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  1. Does adding M-scaler to DC4 +Dave make much improvement?
  2. Was wondering how it will fare on 1908 pro workstation; looking forward to your impression on 2003.
  3. On 1909, the performance is how much below that on 2019 Server? Just curious.
  4. Does AO 3.0 work on Windows 10 1909 19H2?
  5. Bare with me, let me recap: Always install AO in server 2019 GUI mode first. For 2019 Core mode, do a fresh installing of server core and then install and reactivate AO. Is this correct?
  6. So I get ao installed in GUI, then I reinstall server core and run AO even though there is no internet connection? That would be great. I am concerned with losing another activation code. In fact in my GUI AO setting , I disabled internet altogether. That sould pose no problem?
  7. But I need to get Ethernet connection working first so that I could install AO 3.0. Right? I could do that in GUI and then install AO and have access to AO's tools.
  8. Thanks! Sounds promising but then I realized that I could not get Ethernet connection installed on Server 2019 core, though I managed to get it on GUI mode. Any links I could follow?
  9. For Windows server core with AO 3.0, can one install jriver 25 or 26 directly? or still need to use a portable version? In either cases, would appreciate if anyone could give links of relevant threads to this purpose. Just too many and too scattered.
  10. Did you try using Itona cables from Server to M-scaler directly? Would like to know how it scales against with tX-USBultra sitting in between .
  11. Having been a windows 10 user, I'm able to install windows server 2019 GUI, also jRiver, ...eventually get music playing. The result was definitely better than that on a w10. Naturally I am contemplating on doing the same on ws2019 core mode. But without a desktop I'm totally lost. So my question is : 1) is it possible to do the same on the core mode - get music playing via jRiver? How can one navigate? 2) with the help of AO 3.0, I reckon 1) would be possible 🤔 Would the installation doable for an illiterate like myself? I understand that ws2019 GUI +AO 3.0 wou
  12. Not really a legitimate question, but... Will there be a Black Friday sale on AO 3.0 ?
  13. New to this thread and a simple question. For LPS1.2 (always connected to power line) , is it better to leave in on all the time? Or powered off when not in use? For the longevity and performance of the device.
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