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  1. They sound decent because at LOW power the THD doesn't raise much wrt freq. Obviously well made AB amps do much better, but the scope of the post was that class D can reach not surpass classic solid state performance. Right?
  2. Did you have the chance to compare them yet?
  3. 24 bit is 144db SNR, I know that. And i stand corrected with MSB and Metrum measurements at hand. Johnson's noise comes into play. I'm gonna play that tone with 0 attenuation (with my usual software i go from -18dB to -24dB depending on recording). My current speakers are inefficient (88dB) and the amp low gain (15) so I think I wont hear anything, but i'll do that
  4. Uh? The DSD part must be but the PCM isnt a ladder like the bigger brother Spring? Anyway, there exist DACs with true 24bit performance (MSB, Metrum...something with Sabre depending on implementation) but the rest of the chain isn't. The main culprit being the amplification (assuming one goes DAC direct, otherwise there is ZERO chance to even get 130db SNR. Still, any db of less noise matters. The hear can listen below noisefloor, about 40dB below IIRC an AES study I have read.
  5. You probably use between 0.01W and 1W
  6. Sound quality, enough power for most speakers (not only horns like yours) and easy to obtain parts.
  7. That would be an intersting comparison. I expect the F5 to sound more dynamic due to the preponderance of 3rd armonic while the gainclones should have all harmonics very low. Timbre, tone, etc... no idea. I'll patiently wait your comparison
  8. I wanted to ask you how they compare to the BD design gainclone type amps you had before, in PM if you prefer since we are OT. The F5 is the most successful of the firstwatt in the DIY community, and for a (many) reason
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