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  1. Have you tried right clicking on the application and and selecting open hat way? Sounds silly, but this usually gives you the option to open applications by non verified authors. I haven’t tested this on Catalina, but it works for me on Mojave.
  2. Having a mojo/poly combo myself I have to say your experience matches mine 100%. Easily the best ‘portable’ streamer/dac setup I’ve heard... but not for the faint of heart, or technologically lacking. Unfortunately the user experience let’s it down currently, making it way too cumbersome and inconvenient for me to recommend to ‘mainstream’/‘normal’ users
  3. Thanks for the help via PM ALLOsupport — seems my shairport version was still on 3.1.7. Changing to 3.1.3 solved the problem for me.
  4. Hi, just to add to this — I've noticed that it will stream fine unless my dad (Resonessence Labs Concero) is connected via usb. Cheers, Andrew
  5. Hi @ALLOsupport, I'm experiencing the same issue — I can play through Shairport, but the music always stops after .45—1.25 mins or so, similar to what you'd expect with buffering problems. The Usbridge is connected via ethernet though, and I'm not having any issues with Roon bridge. These are the only services I have running through the Allo GUI. I've also noticed that the files I have at 320kbps seem to play properly, but any alac/m4a files at a higher bitrate always stops . I've just tried your Shairport revert fix through ssh but the issue still remains. Any help would be appreciated — I'm happy to provide log files as needed. Cheers, Andrew
  6. Hey Em, I tested my setup with standard cat5e cables in place and the issue still occurs ?
  7. Hey first of all, just wanted to post to say how fantastic this transport sounds — it really does punch well above its price point. If anyone reading this is on the fence, Its definitely worth your consideration if using a network attached renderer will work for your needs. That said, unfortunately, in my setup though I'm noticing a sporadic issue with some sort of clicking/interference from my usbridge which only occurs while music is playing. My best guess is it's RFI noise that's travelling along my Supra Cat8, though I haven't found any passive lan isolation devices in my budget to test this theory — has anyone else had any similar issues with their USbridge? This occurs regardless of the DAC i use. I'd love to get to the bottom of this as the sound I'm getting is really great otherwise! In case it's of interest, my topology is as follows: D-Link Wi-Fi (DAP1620) extender > Supra cat8 > D-Link Switch (DGS-1005A) > Supra cat8 > USBridge
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