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  1. Just over 1 year old. Excellent condition. Works perfectly. One small mark on chassis front. $1985. Will ship anywhere.
  2. My most recent listening was done comparing my set up with no eR and with the eR (copper in to B side and optical out from A side). It's definitely not a strong difference, but I consistently hear a bit more clarity with the eR and optical. Subtle, but good.
  3. @matthias I'm trying some configuration variations. The first being with and without the Gigafoil filter before the eR. However, when I disconnect ethernet on any track, the buffer keeps playing until the end of the track. (this is different from previous tests, where the buffer played usually just a few seconds). So, this begs the question, for this particular test, am I only hearing a cached version of the track?
  4. I can appreciate your point of view. In fact, in addition to disciplined A/B listening I also give extended listening time, which is what I'm doing with the eR now. However, it's really easy to make a mistake (I can speak from personal experience). Without using A/B listening, I can easily imagine a scenario where I'm excited about the eR (after waiting a year) plugging it in and fooling myself (unconsciously) that it make the music "better" when, in fact, I know that right now that it does not. I can tell you I'm 100% positive our A/B listening told us the truth-- in my system and in that particular configuration-- that there was very little, if any, sonic difference between the two. That's not a slam against the eR. And I may find after playing with different configurations that it does complement my system. I did, for instance, find a very noticeable difference (though not a totally good one) running the eR before optical-- but I don't know what that really means yet. I might be just the optical and have nothing to do with with the switch.
  5. Thanks for pointing that out. I mistakenly thought it was Emile, when in fact, it was only Emile quoting someone else. It's on a thread at What's Best for etherRegen. Here is the quote: "First Uptone Ether Regen feedback from Hong Kong: I just received my Uptone Ether Regen. It’s quite amazing. I swapped out my modified switch and tried the ER using (A) fibre optic output (Startech) to SGM. This was already better straight out of the box (quieter and better defined bass were immediate impressions). I then used the recommended (B) copper Ethernet output to SGM. Quieter still and better throughout the spectrum. Biggest improvement was clearer separation of instruments and soundstage. I could also hear instruments that used to come straight out of speakers to being positioned behind speakers to create better layering. I then wanted to try and connect from my router to my modified switch > ER (Fibre optic to (A)) > copper Ethernet to SGM. That test will have to wait. I also tried the SOTM about two months ago. I tried single SOTM and stacked. Single ER definitely better than single but I can’t say single ER better than two stacked SOTM. They were different. I suspect stacking two ER will beat two SOTM."
  6. OK, I'll try that: modem > copper > eR A side > eR B side > copper > server. With the Cisco and all it's attachments coming of one of the A ports of the eR. Good idea. So this will work for a copper set up. But not, if I wanted to try copper > eR B side > eR A side > optical > server. Because, as I understand proper set up if A side is used as output, nothing else should share that side.
  7. Thanks, Nenon, I can't remove the second switch (the Cisco) because the eR doesn't have enough ports for other connections I need (and I purposefully have kept wifi out of my space). If I can make the eR work for me, I thought I might try a 2nd one to replace the Cisco. I will definitely try tomorrow with the Gigafoil removed. As far as the Taiko Server and fiber, Emile (of Taiko) has recommended fiber feeding his server, however, I believe he posted the other day that he did not like what he heard with fiber coming from the eR to the Server. Maybe too bright? I'll ask him to elaborate. But he does like the eR to copper to Server route. I have been listening only through Qobuz. The sq has been so good with the Taiko and Qobuz that I don't have much motivation to download onto the Server drive. And, interestingly, the one album (hi Rez) I've downloaded from Qobuz to the Server sounds too bright compared to the streamed version. Go figure. But I'll be trying more.
  8. My preliminary impressions: After 60+ hours of cooking, I started A/B listening, with the assistance of a friend who has excellent and disciplined listening skills. I switched the eR in and out, while my friend listened without knowing what the new component was, or whether it was connected or not. We listening to three tracks of varied music repeating the A/B multiple times for each. The setup: Fiber > Modem w/lpsu > copper > Cisco 2960 switch > AudioQuest Diamond ethernet > Gigafoil optical isolator > more AQ ethernet > eR switch > more AQ cable ethernet cable > Taiko Extreme Server > Intona usb > Lampizator Dac w/300b tubes > Luxman 300b tube amp > Avantgarde Duo Mezzo XD speakers. After about an hour of listening we concluded that any differences we thought we heard were so subtle and inconsistent as to be meaningless. This makes me only the 2nd person on this thread not to report overwhelmingly positive results from the eR. However, I later made a change by replacing the ethernet cable between the eR and Server with fiber optic. My first impression, which I'll confirm or not tomorrow, was a significant uptick in resolution and a tonality shift toward treble. This was a mixed bag with the increased resolution adding more air and clarity but with a loss in bass and weight. I compensated, at least with partial success, by raising the the bass gain level on the speakers dsp from my typical +6 to +12. I don't know at this point what to conclude from this. Questions that come to mind are: -- Does the noise mitigation already implemented in my system make the eR redundant? That is, the Gigafoil fiber/optic isolator and the Taiko Server. (However, Emile of Taiko, reports a positive change from the eR in his system.) -- Is the fiber from eR to Server enhancing the eR's effects? My first impression is that it could be over-enhancing! I'd like to listen to fiber from the Cisco straight to Server, but the sfp modules I have don't seem to work in the Cisco. So, my conclusion at the moment is: -- any effect of the eR via copper, may be having on the Dac output is subtle at most. -- the fiber optic from eR to Server makes a very large change but may not be a fully positive one. And I don't know yet if it's a synergism with the eR or just the fiber optic alone.
  9. Nicely put, Irving. Being vegetarian, however, I might prefer the toast.🤓
  10. There's a lot of talk about cooking the eR. I sounds like most are experiencing changes with time. Alex and John, is this what you expect with this tech in a switch? And in cooking referring to simply powered up or actually running data through the eR into the dac?
  11. Optical Modules: I have the Startech #SFP1000ZXST. https://www.startech.com/Networking-IO/sfp/modules/1000base-zx-sfp-module~SFP1000ZXST It is Gigabit, Single Mode. Is this compatible with the SFP cage on the ERegen?
  12. Further refinement after speaking with AudioQuest: their cables are only tied (grounded) at one end for this very reason-- so it sounds like it's not an issue.
  13. After reading up, I can refine my question: Assuming the Audioquest cables are in fact shield tied, is the potential AC leakage loop NOT an issue if only ONE of these cables is inserted into the the EtherRegen "A" side?
  14. Apologies if this has been covered already. Are the AudioQuest ethernet cables-- the higher-end ones which have silver connectors and are shielded at both ends -- compatible with the EtherRegen? I recall reading somewhere this would be a noise producer...
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