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  1. diecaster

    Archimago and the TLS DS-1

    This is massively flawed logic. Just because a system does not have tweaks does not mean it is not resolving enough to hear real differences tweaks might make.
  2. diecaster

    Step by step surgery

    Oh please......do you use maple blocks too?
  3. 250VA units aren't good for much. Assuming a power factor of 1, that is 250 watts. A power factor of .8 is more likely and that is only 200 watts. You don't need or really want anything between the wall and the transformer. They "reduce a 6,000 volt spike to an insignificant 0.0030 volt."
  4. My favorite CD version of DSOTM is the MFSL release.
  5. diecaster

    Article: Audiophile 5: Roon 1.6 in 5 Minutes

    Clear the cache and reboot the core.
  6. Only one side needs Auto MDI-X for you to not need a crossover cable. Since the ultraRendu is Auto MDI-X, it doesn't matter if the PC has Auto MDI-X or not.....
  7. There is no IEEE minimum cable length. But, practically speaking, some devices need cables to be longer than 6 inches so 1 meter is more than long enough. CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6...it doesn't matter. Regardless, John is building capacitance into the EtherREGEN so you can use as short a cable as you want.
  8. Well, I managed a datacenter for over 10 years. We found that some switches, including some Cisco and Extreme switches, along with some routers, including Cisco routers, did not always work well with cables less than a meter or so long. That "did not always work well" doesn't necessarily mean they didn't work at all...just not well. We would see a bunch of errors in the port stats. The problem was prevalent enough that we had an unwritten rule to use 1 meter cables between active devices. We used much shorter cables, if we could, when connecting to patch panels. Try living in the real world once in a while....
  9. Some switches mention minimum lengths although Have no specific reference for you. It's certainly fine to use super short patch cables (active device to patch panel) as the patch panel is passive and you get the cable length from the patch panel to the end active device. But, I always used 1m cables between active devices because I had problems with some switches and routers if shorter cables were used.
  10. diecaster

    Article: SOtM sNH-10G Network Switch Review

    SOtM's marketing ploy is to make you want to buy multiple boxes from them to get better sound. That's why they say that running two of these switches sound better and that's why thy sold external clocks for the streaming boxes. All they have to do is get a few people on board from this forum and soon a lot of forum members are falling for it......
  11. diecaster

    Why all hi-fi dealers say PC audio is bad?

    I stopped using the Bridge II card in favor of an ultraRendu. It just sounds better and offers more flexibility unless you really care about MQA.
  12. diecaster

    Big changes coming my way.

    UCLA was a liberal indoctrination center when I worked there 30 years ago. At least then, you could have an opposing view without being ostracized from the campus community. That's not possible now. It's sad....
  13. diecaster

    Big changes coming my way.

    Free? Public Universities are terrible money managers. I know as I used to work at UCLA. Making them free shifts all of the cost burden to tax payers. Many of whom will never have a child enter the public University system for the state they live in. That is not fair and reeks of Socialism.
  14. diecaster

    Why Roon?

    I hate using my desktop system or laptop as a Roon core, connected directly the DAC or not. That's not practical based on how I use those systems. I much prefer using a sonicTransporter i5 in one room as a Roon core talking to an ultraRendu over ethernet connected to my DAC in another room. That is how Roon sounds best in my environment. Using HQPlayer Embedded with Roon on the sonicTransporter i5 talking to the ultraRendu acting as an NAA sounds the best.
  15. diecaster

    Why Roon?

    This makes no sense whatsoever. All Roon does is hand the tracks to HQPlayer. HQPlayer handles the rest. HQPlayer handles the networking....everything. Also, Roon sounds as good or better than any other package I have tried in my Mac centric world . I own a license to Audirvana Plus and NEVER use it because A, it doesn't sound as good, and B, it's a pain in the ass to use.