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  1. - AR built using VS2015, so You may need Visual C++ x86 redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, not 2017. - AR based on WASAPI interface, this is the way in Windows 7/8/10 to work BitPerfect (the ASIO isn't) ... I've finished developing the new version with DSD (DSF/DFF) decoding ...
  2. Hello, AR has no digital volume, which is by design ! Digital Volume => reduction of bit depth => digital signal degradation. AR supports 16, 24 and 32 bit fixed point and 32 IEEE floating point, ASIO and WASAPI. Of course if the hardware (DAC) supports it. It also supports almost all audio formats including FLAC, ALAC and even MP3. There is no need for transcoding. The VST interface is mainly intended for RC, and it supports VST 2 interface. Please note that the plugin you are using supports VST2. Recommended are FabFi
  3. OK .. I See ... The Audiophile UPnP Renderer is NOT a standalone player, like a Foobar, and its backdoor option of drag the files [or via argument line] intended only for debugging purposes ! The UPnP protocol assumes that there are two additional devices [besides the Renderer], - one is the UPnP server, and another is the Control Point. The most popular control points are MConnect and BubbleUPnP, which are installed on portable devices (like Your Cell Phone). And the UPnP Server is usually the NAS, with insalled server software like Twonky Server or MININ Server or MiniDLNA ...
  4. Thank you for your honest feedback, Ary. Let me ask you, what the Control Point app did you use to check the Renderer, and what was the UPnP Server ?
  5. I have uploaded a new 2.3 version of Audiophile UPnP Renderer. It includes ASIO support, some lossy formats and a few other features. A also have a beta version with DSD decoding, I will upload it as soon as I complete the task ... Valery.
  6. Good question, Matthew ! It has a low, efficient and balanced CPU usege -->> very low RFI and even EMI ... it's BitPerfect and gapless, but if you've decided to use a builtin bitdepth upconvertor, it uses a very high quality 64-bit conversion algo. Please see the full list of features ..
  7. Audiophile UPnP Renderer is a lightweight, HQ audio player, that turns your PC into a dedicated H/W UPnP renderer. It supports WAV and FLAC, BitPerfect and gapless playback, and even single VST for RC (requires bit-depth upconversion to at least 24 bits). Requires Windows 7 + (WASAPI). Audiophile UPnP Renderer Needless to say, that this software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY ... Enjoy.
  8. A new v3.2 of Resampler-V supports up to 768k ...
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