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  1. diecaster

    Article: Roon 1.6 With Qobuz Integration and More

    There is more to the story than being bit perfect.....
  2. diecaster

    Headphones vs Speakers.....Go!

    We get to agree to disagree.....
  3. diecaster

    Headphones vs Speakers.....Go!

    I have no idea what that means.... But no headphone/headphone amp combo ever sounds as good as a proper speaker setup. I use headphones ONLY when I have to be quiet....and never because I want to use them.
  4. diecaster

    Lies about vinyl vs digital

    Except that flat transfers are often terrible compared to quality masterings. There is a reason there are mastering artists/engineers and it is not to ruin the music. Well, at least not until the the 90’s anyway....
  5. It looks like you are mocking the product. All the the ports are basically equal. The key is that crossing the moat blocks clock phase noise from one side to the other. So, you just need to block the clock phase noise going to the DAC since that is the last device to see the digital signals.
  6. diecaster

    Lies about vinyl vs digital

    Your analogy is terrible and your facts are wrong. A Redbook CD can playback frequencies up to 22.05 kHz which is the Nyquist frequency of the 44.1 kHz sample rate. LPs are bass limited compared to CDs. LP dynamic range is limited compared to CDs. Vinyl sounds great. But so do CDs especially with the best masterings.
  7. I would put whatever device talks to the DAC directly on the single RJ45 port on its on side of the moat. That way any clock phase noise is blocked going to the device talking to the DAC. I would assume this is the NAA.
  8. The article was fantastic! Don’t change anything about your approach.
  9. diecaster

    CD players are back ?

    Because you live in an alternate reality where the physics that relate to sound and electronics operate on different foundational principles?
  10. diecaster

    CD players are back ?

    ...and anyone who reads this rubbish rolls their eyes!
  11. It’s not silliness. The seller of the CD is responsible for deleting any copies of the CD he may have. The buyer has no obligation or requirement to ask this be done or to insure that it is done. The person with legal possession of the CD is legal rights holder. I suspect the owner of this forum does not want piracy promoted here. But you go right ahead!
  12. Yes, it is ok to buy and sell used CDs. It’s not okay to pirate music which is what you proposed.
  13. That would not be legal....at least not for US residents.
  14. You guys can run your CDs through EAC or XLD to see what the track levels are and match from there.