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  1. I would try those, see picture. It worked with SU-1 and should with SU-6. I also like proper tonality over clarity.
  2. "DSD1024 and PCM decoding supports up to PCM1536" - that would be last think I would worry about DAC
  3. I was thinking about them to try but I changed DAC and don't use any usb bridge at the moment. Maybe some day if I change configuration again I will give them a chance...
  4. From nativedsd you can download in DSD64 if you like. Nobody force you to 512 I got in DSD256 and it took 7.3GB of space
  5. Denafrips ARES review in polish http://www.highfidelity.pl/@main-3516&lang= You know how to use google translate
  6. What's the point to make random changes this way? You can put anything anywhere, but sonic result will be unpredictable. I don't like any of those for example
  7. Sorry for delayed answer. Yes I have. Its same effect as changing timings and other bios settings. You can slightly hear it.
  8. I replaced Pentium 2c to low power i5 4c. No sound related changes after all.
  9. Proper tweezers are very important. It's only looks scary, but one's you try it is not so bad. You should be able use the same one again.
  10. 120mA I think. And you nitpicking here He was asking about 6V
  11. Just buy one of those ldovr from link. The best double version as sounds better than single. When you install 5V version before main pcb you can feed your SU-1 6-20V even.
  12. Not directly to main pcb. If I remember well, somebody here in this thread was checking datasheet of chips on pcb and maksimum voltage is 5.5V. If I am not wrong...
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