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  1. Let us know how it goes; my trial period is over.
  2. Could you comment on SRC-DX vs 32-bit USB on Dave? I guess that many people will be interested in this.
  3. For Holo May connecting to active speakers, would using HQPlayer to control the volume be a good choice? How does this compare with using a pre-amp, say Holo's Serene? Would appreciate any input and suggestions! After all Serene is also expensive.
  4. Don't quite understand your symbol language . Do you mean 2012r2 the best? I thought 2019 were the best; just want your clarification.
  5. Does adding M-scaler to DC4 +Dave make much improvement?
  6. Was wondering how it will fare on 1908 pro workstation; looking forward to your impression on 2003.
  7. On 1909, the performance is how much below that on 2019 Server? Just curious.
  8. Bare with me, let me recap: Always install AO in server 2019 GUI mode first. For 2019 Core mode, do a fresh installing of server core and then install and reactivate AO. Is this correct?
  9. So I get ao installed in GUI, then I reinstall server core and run AO even though there is no internet connection? That would be great. I am concerned with losing another activation code. In fact in my GUI AO setting , I disabled internet altogether. That sould pose no problem?
  10. But I need to get Ethernet connection working first so that I could install AO 3.0. Right? I could do that in GUI and then install AO and have access to AO's tools.
  11. Thanks! Sounds promising but then I realized that I could not get Ethernet connection installed on Server 2019 core, though I managed to get it on GUI mode. Any links I could follow?
  12. For Windows server core with AO 3.0, can one install jriver 25 or 26 directly? or still need to use a portable version? In either cases, would appreciate if anyone could give links of relevant threads to this purpose. Just too many and too scattered.
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