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  1. For those interested, the Audio Hijack program used with Airfoil as an Airplay transmitter does get Sound Check working over Airplay. If anything, Airfoil seems more stable than Apple’s native Airplay, with quicker speaker selection and fewer dropouts. It’s puzzling that Sound Check no longer works over Airplay; I think it stopped working around the time Airplay 2 rolled out. I do most of my listening over Airplay/Airfoil, with lots of random play of genres and playlists, so I’m glad to have this sorted out.
  2. Kirk, Í chose a track with very low volume (a Brian Eno ambient track) and one with a very high volume (from Traveling Wilburys Vol 3) and compared with headphones directly to the analog jack on my iMac (Sound Check works) and via Airplay to an Airport Express and optical or analog out to a headphone amp (no Sound Check). BTW, I’m on an iMac running Mojave. And want to say, Kirk, I’ve been enjoying you work for years. Glad you’re here!
  3. I can verify that Sound Check indeed does not work over Airplay. Maybe it’s a bug, or maybe it’s Apple’s disregard for local playback and streaming, but it just doesn’t work. I just discovered a workaround, using Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil to snatch the audio before it gets to the speakers (after Sound Check) and stream that to an Airplay receiver.
  4. I swear it used to, but at some point Sound Check stopped working over Airplay. I’m playing from my iTunes library to some Airport Express units. Neither the analog nor digital outputs of the AE are volume-normalized. I can get it to work by setting iTunes output to Computer, then Computer output to an Airplay device, bit that’s a huge hassle. Any ideas?
  5. I don’t know the answer for sure, but you may experiment with setting, say, Apple Lossless as your default import format, then selecting multiple files and making an Apple Lossless version of them. Create a Smart Playlist that collects all your new ALAC files. See if those filesmaintain the metadata. If that works, you’re faced with converting them in small batches. I don’t know what would happen if you tried to convert all your files. You’d have to have lots of free space on your hard drive. I imagine you would lose all your playlists and play counts. Ho
  6. When it comes to audio electronics, yes actually, I think we’ve pretty much got it nailed with digital and amplification. At the very least, if someone claims audible, night-and day, jaw-dropping, palpable differences in audio gear, we are able to easily show, objectively, why that is the case. If two different amplifiers have identical power output, frequency responses, distortion characteristics and reaction to load, do you think those two amplifiers will sound exactly the same? If not, exactly what mechanism do you propose to explain the difference in sound?
  7. Depending on the power demands of your headphones, you may not notice any difference at all with an external DAC. Have you seen Archimago’s review of the iPad Air’s headphone output? It’s pretty decent, and betters the Dragonfly units in some respects. In in any case, buy something you can return easily. No harm in trying it out. I have an older iPad Pro, and I can’t tell a difference between it and my Topping D3 headphone amp with my Sony v6 headphones.
  8. I use an Airport Express to feed a headphone amp with both analog and optical inputs. I use Sound Check, the levels actually determined by the iVolume app, and it seems not to affect volume levels when I use the optical connection to the amp. It seems to with analog but I’m not certain. So, simple question, does Sound Check work across Airplay with the output of an Airport Express, and on both analog and optical outputs on the Express?
  9. Thanks for all the input - scheduling an install tomorrow. Mostly for the navigation.
  10. Thanks new_media, that was very helpful and answered a lot of my questions.
  11. They’re offering to install CarPlay in my 2016 Mazda 3. It would be great for navigation, but but I worry about the audio side. I would be playing mainly lossless music stored on my iPhone through the music app, not Apple Music. 1) Do I understand correctly that the phone must be plugged in physically, and that the screen on the phone no longer operates while CarPlay is active? My wife sometimes likes to “drive” the music selection from my phone while I’m driving. 2) Is it as easy to navigate to music in CarPlay as it is in the Music app? The Mazda does have a touchsc
  12. I’m now running the optical out to a Topping D3 DAC/amp, and it sounds really nice. I agree Apple dropped the ball on Airplay. As much as I’m wallowing in their ecosystem, they can tick me off with their reluctance to serve ME and MY needs Airplay could have been a standard and common wireless protocol if they’d licensed it cheap or free and developed it for multichannel and hi res. Looks like Ike my best bet is to stock up on used and refurbished AEs.
  13. No, it just needs an analog audio output, ideally. I’ve been plugging my headphones into an AE, giving me Airplay access to my entire iTunes library. It works really well and sounds great. I’d like another for another room.
  14. Now that the Airport Express is defunct, are there any recommended replacements from third parties? I’d like analog audio output and ideally enough power to plug in headphones. Thanks for any pointers!
  15. No, you have to explain why they spent the time and money to build DRM into MQA when there was no intention to ever use it. Once you claimed MQA was lossless, now you admit it never was. Why would we believe a word you say now, especially on such an important issue?
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