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  1. Hi Volton, I scoured the Internet and saw posts that said is was possible to send USB to the computer, but I could not find any confirmation from someone who tried it and used that feature. The manuals from Mutec did not show the setup for a recording device in Windows, only audio out. When I found this thread I read several pages starting from the beginning and tried a search within the thread. Too bad I did not start from the end and work back. I appreciate you pointing me to the discussion on the previous page. The ability to send digital via USB back to your computer is huge. You can select an ADC with any digital out, connect it to the MC-3+ USB, and stream the digital to your computer via USB for needle drops. With re-clocking the source should sound even better. Greg
  2. The marketing material I read says the MC-3+USB is bi-directional. Does that mean an ADC can be hooked up to the AES input, and the USB selected as an output to stream the digital to your computer for needle drops? Thanks in advance to anyone who had tried this and can confirm it works.
  3. Hi Chris, For digital playback I found an Exogal Comet Plus was smooth and musical (without rolling off details). When I listen to my vinyl rips it gets close enough without running more hours on an expensive phono cartridge for tracks I have already recorded. Greg
  4. Hi Chris, That is a big task to drill holes, I hope that pays off with better sound. I am seriously limited to where my only option is either a PowerLAN or a wireless extender. My setup is on the ground level of my home with a cement slab. The router and stereo system are on opposite corners of the house in different rooms. I cannot use coax connections because I run DirecTV with more than one receiver. My analog setup is where I have spent the most time and money to get the best sound, and I find that my digital play back is improving to where it is getting close to the sound of the vinyl tracks that I have ripped. I decided to get an UltraRendu and Ultra LPS-1.2 power supply to stream my digital music. I cannot wait to hear if that improves over my USB direct that I have now. Greg
  5. HI Chris, Glad you got your SMS-200 ultra and SPS-500 and you are happy with what you are hearing. I also read back through the thread and saw your posts regarding a Powerline LAN. I also use a Powerline LAN to connect all my components in my HT and 2 channel system and wonder if my sound quality is degraded as a result. Greg
  6. Hi Chris, GregCA was simply because GregC was taken, and that is the handle I generally use. I am in California, just next to Monterey. I have read the posts here, and the forum members do seem to be respectful of each other. I am an analog dinosaur, yet my career has been spent in technology. I appreciate how computers have become integrated into audio. I have a lot of time and money invested into my 2 channel setup, and I have spent many years to get to where I am happy with my current setup. Network streaming makes a lot of sense to me, especially the convenience of not having to fire up a laptop when I feel like playing tunes. The one downside seems to be the inability to stream audio from any audio source on the computer to a DAC (like you can with USB direct). Greg
  7. Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply. I will keep track of this thread and continue to educate myself by reading other threads. I guess my main concern is if I do not get a suitable streaming device that matches the level of my other components will I know the full potential? Greg
  8. I am new to Computer Audio forum, but I have participated in other audio forums in the past. Most my audio experience has been 2 channel analog along with home theater integration. I have what I consider to be a resolving 2 channel setup. I have been ripping vinyl to digital (when I get a chance), so I invested in a play back system to stream my digital rips. I currently have a USB direct setup: Win 7 64-bit -> JRiver MC23 -> USB (Wywires Platinum) -> Wyred 4 Sound USB Recovery (LPS) -> USB (Paul Pang PPA short USB) -> Exogal COmet DAC. I have my music on an external hard drive. I had it connected directly to the computer, but moved the drive to my router so I could serve tunes over the network using DLNA. That was in preparation to try a network renderer. I have researched to where I have analysis paralysis. I have looked at SOTM and Sonore offerings as my two possible options. I was thinking that I could maybe start with a standard SOTM SMS-200 and use my existing LPS to hear if network streaming sounds better than USB direct. I can play JRIver (from computer) or BubblePUNP (from phone) to play tunes to my system through the network vs USB direct. I have a couple questions if someone does not mind sharing their experience. Does the Wyred 4 Sound USB Recovery improve the sound of the standard SMS-200 and would that combo be close to the audio quality of the SMS-200Ultra since the Wyred re-clocks? Since the SMS-200Ultra has an improved clock, is the Wyred 4 Sound USB Recovery not needed? If I like network streaming then I can consider other changes like Roon, and improved equipment for streaming. Thanks in advance for advice to a streaming newbie.
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