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  1. I use standard Cat 5a ethernet cable for I2S interconnection between my Pi2AES to my Metrum Onyx with very satisfying results. The developer of the Metrum line of DACs (Cees Ruijtenberg) has said the following on another forum, "We are using the typical impedance of the UTP cable to realize correct data transfer. For such approach you should use other types of transmitter and receiver sections who can handle to drive these impedances. As a result you can use standard UTP cable having lengths of 30 meter without loss or jitter. So you cannot judge a system based on the connector used."
  2. OK - I've had my Emperor Double Crown (50 ohm) since Monday. It has been burning in constantly since then (5 days now). But, a concentrated A-B-C comparison just now has convinced me that the improvements going from A (no EtherREGEN or Emperor Double Crown Master Clock) to B (EtherREGEN only) to C (with both EtherREGEN and Emperor Double Crown Master Clock) are not subtle and that I could easily rank order A, B, and C configurations in a true double blind test. I realize that Adrian says that the burn-in period could take up to a month, but I thought it important to get my initial comments
  3. I ordered my Emperor Double Crown with their Modernize LPS on Friday, April 16th at 4 a.m. local HK time. It was packaged and in the hands of Hong Kong Post by Monday, April 19th - well done, AfterDark. I just received that package in SE Michigan via USPS. Not bad! - seven business days, eleven elapsed days. A signed Certificate of Calibration for my serial number was included. Packaging was excellent. Burning in now.
  4. With recent posts about UltraCap LPS-1.2 supplies working for some time and then for some reason stopping, I got concerned about the heat of my unit. Checking it, I found that I could not hold the unit in my hand for more than a second or two because it was so hot. I then used this non-contact infrared thermometer to check its temperature: https://www.amazon.com/Kintrex-IRT0424-Professional-Non-Contact-Thermometer/dp/B0058NYUC8 I found that the average temperature over about 80% of the unit was around 140 deg.F (60 deg.C). There were a few areas around 135 deg.F; while other areas were ar
  5. After 48 hours of casual listening & burn-in, I conducted a fairly brief A/B of my ISO Regen with the original Mean Well P/S versus my new LPS-1.2 received several days ago. Down-stream I feed directly to an Oppo Sonica DAC via the included Uptone USPCB adapter. From there I use balanced XLR directly to a Parasound stereo amp. Music files are played from a custom-built Win10 HTPC with latencies in the range of 50 µs or less using JRiver MC23 and an ASIO driver from Oppo with minimum latency buffer settings. I have to say that even though I made the leap of faith to purchase
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