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  1. Heard the Moon 430 HAV2 with headphones musically no sharp edges Laidback. Moon have the Moon Neo Mind2 streamer 1700£ must be heard. Negative seem not to have the simplest most logical software meny scrolling.
  2. Ok whant a one box solution only
  3. do you have any streamer suggestions without usb or use all your streamers usb?
  4. no the dac chip AD 1865 docent max 24/96
  5. dac´s maximum resolution is 24/96 donat need usb
  6. I don't want to upgrade to usb to much trouble. The power supply works.
  7. The SD card is the microRendu v2.8 does not work,same with 2.7. My dac has spdif and aes/ebu
  8. Do not want the trouble of sending one or the other away.Can be Ultra cap LPS-1,micro rendu or Eitr shiit spdif. To many boxes anyway.
  9. Hi ! my streamer Sonore microrendu has broken. want to buy a new streamer with more analog feeling.Has now nos ANK dac 5.1 Signature and Parasound c/bd 2000 drive. Should be simple to use especially the software. No MQA no Tidal or Roon.My music taste are classic jazz and funk. control Apple pro, android phone or Windows 10 tablet.Cable network have a nas does not use it. Suggestions..
  10. Hi, I can now see microrendu in Spotify and use it but no sound.
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