to me, care to rephrase it?
  2. Would it be possible to get this topic away from the first school playground and back towards some kind of adult discussion? I'm happy to admit that I use Meridian DSP speakers, but I definitely do not want MQA.
  3. Didn't have my PDP11-40 at home, so no interference, but I do remember playing 'Moon Lander' on a VT/11 vector display, when I should have been working on some early FFT code on RSX-11. Didn't understand the 'arches' back then as no McDonalds in the UK. Happy days!!
  4. uh... no! It has been shown that it is possible to modify the MQA data stream and still get the blue light to come on.
  5. One of the early parts was shot at 'Henrys' in Edgware Rd, London. I remember visiting both Edgware Rd, and Tottenham Court Rd in the late 60's and early/mid 70's in order to get my fix 😃, which stopped quite suddenly when I married in 1978 🙁
  6. Only if you can open the case; then a piece of high density foam or rubber strategically placed should eliminate the rattle. Having said that it shouldn't rattle, so opening the case to identify the cause is a good first step.
  7. Totally agree, but if the fix can be done in software then it will take very little time to appear, even if some hardware is required I suspect some enterprising Chinese company will come up with a low cost solution
  8. Though technically illegal many people used MP3 codecs before the patent lapsed, with little or no thought as to its legality, and with pretty much no likelihood of investigation, leave alone prosecution
  9. It does seem a little strange that whenever someone make a change to their system, especially one with a significant cost involvement, that the result is almost always positive. Wouldn't it be more reasonable to assume the manufacturer has gone to some lengths to ensure their product performs at something approaching its optimum, in which case it would seem to me that there would be an even chance that changes would be negative?
  10. I really wouldn't bother too much about a Linear PSU for the RPI, Archimago did some tests a while ago which showed little or no improvement:- http://archimago.blogspot.com/2018/12/measurements-raspberry-pi-3-b-as.html
  11. Given the significant differences in the sound between even very high end speakers; which swamp any differences in the intervening electronics, why aren't we more concerned about getting this right?, rather than trying to decide 'how many angels can dance on the head of a pin' wrt different DACs, cables, etc?
  12. We seem to have jumped upon a hobby-horse of output impedance/damping factor, without showing any evidence that there is an audible difference between a D-F of 50 and one of 500 wrt to an 8 ohm speaker. Discuss?
  13. I might well be wrong, I often am; but I suspect the authentication is related more towards the power capabilities of USB-C From what I read it is possible to provide up to 20V at 5A, not something you would want to feed into your mobile phone ☹️
  14. If we are going for pedantry then I prefer "It's always good to know with whom I'm dealing."🤨 But writing as an unashamed objectivist I do find this one of the better threads🙂
  15. Yes, of course everything is capable of improvement, but if that improvement is 150+ Db below the signal it is very difficult to see any possible advantage in the real world, except for bragging rights. I guess that's pretty much what 'High-end' audio is all about, it allows the 'golden eared' among us to justify their excessive claims of being able to discern (notice I do not use the word hear) differences that are statistically almost impossible to either prove or disprove without DBT, which of course the subjectivists deplore.
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